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Sailor Moon---Darien's Descent

(note: same notes from the previous story apply, but also wished to note that
this, and future chapters of this story will contain some pretty graphic SEX,
and lots of BSDM topics... viewers under age, you have been warned...) ==================================================
Part 3.)

Raye sighed deeply, wiping the sweat from her brow. Her long raven hair
fluttered in the slight breeze, and the sacred flame upon which she meditated
flickered, scattering shadows throughout the room. It was harder to concentrate
that usual. The events of this afternoon kept running through her mind, no
matter how much she tried to push them away. When the hour chime sounded
in the distance and she'd yet to achieve a lucid state, Raye sat down, irritated,
but decided to face what she'd been avoiding all day.

Okay. I got.. excited... tickling Serena today. I admit it. Playing with her
cute little feet that way did something to me... gave me a charge. Maybe it
was how vulnerable and helpless she was, or how utterly submissive she was
to the tickling--- Raye let out a small gasp, as the thought of Serena,
helpless, at her mercy, caused a tingle to grow between her thighs. Oh,
my, what the hell was THAT? This is freaky. We've been friends since
forever,. we've had sleepovers, we've gone swimming together, and in
all this time, I've never even thought of her... that way. So why now?

Stretching her legs a bit, easing the cramps that were beginning to form
from kneeling on the hardwood temple floor, the trailing edge of Raye's
robe grazed her right sole. Her breath hitched, and her toes spasmed at
the sensation. Raye immediately grabbed her foot, rubbing her sole to
remove the ticklish sensation. Suddenly, a light bulb went on in her

Tickling! That's what it was! That was the missing link! It was tickling
Serena's feet that got me turned on! Testing her theory, she closed
her eyes, and blanked her mind. Then she imagined Serena again, tied
down, her soft pink feet upturned towards her, and felt a slight tingle.
Raye imagined her fingernails running up and down the soft tender soles,
and the tingle grew, slowly expanding inside her. She imagined Serena's
unrestrained laughter when Raye's fingers ventured to her small round
toes, and her clit began to throb, demanding attention. Raye closed
her eyes and slipped a hand deep inside her ceremonial robe, stroking
herself into a frenzy. Just when she thought the pleasure couldn't get
any better, a stray thought, something she'd never even contemplated
before @ flashed before her eyes:

An image of Serena, naked, tied hand and foot, her back arched
in a bow, with Raye at her feet, tickling her pink soles with her fingers
and... licking and sucking her pudgy little toes, making Serena cum

...and Raye threw back her head and keened as she came, the image
burned into her retinas sending her over the edge. Her legs spread wide,
and the fringe of her robe brushed against her bare feet again, tickling
her the tiniest bit---a feeling which was magnified several times by the
]force of her orgasm, causing her to climax again, and again. The wind
fluttered the robe violently, caressing her hyper ticklish feet like a ghost,
making her toes open and clench as she giggled and moaned her pleasure.
One final orgasm pulsed its way through her, and she collapsed, eyes
fluttering closed, as she drifted off into blissful slumber, whispering one
word before the darkness claimed her.


* * *

"...Master?" Moon Slave asked, as they made their way up the temple steps.
"Not that I doubt you, or anything," she said hesitantly, "but what would we do
if someone else happened to come along? I mean, this IS a temple, after all!
Not only do people drop by all the time to pray, Raye lives here with her
grandfather. What do we say if he walks in and see us?"

"Let me worry about that, Serena," Darien replied, making his way up the
stairs. "You just concentrate on how to get Raye into position. Last time I
enslaved the Sailor Scouts, Raye was the hardest and the trickiest to capture.
We may have our work cut out for us." He pushed open the door to the
meditation chamber, only to find Raye, lying on the floor, unconscious, with
a hand still wedged tightly between her legs inside her robe.

Serena glanced at her Master and smirked. "Then again, maybe not. Let's tie
her up while she's out cold. If this scent is what I think it is, something tells me
she'll be out for a little while. Once I get her tied up, you go scout the area and
make sure no one comes along." Serena brandished her neatly filed talons. "I'll
take care of Raye."

"Alright, have fun, love," Darien said, walking back to the door. "I'll keep the
old man occupied. Just make sure that you 'awaken' her after you've had
your fun. I'm anxious to bring Raye back into the fold, that's the reason
why we're here. Okay?"

Moon Slave nodded, smiling. "Of course, my totally handsome Master!
Don't worry, I'll have her crawling over to kiss your feet by the time you
return!" Darien gave her a frowning glance, wondering if she could actually
remember what she had to do, but shrugged. If Serena failed, he could
always awaken Raye himself.

