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12-23-2001, 02:29 PM
NOTE: this is not the story i asked for help on in the tickling discussion forum, that i will write a day or two after x-mas. i want more votes to be accumulated first. this is one i just thought would be fun to write.


Shakira just finished her concert in Chicago, and was dead tired. She walked off the stage, still wearing the glittering silver halter top, which exposed her tanned sides, along with tight, black pants. Her blonde hair was let loose and hung freely and crimped from her hair.

She got into her limo and the driver began the road to her hotel room. She sat between her two big, tough security guards, who always made her feel safe when she was on the road.

She finallt arrived at her Hotel, a big fancy Sherenton. She entered through the entrance and greeted cheerfully by the man in the lobby behind the counter. He wished her a pleasant night, and she thanked him.

She got into the elevator with her bodyguards, and waited til the number 16 lighted up, that was her floor. They walked down the carpeted hallway and arrived at her room, and her security guard's rooms were right next to hers.

"Now if you need anything, just knock," the taller of the two guards told her."

"Of course Bruto, goodnight guys," she said tiredly, and the two large men unlocked the door to their room and entered, slowly closing the door behind them.

Shakira then turned to her door, and slipped in the card, and the door unlocked. She walked in, her room was dark. She walked three more steps into her room, until suddenly something jumped on her. It pushed her small body to the ground, and shoved a funny smelling cloth into her mouth and nose. She screamed out, but her scream was muffled by the thick cloth. She then began to feel woozy, light-headed, and she passed out.

She awoke in her room, and tried to get up, but for some reason she couldn't. She looked down at her body, she was tied tightly to her bed, her body made a large X, and a wrist or ankle was tied yo each of the four bed-posts. She also noticed she was stripped down to only her panties.

"What the hell!!?" She screamed, pulling and tugging fitfully at the ropes, but they held her securely in place.

"Hello Shakira, a voice said from the shadows. A dark form approached her. The person then flicked on the lamp and she saw who it was. Nobody she knew.

"Who are you?!?" Shakira asked frightenly.

"You don't know me, my name is Clint Woodson, and i'm your #1 fan." The man, or should she say boy said very deeply. Clint looked only around 19 or 20. Dark brown hair, jetting brown eyes, and very tall and well built.

"Why am i tied up?" Shakira asked.

"Ever since your rise in the pop music business i have admired you. Your dancing, your singing, your beauty...I had to do something. I entered a contest to meet you, sadly i didn't win. But i couldn't give up. So i went to your concert when you were in town, and heard from someone what hotel you were staying at." Clint told her.

"So you broke in my room, and waited for me, knocked me out, and tied me up naked??" Shakira said, finishing his story.

"Exactly," Clint smiled.

"Well let me go!! My bodyguards are in the room right next door, and if i scream, they'll run in here and save me, probably beating the shit out of you in the process." Shakira told him, trying to sound confident, but it was hard when your tied nude, spread eagle to a bed.

"I've already thought of that, if you do scream, i have a something that will make you stop," Clint said, and sat next to Shakira's stretched out tummy on the bed.

"You've got such a gorgeous body Shakira," he said as he trailed his fingers across her tummy.

"Teeheeee!!" Shakira giggled.

"Ticklish??" Clint asked,smirking evily.

"What the hell do you care?" Shakira growled back.

"That has EVERYTHING to do with why i captured you. You see, i have a bit of a tickling fetish, and i love tickling women."

Shakira could see where this was leading.

"Don't you dare tickle me damned!!" She screamed.

"What's gonna stop me?"

Shakira then let out a loud, long screamed, which was stopped abruptly when Clint stuffed a gag in her mouth.

"MMphhmhmhmph!!!" Shakira muffled.

"That's right, no one can save you know, my ticklish, latin beauty." Clint's eyes gazed up and down her nearly nude body, from her outstretched underarms, to her small, full breasts, her taunt tummy, and cute feet.

"We're gonna have loads of fun tonight," Clint laughed evily.

Shakira could only rumble and scream beneath the gag, producing nothing more than a muffled sound.

Clint strolled down to Shakira's bare feet, and began to stroke his fingers down them lightly.

Shakira's eyes grew wide, and her muffled screams got more intense.

"Yes Shakira, cherish the moment, the feelings your body will endure tonight," Clint then went back to her soft, wrinkled soles, and stroked them gently.

