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The torture of Mara Jade

By Marauder

It was a place like none other. Coruscant, former capitol planet of the empire, was regarded by most sane people as an abominable place. Layers upon layers of architectural nightmares covered its surface, each one set upon the dwellings below it, factories interlacing with offices, built upon residential blocks... The deeper one got, the less one was inclined to believe that this hive of rooms and superstructures had been built, but rather grown, a maze of plasticrete and pseudoglass, creaking under the tension generated by gravity, a jumble of rooms, some distorted by the incredible weight put upon them. Only insane or driven beings would venture into its bowels, and even they would hesitate to enter the lowest levels, filled with unspeakable horrors, derelict mutants thriving upon the toxic waste drizzling down from broken sewage, and themselves the prey of monstrosities from the most inhospitable regions of space... Yet the search party that was now creeping through a corridor was by no means insane. They followed a hint discovered in an ancient data store, looking for a specific room located deep below the former palace of an imperial inquisitor. When they discovered the door, a massive metal slab labeled "Special Interrogation room 1", cast in sharp relief by their helmet lights, their tension gave way to impulses of joy.

Cerces Specter was the leader of the party. She pressed the touch sensitive panel besides the doorframe, and hissed with surprise as the massive block of reinforced titanium lifted effortlessly into the ceiling without so much as a creak. The room inside was starkly lit. "So it is true," she whispered into her headphone in awe. "This room has its own power source." The old file had indicated that the interrogation room had been hooked up to a micro-fusion reactor set into the massive foundations of the palace, but it was still awe-inspiring to actually find it working. The reactor had kept the room in perfect condition, not by itself, of course, but by providing power for the multitude of service droids that now scampered into their wall ports, eager to get out of the way of the entering party. The discoverers removed their helmets, showing all five of them to be female, all human, all young and beautiful. Cerces was the tallest of them, and the most striking. Her long black hair fell down her black body armor, now that the insectoid-looking helmet had been removed, and her narrow, serious, ageless face was framed by it. She turned around to the other members, addressing one with short blonde hair and an edgy face. "Rayne, check the equipment." She the turned to identical twins with red hair down to their shoulders and almost triangular faces, the shortest of the party. "K'Laer, P'Tran - secure the perimeter." The two clones nodded and went out the door again, closing it behind them. Cerces faced the last woman, who's shaved head was decorated with unsettling tattoos of circuitry, and who had a small scar running down her left cheek. "Kryss, contact basecamp. We found it. Tell them to set the trap." Kryss grinned and nodded, displaying teeth filed into points. She put her helmet back on, replacing the strange, savage beauty of her head once more with the inhuman design of her armor, to use the integrated communications array. Cerces looked around at the equipment Rayne was busy checking. Rayne gave her a comforting wink. Everything was in order. This would work. Karrde would pay up. No-one crossed Cerces' employer and got away with it.

Mara Jade, former personal assassin of the emperor himself, now freelancing mercenary and full time Jedi Knight, engaged to Luke Skywalker himself, glided through the dark corridors of the planet effortlessly, utilizing every shadow, making no discernible sound. Her lithe 5'4'' body in its gray catsuit flowed like quicksilver around corners, her long, red hair shifted with the athletic movements, and the handle of the lightsaber in her hand was a reassuring weight, promising swift death to those who should dare to cross her. Her large, green eyes were now narrow slits, as she scanned the hallways for any sign of an ambush, slowly closing in on her target. The informer had hinted at an ancient Jedi artifact hidden somewhere beneath the old palace of the inquisition, something hidden within Coruscant's bowels, kept in a storage hold now forgotten. She was going to recover it. It would make a perfect wedding gift. She smiled when she visualized Luke's face once she presented him with it... whatever it turned out to be. Mara rounded another corner. Almost there now... Slowly, she approached the rusted orifice of the storage area's door, dropping into a crouch, and entered the dank darkness carefully. Suddenly she felt the flow of the Force through her shifting. A disturbance lay ahead. Alarmed, Mara gripped the saber tightly, and its fluorescent blade shot out, casting a ghostly shimmer on her surroundings, illuminating five humanoid shapes and various piles of decrepit machinery. She had just enough time to be startled, seeing the five armored shapes surrounding her, when suddenly the heaps of junk began to move and stood up, revealing themselves as ancient sentry droids. Loud clamor ensued as pieces of corroded armor fell away from the bulky chassis', and their optical sensors came to a glowing red life with an audible hum. Mara whipped around to leave the room, saw that a forcefield had sealed the door, and continued her turning motion, adding a fast sidestep and extending her weapon hand. Her saber went cleanly through one of the droids, cutting it neatly in half. She exploded into a flurry of motions, cutting and slashing with the buzzing blade, but she didn't stand a chance against the odds stacked against her. She felt something strike her back, and as her vision blurred she recognized it as a stun ray. Mara Jade collapsed to the floor, wrecking one last droid with a final swipe of her arm and the blade, and lay still. The five armored assailants nodded, pleased. Cerces removed her helmet, shaking her hair. She turned to the droids. "Take her to the interrogation chamber." As the droids picked up the unconscious Jedi Knight, the women preceded them, eager to begin their task.