* * *

Raye awoke from a strange dream of sex and submission, to find herself
tied up on the temple floor, dressed only in your bra and panties. "Huh?
Wha... what the hell? Hey, let me up! Who's in here?!?"

"Hello, Raye," Serena sing-songed, stepping into view. "You looked so
peaceful sleeping that way that I decided not to disturb you."

"Serena!" Raye growled, struggling with the ropes. "You let me out of
these ropes right now, or I'll--"

"You'll what, Raye?" Serena said, grabbing Raye's pale size 7 feet. She
ran her fingernails along Raye's pale high arches one time, causing her
to yelp. "Seems to me that you are in the one in a TICKLISH position
this time, Raye."

Raye's eyes widened, and she struggled again in desperation. "N-n-no!
Serena, you can't! Not like this! Not with me tied up and helpless! Please,
Serena, let me gooo!"

"Yeah, right, like that will happen." Serena smirked, loosening up her
fingers like a piano player. "Remember how you HELPED me this
afternoon while I was in the stocks? Well turnabouts fair play. C'mon
Raye, laugh for me, let's hear that sweet sexy laughter of yours!"
Serena's nails stroked across Raye's slightly roughened heels, starting
small, letting the tickle torture build slowly. Now able to remember
her enslavement, Serena knew all of Raye's weak spots.

Raye clenched her eyes tightly closed, and bit her lip, trying hard to
keep from reacting. Disappointed at Raye's silence, Serena savagely
attacked the helpless girl's arches, catching her off-guard, forcing a
squeal between her clenched teeth. The dam had cracked, and
further exploits into the pale high arches continued to shatter the
crumbling walls of Raye's resolve. Soon, she was laughing freely,
her eyes closed, her tummy vibrating with hilarity, wiggling and
wriggling her feet.

"Ah, that's more like it," Serena said with glee. "I just love how you
laugh, Raye, the way you try and fight the tickling to the very last,
until you are too tired." Serena grabbed her knees, goosing Raye
on the back of her knees, catapulting her again into the heights of
ticklish abandon. She bucked violently, straining against her bonds,
giving one final heave before dissolving back into laughter.

"Stahahahahahahappp iiieieieieeeetttt...hahahahahahahaha... no no no
no morrreee Seerrreeennnaaaa AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ACK!!
Stop that! My knees, it tickles... tiiicc..hahahahahahaaa ha hah ahaha
hahahahaaa!! Please stop it! STOP IT!! FUCK SERENA STOP

"Oh, but I'm just getting started," Serena chuckled devilishly, leaving
Raye's ticklish feet for the moment. Raye's laughs turned to giggles,
and she managed to suck down some much needed air before she
suffered Serena's next assault. "I know you feet are your worst
spot, sweetie," Serena said with a smirk, "but after so long, I want
to put you through the entire gamut. And I know how much you
love it when I tickle those soft hairless little pits of yours!"

Raye used her last clear breath to curse out her so-called friend,
just before the nimble fingers began stroking her tender armpit
flesh. Her body, already tired and worn out from her useless
struggling, merely shuddered as Raye laughed and pleaded for
mercy. Serena had tickled all the fight out of her, and as much as
she HATED being beaten or upstaged by anyone, Serena's devilish
fingers had gotten the best of her.

"Waahahahahahaha... oh oh oh ahahahahahahah... no moooreee...
pleaseeehehehehehe... sthaahahahahappp hahahahahaha... hahaha
can't stand the tickling!! Ahaahahahahaha. hehehehehh ahahahaha,
I'll dooo... anything!! Ackk! no no NO! NOT MY BELLY BUTTON!

"Just relax, Raye," Serena said, moving back down to Raye's feet.
"It'll all be over in a few more minutes. You're at your breaking point,
all that's left is to push you past it. But, since you've been such a
GOOD little girl, I think you deserve a nice reward."

A trace of Raye's stubborn pride returned, and she glared at Serena
banefully. "F-f-fuck...you... Meatball... head," she managed to
gasp. Strangely enough, Serena merely smiled, and whispered in
her ear.