Muffled giggles escaped Shakira's mouth, as her tan body shook and struggled with what little slack it had from the tight ropes.

He then switched techniques, holidng back her big left toe, and scribbling on it with his other hand. Shakira wiggled like a worm on a hook, screaming and giggling beneath the gag.

Her toe's flexed and wiggled as he grabbed each one at a time and tickled it mercilessly.

He then traveled to her heel, where he danced his fingers across the soft skin, causing Shakira to bang her head back and forth against the white pillow propping her head up.

She buried her gagged face into the pillow, laughing insanely as the ticklish feelings took over her mind and body.

Clint then lowered his mouth to her feet, and engulfed one of her toes in his mouth, savoring and sucking on it.

Shakira shrieked and bounced her body wildly, her small breasts jiggling.

He savored each toe individually, all the while scratching his fingers up and down her soft soles.

Shakira's blonde hair became entangled and messy as it thrashed left and right with her shaking body.

After Clint had sucked on the last toe, he got up from the front of the bed, and walked to the other side of the room. He came back quickly and wheeled in a room-service cart to the side of the bed, but instead of having food in the cart, there were tickle tools placed neatly on it. Shakira's eyes widened in fear as she saw what was on the cart.

Three different feathers. One yellow, stiff, and short. One fat, fluffy, and white. And the last one was very long, thin and blue. There was also a toothbrush, two short makeup brushes, and a small, white q-tip.

"Look fun Shakira?" Clint asked, as he noticed the latino eyeing the tickle tools.

Shakira shook her head back and forth fiercely in a "no" motion.

"Oh well, don't worry, they sure will FEEL fun," Clint laughed once more at his own joke, and sat beside her tummy, and picked up his first tool.

He grasped the short, yellow, stiff feather and brought it closer to her taunt, tan body.

Shakira begging turned to muffled sounds beneath the gag as she thrashed her head wildly.

"Here it cooooooomes," Clint taunted as he lowere the stiff feather to Shakira's left side, and slowly traced it from her pantie line, to a little bit below her underarm.

Shakira giggled sweetly beneath the gag while Clint smiled in delight.

He then grabbed very long blue feather in his other hand, and traced it down her other side, which brought on a similiar giggle from the blonde latino.

He then went into a quicker motion, dragging them up each side faster and faster, givin no quarter to Shakira's ticklish sides.

Her body wiggled and squirmed, in a futile attempt to get away from the ticklish feathers. He danced the feathers up her sides quickly, going hyper-speed now, as her sweet giggles turned to immense laughter.

He just kept going up and down, grinning in delight, and finally stopped. But only for a second, to put down the two feathers and grab the two small makeup brushes. He placed one dangling above each of Shakira's smooth, outstretched armpits, as Shakira shook her head no, pleading for him not to.

Clint only smiled at her, and lowered them anyways. They made contact with her soft underarms, and Shakira went bonkers. She thrashed with what room she could and laughter overtook her body. The ever so soft brushes gently stroked along her smooth armpits, stroking like crazy, and then switching to quick dabs of the soft bristles. Each bristle tickled in its own way, so it felt like hundreds of ticklers getting her underarms at once.

She screamed and howled beneath the gag, and bucked her youg body against the soft bed.

Clint only savored it more the more she suffered and continued twirling the soft brushes in her ticklish armpits.

Clint took a lock of Shakira's own blonde hair, and used it to tickle her armpit, and stroke it across the smooth skin. This tickled the latino like crazy!!!

She bucked even more as one underarm was tickled with a soft brush while the other was tormented by her own long hair.

Clint finallt stopped, finishing with a ticklish kiss in each armpit, as he grabbed the ball-point pen. He dangled it directly above her oval bellybutton, taunting her cruelly.

"Do you want it??" He teased.

"Mmphphhhhmmmphhh!!!!" Shakira begged.

"Sorry, i could'nt hear you, guess i'll do it anyways," he then lowered the pen slowly.

"Don't worry, it's out of ink, your beautiful tan skin won't be inked at all my dear." That was the least of SHakira's worries right now.

Then it finally entered, the pen was in her bellybutton, Clint pressed down and the pen tickled inside her bellybutton like crazy.

Shakira's back arched, actually driving the pen in deeper and tickling her more. Her limbs went crazy, tugging eagerly at the ropes, and her head banged up and down.