Mara awakened to the sound of humming machines, and to a murderous headache, telltale sign of a point blank hit with a stun weapon. She opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was the multi armed medidroid hanging from a mechanical scaffolding on the ceiling above her. She tensed, ready to jump up, but she figured she'd be immobilized, and minute movements proved this to be true. Her head was free, however, and she assessed her surroundings quickly. She was in a large chamber, all surfaces completely white, consisting of some sort of industrial strength ceraplast, from the solid looks of them. Various strange machines were aligned along the walls. She herself was securely strapped into a framework of straps and mechanical arms, surrounding her from all sides, preventing any movement but the turning of her head. She had been stripped to her underwear, short, black stretch garments. Ad she noticed the people in the room with her. Five women, clad in gray jumpsuits and combat boots, having discarded their strange armor in one of the corners. And the sentry droids were also there, standing silently at a wall, all six of them powered down. Mara took a deep breath. These women obviously had no idea whom they'd just captured. She closed her eyes again, concentrating, extending her mind to send a psychic call for help through her talents with the Force... And recoiled as if she'd hit an electrical fence. Something was disturbing the Force in this room, completely disrupting her abilities ! She opened her eyes again, just in time to see one of her captors approach her with a placid face. "Greetings, Mara Jade," the woman said plainly. "Let me explain to you why we have brought you here." Mara stared at her defiantly. "You should pray that someone finds you here and frees me," she growled. "Because you'll be very sorry if I have to escape by myself." The woman smiled a little at this. "I figure that we are perfectly safe from detection. However, all we want is one simple answer. Give it to us, and we will release you." Mara diverted her gaze to the ceiling, trying not to notice the mechanical entity above her with its massive array of arms. "You won't get anything from me." The interrogator nodded. "That's what we expected to hear. However, I still don't see why you shouldn't simply tell us what we want to know. Where is Talon Karrde's main base of operations located ?" Mara whipped her head around to face the woman once more. "I told you you won't hear a thing from me, especially not that !" she spat defiantly. The woman raised an eyebrow. "Why risk your wellbeing for a smuggler ?" Mara just continued glaring. The woman shrugged. "Well, we anticipated you to be less than forthcoming, and that's why we brought you here. You see, this is an old interrogation room, created by the Empire specifically to question Jedi Knights." She pointed at the machines on the wall. "These devices disturb the Force in such a manner that no Jedi Powers can be used while their wielder is confined here. And this droid," she pointed to the mechanical spider hanging from the ceiling, "is equipped with sensors and scanners to discover the specific weaknesses of anyone brought here for interrogation, which would be you. And above and beyond that, "she continued, "it is perfectly capable of performing... inquisitive surgery... on any subject, and keep it alive for years on end. So you see, it's no use trying to oppose us. Give us what we want, and you'll save yourself a lot of discomfort." Mara Jade had turned slightly paler than before, but she had been taught to withstand any amount of pain in her imperial training. She could bear any torture her captors could device... or so she thought. "Curses upon you and your entire diseased breed," was all she said with intense loathing. The woman retreated. "As you wish. Rayne ?" One of the other women did something with one of the machines on the walls, and the cybernetic arms above Mara lowered down and began running glowing scanners all over her body, while at the same time the framework that held her lifted her up, turning her on her back, and spreading her out until she was hanging spread eagle in midair. One of the arms pointed something looking like a laser gun at her forehead, and its beam began scanning her mind. She moved her head as much as she could, but the brain probe was not so easily deflected. The woman called Rayne was muttering something, reading the results of the machine... Then the arms retracted. Mara could hear some incredulous whisperings, and then the leader of her captors approached her once more. She looked... amused ? "It seems you are capable of withstanding almost infinite amounts of pain," she remarked, "but we have also found a weakness. Are you sure you don't want to cooperate, rather than forcing us to exploit it ?" Mara lifted her head to look at the woman. "Do your worst. You're all about to die anyway." The woman grinned at this. "But maybe I should inform you of what we found. You see, the scans show your feet to be extremely sensitive..." Mara just let her hang down once more, frowning. Of course her feet were sensitive, but so what ? Pain was pain, after all... "...to tickling." The captive Jedi's head flew up, her eyes went wide with disbelief. "So it would appear that we have to tickle your bare feet for as long as it takes to extract the information we seek," the woman continued, unfazed. Mara Jade could not believe it. They actually expected her to break from something like this playful mockery of torture ? That simply had to be a joke... The woman extended her index finger and brought it close to Mara's left sole, looking at its flawless beauty while preparing for the assault... It was a size six, slender, with delicate toes, a medium, smooth arch, slightly pink on the padded areas, a creamy white under the toes and in the arch... It looked very soft and highly sensitive to the torturer. Mara let her head hang once more. She started to say something, but then the finger touched down, and she closed her mouth. It felt like... like nothing she had ever felt before ! She had never been tickled in her entire life ! Least of all while tied up helplessly ! With a deep breath, the helpless Jedi prepared her resistance, strengthening her willpower, biting back the laughter building inside her as the woman slowly dragged her finger up the soft sole...