"Oh, you will, in a little while, sweetie, but right now, I have work to

Serena began her final tickle assault, going straight for Raye's arches,
stroking around the slightly rough balls of her feet, making sure to
tickle the instep and curvature of her soft pale feet, down along the
heels and slowly back up towards the wiggling toes, the only body
part Raye still seemed to be able to move. Yet again, Raye was
sent into that happy-happy place, where her whole universe
consisted of only one word: LAUGH. And she did. Her laughter
exploded from her in a huge burst for several minutes, but the
constant tickling had so worn her down, she was soon reduced
to a tried raspy chuckling sound, between desperate gasps for
breath. If she had been able to talk, Raye would have begged
Serena to simply kill her and put her out of this misery.. anything
except enduring more relentless tickling. It was horrible, terrible,
humiliating and definitely---

Raye's eyes, previously clamped tightly closed with tears, sprang
open again. Serena had finally touched her weakest point, her
'Achilles heel' so to speak: her long slender toes. The sensation
bashed its way through her body and mind, shattering any and all
resistance, warping her perceptions. Yes... her mind had most
definitely been warped, because the tickling of her sweet soft
toes seemed almost... pleasant. Desirable. Erotic. Indeed, a soft
gentle pulsing sensation was starting to build up inside her, some
place besides her ultra-ticklish feet. A moan of desire escaped
between tired laughter and giggles, robbing her of even more

Serena, seeing the effect the toe-tickling was having, decided it was
time to push her all the way. Leaning forward, she slipped all five
of the toes on Raye's left foot into her mouth, and sucked on them,
hard, flicking her tongue back and forth, back and forth, and even
between the toes, while her hands continued to tickle and torment
her right foot.

"Ooohhhh... *gigle* ohh Gaawwwddd...hehehehe hAHAHAHA
mmmmm... ACK!! heheheheeh..*gasp* Oh, Serena... *wheeze*
oh, that's... sooo.. goooodd... hehehehe... hahahaha.. *gasp*
oh, please, please... suck my toes... ahh ahhh ahhhh... yeesss...
just like that.. ohhhh... hehehhehee.. it tickles... soo good.. please,
Serena... hehehehee.. ahhahaha.. Yes... tickle me more! More!
Pleaase... please!! hahaha HAHA.. HAHA YES!! YES!! OH
FUCK YEEEESSSSS!!" Raye screamed, arching her back as her
full pleasure finally released. That terrible tongue between her toes
had shattered her sanity, destroyed her will, and pride, leaving
behind only a giggling, sated, mass of girlflesh. Orgasm after
orgasm pulsed through her body, as Serena continued to tickle and
suck her long slender toes, rubbing her own steaming crotch as
she tickled. Finally, Raye could take no more, and with one final
scream, she passed out cold.

"Went a bit overboard, I see," Darien said from the doorway. Serena
gasped, dropping Raye's saliva soaked foot back down to the floor.
"Guess we'll have to let her come around now before we can awaken
the slave inside Sailor Mars." He sighed and shook his head as Serena,
who was sulking.

"I'm sorry, Master Darien," she said, pouting. "I was just so, you know,
caught up in the moment. Besides, I sucked on her toes there at the
end, and you know what that will do to her @," she said brightly.

"True, true," Darien said, as Raye began to stir. "Well, since you've
gone this far, you might as well finish it. She won't put up any resistance
to you now, anyway." He sat down on the temple steps to watch his
Moon Slave enslave Sailor Mars.

Serena lifted the other girls head, as her eyes fluttered open, waiting
until some sign of recognition returned, then whispered her trigger
phrase. Raye's glassy eyes went wide, and rolled back into her head.
She uttered another soft moan of pleasure, before coming fully awake
again. Glancing around, she saw Darien---no, MASTER Darien, sitting
calmly in the doorway, watching. Raye blushed deeply, and struggled
to move herself, still tightly tied and bound, into a kneeling position.

"Oh, my Master," the broken Sailor Scout whispered. "I am awakened.
You have summoned me?"

"Yes my dear," Darien said, getting to his feet. "I wish to awaken all of
my secret slaves, and be served once again." He glanced at Serena, also
kneeling quietly, beside Raye. "Cut her loose, Moon Slave, and greet your
sister, Mars Slut. We still have much to do." An evil smirk slowly spread
across his face. "And I know just which Scout to go after next."

((End of part 3))

12-22-2001, 04:53 PM
Interesting! Will evil Darien enslave all the Sailor Scouts or will good Darien overcome the evil Darien before he succeeds? Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Scouts ticklish peril! LoL! :D Lovin' the story, J-dark!

12-22-2001, 06:21 PM
Great Series!!! :cool:

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I hope ami(sailor mercury) is next she is my favorit sailor scout

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I to like ami but I want to saze the best for last ;)

12-24-2001, 03:32 PM
Not gonna spoil the surprise by saying just WHO
it is, but yeah, I do plan on saving Mercury for
the last. :cool2:

I know who I'm using next, as I'm halfway through
it already, but maybe I should post a poll to see
who should be taken next. >:)