Sweat and tears poured down her face as the tickle session entered its third hour.

Clint put the pen away, and pushed the cart aside.

"For your most sexy part of your body, i wanna use my own fingers," Clint said.

Shakira looked confused.

"Don't know what part i mean, i mean your sexy tummy of course, how you moved it in your music video drove me wild." Clint said.

Shakira went crazy. Not her tummy. Anywhere but there!! Past tummy tickling memories flooded her mind...

First as a child, her brother would chase her, pin her down, lift up her shirt and tickle her bare tummy like crazy.

Then in high-school, her boyfriend thought it would be funny to one night while she slept to tie her up and tickle her tummy mercilessly.

And then her belly-dancing lessons, how her instructor always enjoyed to show her techniques and postures, while roaming her fingers all over Shakira's super-sensitive abs.

And now here, tied up almost naked, by a psycho whose gonna tickle her. She was screwed.

He lowered his fingers to her beautiful bare midriff, and attacked. he first stroked all tne fingers on either side of her deep navel, causing Shakira to go into crazy laughter. Super crazy laughter, which got muffled by the ever-annoying gag.

His fingers then outlined her ribs, traced beside her sides, and then cruelly wiggled deeply into the center of her toned tummy. Shakira simply went nuts. Her body went absolutely crazy and bucked and flailed and bounched and shook. Her head flew everywhere, and laughter poured from her mouth.

His fingers soon returned to either side of her bellybutton where he gently squeezed her abs. She went kookoo. He squeezed about seven times, and then fluttered his fingers all over her tan tummy. He zig-zaged his fingers up and down her abs, and then squeezed up and down her tummy.

The tummy tickling lasted an hour itself, and Shakira finally passed out.

She awoke. Gladly when she tryed to get up, she actually could. But then fear settled in, she didn't know where she was. She was... wait, she was in the back of a van. She looked out the window while the roads zoomed by.

Then she saw a sing, reading: CHICAGO, CITY LIMITS.

She ran to the front of the back of the van, and banged on the wall leading to the driver's seat.

Then the sliding window that separated the two parts opened halfway.

"Hi Shakira, its me, Clint."

"Damned!! Let me go go you bastard!!" She screamed.

"Not yet my dear," he said calmly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"where are you taking me??" Shakira asked, with fear in her voice.

"Just to a little place of mine where hundreds of people await to tickle you....its called the TMF." Clint said.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shakira screamed, and she had no idea what the TMF had in store for her;)


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12-23-2001, 03:46 PM
hey, great story- BTW

do you know whens shes getin here, so i can fix up my brushes and fluff my feathers ;) :p

12-23-2001, 04:36 PM
Great story! Hey, I don't live too far from that Sheraton . . . this gives me an idea! :evilha:

12-23-2001, 06:49 PM
Nice! Hurry w/ the next part, plz!

12-23-2001, 07:05 PM
sorry to dissapoint you but there is no other part, cliff-hanger ending :evilha:
the reason is cause i've got a bunch of even better stories lined up. including the one i asked for help on in the discussion

12-25-2001, 02:06 PM
sorry bout the no 2nd part, but u could imagine what you wuodl do with Shakira tied spread eagle to your bed;)

12-25-2001, 11:28 PM
Good Work.

Tickle Stud
12-26-2001, 12:37 AM
phat story, with time it seems each story keeps getting better and better and better and better....!!

12-26-2001, 05:01 AM
I loved this one, a story after my own heart! Thanks for posting this, and I look forward to your next devious tale.:cool:

12-26-2001, 05:41 PM
Thanks Dave, and all the others who gave feedback, greatly appreciated:):):):)

12-26-2001, 07:55 PM
so...when's she getting here? :D

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I am a new member here though I have been coming to the site to read the stories etc for quite sometime..Though I prefer true tickle experiences more,I have to say to all who have posted stories on here,you all do a hell of a job.
I really enjoy the descriptive ones that include the volume and length so to speak of the person laughing,where what and when as well..
Anyway Tummy I ahve a request..One I have had even before I joined..How about writing about some true experiences which have happened to you the same way you write your stories..Any good ones over the Hoilday,school,work etc..
Either way you all do a great job,though TummyTicklish does have my fav vote..Nice to have been able to post and I promise not to be this long in the tooth again..LOL..

01-14-2002, 07:05 PM
welcome mantis!!:)