Mara shook her head, closed her eyes and summoned every bit of inner strength to be able to bear the horrible feeling the single finger roaming around her sole caused her. She began breathing rapidly, and just as her resistance was about to break, just as the first wave of laughter was forcing its way up through her larynx, the slow, tickling strokes stopped. "It seems you are aware of what we have in store for you now, Mara. Care to reconsider your denial ?" Cerces was walking around the table now, standing right beside her captive. Mara took one last deep breath, opening her eyes again, and looked at the woman again with fury blazing in her eyes. "I'd rather die than give you any information about Karrde !" Cerces shrugged. "That means more tickling. You know that." "Do your worst. You're not going to break me with a bit of foot play !" hissed the Jedi, causing Cerces to grin maliciously. "No, not a bit of foot play, but tickle torture for days on end... how does that sound to you ?" Mara suppressed a shudder. Still, she was sure she could take it. After all, it was just a question of adjusting to a new feeling of discomfort... Cerces waved at two of the other women. "P'Tran and K'Laer, take your places !" she called to them. The twins strolled over to the motionless feet of the bound Jedi, their faces split by mischievous smiles. Cerces motioned them to start, turning to face Mara once more - "Now, tell me the location of Talon Karrde's base of operations." While the two women at her feet got ready for their task, threateningly extending their fingers towards her helpless peds, Mara tried to concentrate on her hatred and fury. She was not going to give in to it. Her resolution crumbled, however, when the women started to wriggle their fingers bare microns away from her sensitive skin, making rapid tickling motions without really touching her feet yet. Mara could almost feel the tickling already, and the anticipation was driving her nuts. She faced Cerces to get her mind away from the sight and to prevent them from tormenting her with her imagination. "I'm not telling you where he is, I told you already !" she said, willing her voice to sound confident. "You're wasting your time heeEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHE !!!" This time it wasn't just gentle teasing, the two women had begun tickling their helpless targets with full force and no mercy. They fluttered the fingers of one hand up and down the soles, scratching and grazing the skin with lightning swift motions, while stroking around the top of the foot, under the toes, and over the silky skin on top again with the other hand. Mara lost it completely, she hadnt expected anything like this, it was the single most horrible feeling she had ever experienced, nothing had prepared her for this ! "AHAHAHAHAHA !!! YAAAHAHAHAHA !!!" she screamed with wild laughter, thrashing her head from side to side, her eyes squeezed shut, her hair whipping around her like a fiery blaze flickering in a massive storm... and the two women had just started ! They kept up the tickling of the wildly flailing feet, sometimes scribbling their fingernails up the sides of the feet, starting behind the heel and slowly working their way to the top of the feet, tickling mercilessly down from the ankle to the top of the toes, then retracing the motion with one hand while letting the other one scratch down over the toes and then down the sole, making little sideways motions to ensure that every square inch of the squirming, helpless, soft foot got its fair share of ticklish stimulation... They tickled and tickled, increasing their speed, and they didn't let up for almost half an hour. Mara was in stitches, helplessly screaming with forced laughter, horrified at the sheer intensity of the torture... "GAAHAHAHAHAA !!! YAHAHAHARGH !!! AHAAHAHAHAHAHA !!!" She still denied the torturers the pleasure of hearing her beg for mercy, of breaking her... She would not be broken ! Instead, she gave in to the feelings of ticklish agony, trying to increase them, hoping to black out... The tickling increased as the last of her mental shields collapsed, and became truly, utterly unbearable. She felt the dark mists of unconsciousness approaching, but was suddenly, horribly aware of a prick in her left arm, and then her senses sharpened to incredible awareness, including, lamentably, her sense of touch... She ripped her eyes open, feeling the tickling increase to unconceivable levels, and let out a long, shrill scream, seeing the arm of the medidroid extracting its syringe from her arm, feeling the women tickling all over her feet, seeing their faces alight with sadistic glee, aware of the laughter of the other women who enjoyed watching the strong Jedi Knight dissolve into a bundle of laughing, screaming, squirming ticklish flesh, their eyes dancing from her squirming, tortured feet with the scribbling, dancing fingers all over them to her distorted, laughing face... "It seems you notice now how bad it will be, young Jedi," said Cerces with a low chuckle. "We will simply keep up tickling your feet for as long as it takes. There are five of us, as you noticed, and we can keep this up around the clock, maybe, just maybe, granting you a rest period once in a while... And, as you noticed, the automatic medic above you will take care that you neither faint nor die on us. This could go on for months, even years, you know... We wouldn't mind. Now, once more, I implore you to save yourself from this torture ! Will you tell us where Talon Karrde is hiding ?" Mara Jade shook her head even more rapidly, screaming a defiant "NOOOHOHOHOHO !!! AAHAHAHAHAHA !!! NEHEHEHEEHVER !!! YAAAHAHAAHAHRG !!!" But inside she wondered how long she would be able to take this... she felt her resistance melting, being stripped away by the ticklish torture of her feet, and she knew she could not last forever...

