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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Tickling Story
Note: The stuff in this is fiction, none of this actually happens in the game :(

If you want to know about the characters in the story, click here:

Alex and his friends were on there quest for Alex to become Dragonmaster and for them to defeat Magic Emperor Ghaleon to save Luna and all the singers. But, they didn't know what was happening to Luna while they were gone. Luna was knocked unconscious when Ghaleon kidnapped her, and he told Xenobia, Royce and Phacia to look after her, to make sure she doesn't escape or anything. Luna awoke shortly after Ghaleon left with Xenobia, Royce and Phacia on the outside of Luna's small cell. Xenobia, Royce and Phacia were getting kinda bored during the days and days of watching Luna, and not really having any plans at the moment, decided to have some fun.

"Hmm...this is boring" Royce pointed out, "...there myst be something to do in here!"
"Why not have some fun with her?" Xenobia asked, "...surely we can think of something!"
"Ah, I know!" Phacia said, "...there is something i've always wanted to do.."

The group huddled around each other then turned and opened the cell, Luna was startled and started backing up into the corner in fear of something happening.

"Wha-what do you want!?" Luna asked with a bit of fear in her voice.
"Oh, nothing much.." Xenobia replied, with a smirk on her face.

There are shackles on the wall of the cell, each of the 3 picked up Luna, they cuffed her hands and feet in the shackles on the wall, making sure to remove Luna's boots in the process,revealing Luna's 5' 9 feet and also leaving Luna bewildered.Luna didn't bother to say anything, knowing they wouldn't harm her because Ghaleon needed her for his plans.

"all right girls!" Xenobia said looking back at the others, "..let's...TICKLE HER!!"

Luna gasped at what was just said and tried to break her shackles to escape while Xenobia, Royce and Phacia walked slowly towards her shaking their fingers at her. When they reached her the fun began.

"NOOOOoooo, you can't!!" Luna yelled, "PLEASE!! IM TOO TICKLISH!"
"oh, stop your whining!" Royce said.

Royce then bent down and began to drag her finger from heel to toes on Luna's right foot, repeating on the left foot, slowly.

"hehehe" Luna giggled.

Royce just kept doing this, over and over for 5 minutes, when she finally started to speed things up a bit, rapidly scratching her fingers on both of Luna's feet.

"hehehe HHAHAHAHAHAHHA NOOO, PLEASE!!" Luna laughed hysterically.
"heh heh, and this has only just begun!" Royce exclaimed, "join in girls!"

Xenobia and Phacia joined in, Phacia imediately went for Luna's ribs and started tickling intensely right away, scribbling her fingers around Luna's stomach and ribs. Xenobia went her armpits and began to tickle intensively.

"Wow! you sure are ticklish!" Xenobia pointed out.
"Hey Royce, can you go get some feathers?" Phacia asked.
"Sure thing" Royce replied, she left the cell to find some feathers.

Xenobia and Phacia just kept tickling and waiting for Royce to come back with the goods, 3 hours of waiting and tickling, and in came Royce with the feathers.

"oooo, time for a little more fun!" Phacia said.

Xenobia and Royce backed off while Phacia had her time on Luna's feet, she used the feathers to brush in between Luna's toes, also just to brush up and down Luna's soles. Phacia was really enjoying this, she had a tickling fetish, which is why she brought it up in the first place, but the others thought that it was just to have fun.

"No! NOT THAT!! NOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHA!" Luna screamed in ticklish agony.

Xenobia, Royce and Phacia kept on tickling Luna for a few more hours, then finally let her rest. Luna slept straight through till the next day.

Luna awoke to the three familiar faces of Xenobia, Royce and Phacia.

"Hey Hey! finally awake I see! ready for another day of fun?" Xenobia said smiling at Luna.
"WHAT!? NOT AGAIN! PLEASE!!!!" Luna begged.

The three tickled luna every day after that for about 10 hours until they were assigned new tasks by Ghaleon. This was about 2 weeks later, just think of what condition Luna was in by then, huh?

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