Cerces stood in a corner of the room, speaking into the communicator of her helmet, which she had put on. I did a good job of dampening the insane screams and laughter coming from the disheveled heap of ticklish flesh that had been a powerful Jedi Knight not too long ago... "Yes, sir, I expect her to break any moment now." She listened to the response, concentrating to hear it over the hoarse gales of tortured laughter. "I know, sir. It has been three days already. I honestly don't know how anyone could hold out this long. I know that I'd have told everything by now," she added with a shudder, regarding the sight of four women now torturing Mara Jade's feet. The twins had sat down on chairs besides her legs, tickling, stroking and teasing up and down the sides of the feet, sometimes letting their wriggling fingernails graze the ankles and up the thigh a little, but always returning faithfully to the ticklish tops, down to the toes, back up to the ankle, around the heel, then back down again, never stopping, always tickling... The other two sat facing the soles, Rayne left, Kryss right. They used a different technique - Rayne was using her right hand to tantalize the heel with rapid scratches of all five fingers, while running her index finger from side to side under the toes, teasing the stems with ticklish touches, scratching the top of the balls mercilessly, while Kryss had taken to playing with the captive toes so helplessly held in front of her, piggying them with her left hand, while the right one was held palm up in front of the formerly creamy white arch, gliding up and down with wavery motions, extracting further howls of anguish... All four women were lost in their tasks, enjoying themselves immensely, a broad grin on their faces... They had immobilized the big toes of their victim's feet with a metal strip around their stems, so now all the feet could do was to desperately flex the little toes and quiver in terrible ticklish torment, which they did aplenty. Cerces snapped to attention again as she received further orders over the com-unit. "Yes, sir. We'll do our best." She walked over to the site of merciless tickle torture and stood at her captive's side, looking at the state of disarray the Jedi was in. "Once again : Where is Talon Karrde ?" "I DOOHOHOHOHONT KNOOOHOHOHOHOHOW !!! PLEEEHEHEHEHEHEZE !!! STOOHOHOHOHOHOP !!!" Mara had begun begging for mercy this morning. After three days of continuous foot tickling, her resistance was almost at an end. Still, she would not give her torturers the information ! She was firmly resolved to die first, but every time she had come close, the medidroid had done something to prolong her suffering... It had given her stimulants to keep her awake long into the nights, it had cleaned her, fed her, done everything to spare her any distraction from the unbearable titillation of her feet... Her only hope now was to pray for a miracle to happen, and her sanity was maintained only by concentrating on the little resistance she could still offer. Her whole body jerked as one of her tormentors hit a particularly sensitive spot, but she could not even say which one it was... She had long ago ceased to feel the ticklish touches on her feet as single stimulations, but instead both of her feet seemed to be aflame in hellish, ticklish agony, the sensations clawing at her sanity, electrocuting her central nervous system, occupying almost every bit of her being... She had started begging without even being aware of it, it seemed that an independent part of her mind had begun negotiations to avoid further atrocities being committed against her helpless feet... "PLEEEHEHEHEZE !!! NO MOOHOHOHOHOHOHRE !!! STOOHOHOHOHOP !!! OH NOOHOHOHOHO AHAHAHAHAHAHAA YAAAHAHAHAHA NYEAHAHAHAHA !!!" her voice had long since gone hoarse from the continuous screaming and tortured laughter, but she didn't even notice the pain in her sides, the cramps in her stomach, or the roughness of her throat - the brutal tickle torture overshadowed all else, and it was all she felt. Time had lost its meaning, only the tickling and her desperate resolve not to tell them anything existed for her anymore. Cerces looked at the pathetic bundle of struggling, twitching, helplessly laughing female flesh with a mixture of admiration, anger and even some compassion. After all, she could not even begin to contemplate her horror if she should ever be subjected to such a treatment, and neither could her colleagues. They had discussed this matter amongst themselves, and they were all surprised at the massive willpower, or rather stubbornness, this woman displayed. Cerces turned to Rayne. "I want you to think of something to increase the treatment. Our employer wants results." Rayne nodded and reluctantly stood up from her chair, granting the sole she had been so expertly tickling a moment of respite, but Cerces was already moving to take her place. "When you're ready to talk, just say so !" she exclaimed happily while forming her hands into wicked claws and approaching the shivering sole...

One whole week of tickle torture had passed. Mara Jade's feet were hued a bright pink from the constant stimulation, her hair was a sweat soaked mat, her head hung limply down, as she had no power left in her for struggling. All she could do was hang in her bonds, experiencing the constant, unceasing tickle torture of her feet... she didn't even notice the rest breaks anymore, because the autodoc sedated her immediately, only to wake her with strong stimulants, so it seemed to her as if the tickling of her feet never ended. She was too far gone to notice anything, not even hearing the constant questions her torturers addressed her with. There was only the tickling, the incessant, cruel caresses that tortured her feet... Cerces looked up from her work, which consisted of stroking the tops of the left foot's toes with a stiff bristled brush, while seeing a similar tool being used on the undersides of the feebly twitching digits by one of the twins. Rayne had just spoken to her. The tech expert had been busy researching better ways to torture the captive Jedi, and it seemed she had succeeded. She came over, beaming, holding something aloft that looked almost like a flashlight. Cerces ceased the tickling to talk to her companion. "What is that ?" she asked quizzically. Rayne presented the device. "I have discovered a way to modify a neural scrambler," she said proudly. "Normally this would interfere with the brains neurons, knocking the target unconscious. However, I modified it so that it will manipulate any nerves it is pointed at, stimulating them with random impulses." Cerces smiled slowly. "I see... it seems that this will be immensely painful..." "No, not at all !" Rayne chimed in. "It will, however, tickle like crazy ! And it has an intensity dial here," she pointed to a button on the rod, "which you can set from a mere unbearable tickling to a feeling like thousands of tiny prongs and feathertips crawling all over the target area." Cerces clapped the woman on the shoulder. "Perfect !" "But that's not all ! It also has a feedback loop, sensing which nerves are reacting the most, and will concentrate on these !" the young woman beamed. The team leader turned back to Mara. "Did you hear that ? it seems we have found a way to break you at last !" she exclaimed. And it was just in time - they had been pestered with more and more anxious calls from their contractor, who demanded results. Cerces grinned and started to show the device to Mara, but Rayne still had her finger on the dial, and as Cerces pulled the rod away it was switched on. It happened to point directly at Cerces' left breast, and as the diffuse blue cone of light hit her, she screamed in horror, jumping back and started laughing from the unbearable sensations as she dropped the device. It landed on the floor, rolled under the table, pointing at the feet of the women doing the tickling, who started jumping up and down, yelping and laughing at the intense tickling that tortured their feet even through the thick combat boots, Kryss even crashing into the machinery at the walls. Rayne made a dive for it and grabbed the rod, lifting it up to turn it off, and happened to pint it straight up in the process. Just as she managed to switch it off, all five of the women were started by the horrible shriek coming from their bound victim. Cerces calmed down slowly, and her mind shifted into high gear. "... wait... a minute..." she panted, still dizzy from the mere second the device had tickled her breast. She collected her thoughts. Could it be... Grinning, she faced the others, who had removed their boots, holding their tingling, socked feet and staring at Rayne with anger. "I think we've overlooked a very sensitive area on our client !" She went over to where Kryss was sorting herself out of the machinery, glowering at her, and punched a few buttons. The contraption that held Mara Jade moved and changed her position. She was now held sitting three feet above the ground, her legs still extended and spread in front of her, but her upper body now upright. Mara hadn't really noticed what had transpired, not even that the tickling had stopped... she was still laughing from phantom tickles on her feet. Cerces walked behind her. "Let's see if I'm right !" she grinned and brushed her left hand lightly up Mara Jade's back, from the spine up to the neck... The young Jedi's eyes flew open, and she renewed her screams, for the first time in days making an effort to beg between bouts of helpless laughter. "NOT THEEHEHEHEHEHERE !!! OH NOOHOHOHOHO NOT THAAHAHAHAT ! NOT MY BAAAHAHAHAHAHACK !!! NOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHO ! NONONONONONOHOHOHOHOHO !!! PLEEHEHEHEZE ! ANITHIIHIHIHIHIHING BUT THAHAHAHAHAHAAHAT !!!" She twisted and turned, but no escape. Cerces grinned at Rayne, yelling above the din : "Prepare five devices ! Make them capable of interfacing with the medidroid !" Rayne nodded and went off. Turning to the rest of the women, who had put their boots back on when the sensations from the neural scrambler had ceased, she said "Well, what are you waiting for ? Go for her feet !" They did so with pleasure, and Mara dissolved into hiccups between guffaws from laughing again... They tickled her feet as bad as before, the twins once more doing the tops and sides with feathers and brushes, stroking swiftly, while Kryss had begun to scratch and rake the reddened soles with wild abandon, and Cerces was using all ten fingers on her back, walking them upwards from her waist in a maddening gallop, then dragging them down slowly, barely touching the skin, just slightly teasing it with the very tips of her nails, then spreading out to encompass the whole athletic back of her victim, going over cramped muscles, up the neck, down the spine, a little around the sides, but back again over the perfect, slightly tanned skin... Mara couldn't beg now, she wouldn't have been able to tell them anything even if she wanted ! This new assault was too horrible to contemplate... the fingers roaming her back added a whole new dimension to the torture, a massive onslaught of ticklish agony that held her sanity for ransom... And whilst the four women were busy tickle torturing their victim thoroughly, Rayne was preparing the devices which would further reduce Mara's chances of resistance. But there was still time for this, and the torturers made ample use of it, changing places, keeping the Jedi's mind in a constant state of tickled terror, for a whole of ten more hours. Then the scramblers were ready. Rayne attached five of them to the autodoc and reprogrammed it to be able to use them, interfacing their control circuitry with the body scan probes, ensuring the machine would use them with utmost efficiency. When she was finished, she joined the others, simply wanting to use her last chance to tickle this helpless woman, and she did so with merciless precision... For another full hour. Then the medidroid injected Mara with another dose of tranquilizer, knocking her out at once. The women surrounded their panting, sweat soaked victim. Cerces smiled darkly. "When she awakes, the autodoc will take over. I advise you all to get some sleep." She laughed. "No need to set an alarm, I'm sure we will wake up when it begins !" She looked at the devices already in place, waiting for the machine to wake Mara in four hours time . One pointing at each sole, and three aligned down her spinal column, pointing at the smooth, ticklish, sweaty skin of her back. When those devices activated, the day was bound to get very noisy indeed... Joking and chatting, the women lay down, awaiting the next day with anticipation.

They were awakened by a series of short shrieks that surpassed every vocal evidence of their victims ticklish plight yet. Mara Jade fell silent soon, though, for the tortures she was now enduring wrecked her body with a barrage of tickling that drove the air out of her lungs and forcing her into a state of silent laughter. She just hung in her bonds, lolling her head from side to side, her eyes firmly shut, and shook with soundless sobs and seizures. The five women approached her and looked on in fascination while the arms of the autodoc glided over her body with the neural scramblers. They stared at the devices centered on her soles, taking in the sight of the soft, hypersensitive skin rippling and crawling while bathed in the blue beams of energy. Rayne nudged Cerces. "We should call these things light-feathers !" she joked, and the team laughed. They went around their victim, seeing the three devices on her back moving slowly up and down, from side to side, scanning for the most intense reaction, while the mind probe was busy reading Mara's mental reactions and adjusted the tortures faithfully, slowly approaching the single most intense way to tickle the trapped woman. They left the machine running for over four hours, watching in rapt fascination as the unbearable sensations reduced the last remains of Mara Jade's resistance to a pile of ashes, and when they finally turned it off, she began pleading for them to allow her to tell them anything, do anything, just please, no more tickling, please... They kept questioning her, turning the machine on and off over and over again, cranking up the intensity more and more, until... "oh no, please, not again not again nononoNOOOOOHOHOHHOO !!! AAHAHAHAHAH ! EEEEEEHEHEHEHEEHE !!! YEAHAHAHAHAAHARGH !!! GAAHAHAHAHA... (silent gasps for five minutes) ...no, please, don't turn it on again, please, anything... Karrde's base is... on his ship... orbiting... orbiting... on no ! NO ! I'm TELLING YOU !!! NOOOOOO ! AAHAAHAHAHAHA !!! NYEARGH ! AAAHAHAHAHAHA... (silence again, for two minutes) NO, please, no, not again... telling you... his ship is in orbit... around Quelar... Jungle world... Don't know the sector... No ! I really don't know it ! Please ! It's on any start chart, please, just look it up, oh no, my feet are tingling so bad, and my back, don't turn it on, please, don't turn IIHIHIHHIHIT EEEHEHEHEHEK AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." Cerces faced Kryss, having turned the autodoc on once more, sending Mara into throes of unimaginable ticklish agony again while the blue beams slowly circled over her flushed, tickled flesh, being moved with sadistic slowness around her feet, sometimes shining the torturous beams on her soles, then over the tops, as the other devices danced a slow, horrible waltz on her back. "Go and report Karrde's location to our customer from our ship's station," she said. "I don't trust the helmets' channels with it. Meanwhile, we'll stay here and try to pry more secrets from her. Never know when they might come in handy." Kryss nodded, donned her armor and left while the four remaining women took turns adjusting the machine's path, watching with evil glee when it slowly returned to the dreaded paths of optimal stimulation, enjoying Mara's desperation when she felt the tickling increase over and over again, asking their victim questions about anything they could think of, and laughing at Mara's pathetic, desperate attempts to answer them,. Hoping in vain to be relieved of the torture... They kept doing this to her for more than two hours, enjoying themselves, trying to outdo each other with questions the helpless woman had no way of knowing between prying her deepest secrets from her. Then suddenly, just as they were wondering what took Kryss so long, the door opened. Awaiting to see Kryss, they were completely overwhelmed by the strike team of New Republic soldiers that stormed in, and, catching them unarmed and ill prepared, subdued the four women and freed Mara Jade from her horrible plight. The sentry droids lining one wall were quickly reprogrammed, and the four women were now held securely in their cold steel hands, in absence of better bonds. The Soldiers helped Mara Jade out of her chair, talking to her sympathetically with soothing voices, and were relieved when the Jedi began to regain her composure after a quarter hour of sobs and silent screams, finally realizing that it had stopped, that the terrible tickling had ended for good... She pulled herself together and stood upright, wobbly, steadying herself on the shoulder of one of the soldiers. "My clothes. My weapon." She demanded with a hoarse, but deadly voice, glaring at her former captors. Cerces, pale with terror, seeing her death in the eyes of the woman she had tortured, meekly indicated a box in the corner, praying for the other soldiers to stay, to not leave them alone with this fury...

Mara dressed slowly, finally getting up, fully clothed again, her lightsaber in her hand, and approached the women held firmly in the droids' viselike grip. She then reconsidered and faced her saviors. "Thank you for the rescue. So my call reached you at last ?" Cerces stared at her. "But... the dampening field..." The Jedi turned around towards her, her face cold and expressionless. "Do you remember one of your... friends... stumbling into the machines a while ago ? That must have damaged something." She turned away from an even paler Cerces, back to the soldiers. Their leader, a good looking youth who was still shyly blushed from seeing Mara Jade in her former state of near-naked helplessness, responded with a short cough to clear his throat. "Yes, M'Lady, it was... hard to miss..." He coughed again, looking at the floor. Mara tilted her head. "Explain that, soldier." The man looked back up, then away, while mumbling : "Well, suddenly all female Jedi in the surrounding five parsecs collapsed, screaming with laughter, about two days ago..." Mara flinched. She had not intended to broadcast this strongly, besides, she hadn't even suspected she could do anything like this... The soldier continued, "And one of them, still a student, volunteered to follow the source of the sending, somehow recognizing it as being from you and leading us here..." Mara stared at him. "Where is she ?" "Outside..." "Bring her in !" One of the soldiers went through the door and returned with a young girl of maybe eighteen years. Her long brown hair was as sweat-soaked and disheveled as Mara's red mane, and she was panting with exhaustion, her narrow face streaked with tears and rivulets of sweat. Mara went over to her and, in a rare gesture of compassion, hugged the girl, whispering a heartfelt "Thank you" into her ear. The young student was till shaking with exhaustion. Mara stepped back, and the girl looked at her with reddened eyes. "It was horrible," she croaked with a worn voice. "I could feel everything they did to you... it was so intense... None of us could raise a mindblock against it... Something must have boosted the telepathic link..." Mara looked at the machines. That might have been it, she thought. Maybe the jostling had not disabled the machines, but instead somehow reversed their effect, strengthening the Force somehow... The girl continued, "I was somehow able to sift through the tortures and receive your call for help... then, when the horrible feelings stopped for a moment, I managed to tell these men about what I found out, and volunteered to lead them... it was easy, I just went where I wanted to go least, namely where the tortures intensified, towards the source... Oh, when we arrived down here, just outside the door, it was... it was..." She shuddered at the memory. Mara nodded slowly. "I will make sure you are more than fairly rewarded for what you've put yourself through. I'm sure Luke will want a word with you." She turned back to the soldiers. "Did the collapse of the Jedi have any negative effect on the New Republic ?" The man shook his head. "There was an uproar, and no-one knew what to do about it, but I doubt any enemies had time to take steps. We managed to stop this just in time." Mara nodded. "Good. And now, I'd like you to leave. All of you." The four captive women screamed in protest. "You can't do that ! Don't leave her here with us !!!" "She's going to kill us ! Don't leave ! PLEASE !" The young soldier met Mara's gaze, then swallowed. "Lady Jade, I really don't think..." "GO !!!" Mara backed the command with the Power the Force supplied her with. The team practically ran out of the room, charging down the corridors. Mara turned to her tormentors with a face distorted by hatred, and the blade of her saber extended...

Three days later, in the soldiers' shuttle, while on their way to meet Luke, the young student conversed with Mara timidly. "Did you kill them ?" Mara shook her head, her face expressionless. "I was going to, but then I remembered that it would be nice to know who had contracted them. So I asked them. They needed some convincing, of course." The girl nodded. "Good thing the information you gave them is worthless, now that Karrde has been contacted and moved his base..." "Yes." "And... you convinced them... how ?" "Oh, I told the sentry droids to put them into the contraption one after the other, leaving each one in there for five hours. Except for their leader," she added grimly. "She is left in it for ten hours straight. And then the circle starts again." The girl looked at her with a mixture of horror and fascination. "And then you killed them ? When you said you had to finish something before we launched ?" Mara's face was still expressionless, but her eyes shone with a dark light that made the young student cringe. "No, not exactly. I told them I would be back for them if I should find the time, though." Mara Jade's face finally took on an expression, a predatory grin so utterly merciless and cold, that the girl wished she hadn't seen it. "And I will be back for them. I'm sure my travels take me to Coruscant in a few months. Until then, the autodoc will take care of their needs." She turned towards the girl, who shrank back in fear. "And no word of this to Luke, understood ? He keeps pestering me about the dark side of the Force enough as it is." The girl could only nod feebly, trying to forget the picture that was now occupying her mind - four women, one after the others being tortured by the tickling devices of an unfeeling machine while the others looked on in horror, knowing it would be them in the clutches of the autodoc soon, laughing and begging, with no hope for mercy, no chance of relief, in a forgotten, shielded chamber nobody could find, their only chance of salvation this woman whom they had tortured beyond belief, this Jedi who was skating the edge to the Dark Side so very closely... The shuttle blasted into hyperspace, aboard the coldest of all the Jedi and a scared girl who promised to herself to never invoke the wrath of Mara Jade.


Kryss listened to the screams for help and the desperate shrieks of laughter coming from Cerces, bound tightly by the mechanical arms and tended to by the autodoc's neural scramblers, gliding over her bare feet, her thighs, breasts, armpits, while the machine scanned her for the best reaction, adjusting, optimizing... She went back into the hallway and closed the door, resealing it, ignoring the horrified cries of protest from her helplessly trapped former colleagues in the grip of the merciless sentry droids. She was not going to share the information she had gathered with them, it was much to valuable. She had been hiding in an airduct while the Jedi was rescued, and had heard every word spoken. And now she had copied the plans of the Force-Disrupter, or rather, Force-Amplifier, if remodeled slightly. All one needed was one Jedi Knight, a student would suffice, who had the talent of telepathy, and such a device... Then, all one had to do was simple. "Tickle one, tickle all", Kryss thought with a sinister smile. This could mean the downfall of the new republic ! She was certain somebody would pay her a ridiculous amount of money for this information. She needed money, after all, her former team was... occupied now, and out of the picture on a permanent basis... She never once looked back to the sealed door, walking down the dark corridors in her armor, laughing to herself without any humor at all, while inside, her former team leader was laughing with wild abandon herself as the scramblers scanned her long ,slender soles for the most promising spots, and others examined her smooth armpits... the four trapped women would continue laughing for a long time, one after the other, because Mara Jade happened to have a lot to do before she could return to the lowest levels of Coruscant.

The End

this trip through the dark side was brought to you by maurader with technical and character assistance by drkjedi458. thanks again mar! somebody call george lucas...i cant wait for the movie! :D

12-23-2001, 07:21 PM
Boy, do I remember this one! This is the story that inspired me to write the "Jedi Apprentice" tale. Thanks for reposting this, it's one of my favorites.:cool:

11-19-2005, 02:13 PM
dang i thought i read all of maurauders stories. but thanks to MrMacphisto for providing the link i have just read it. the imagination wow the creativity double wow the descriptions triple wow lol what can i say? unique, original all that and more. so very well written i just wish Maurauder would write again.


11-19-2005, 02:32 PM
I love this story - the idea of a young woman helplessly restrained while the machines work on her most ticklish parts and nothing she can do about it - wow!

Darth Vegeta
11-21-2005, 02:17 AM
As i always say for this one.
One of my favs perhaps even fav story ever.