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Pulling your head back, breathing deeply your chest expand with air as you close your eyes bracing yourself.... "Now, Mz JAZ, It's not like i gonna kill you!!, HAHA", as I slowly move my long red pointed index finger along the inside of your right red pump... Whispering quietly, " Why are you doing this?" .. as you start to curl your foot into a ball inside you shoe making it bugle at the toes...Looking up I smile...," Because my Dear, I am "THE TICKLER" HA HA HA ... I have an image to uphold.. Can't let down my fans!!HA HA HA..." as my fingers start tickling the top of your foot... NO!..NO! (teehee) PleaseSssssSSTOP!!.. tugging at the cuffs... "STOP? but I thought you enjoyed this as much as i do ? hahaha .. See how your feet are telling me "TICKLE ME!!!!"..hahahahah!"
As I pull your shoe off the sweat smell of leather is released , "You know?" sniffing the air.. "you have sweet smelling feet!"..... " You weirdo! ..LET ME GO!!!! " your foot curling and uncurling . then curls into a tight ball it turns to the left trying to move under the left shoe... "Now, Now .. Mz JAZ... no need for name calling"..smiling...."do you want me to use that pretty red ball gag on you NOW? or LATER!?..you tell me!!HAHAHAHA"..... "NO!...NO!.. Please I am sorry I didn't mean weirdo more LIKE SICKO!!!!!" .... watching you tug harder on the cuffs... "HA HA HA HA".. I laugh< " Is that the best you can do?" ..as I grab your right foot... "I was gonna be gentle but you leave me no choice!!!".. I hold the right foot at the ankle with my left hand in a tight vise-like grip..."NO!NO! I am sorry ... PLEASE DON'T!!... " realizing you have made a mistake... I look at you over the wooden stock, smirking, raising my fingers in the air .. the clicking of the nails as the hit each other... ... "This is a test!>>HAHHAHHAA, only a TEST!." * As my long red pointed fingernails start to unmercifully attack your tightly curled foot... wiggling my fingers wildly up and down the middle over the wrinkles that had been formed by your curled foot... as your toes curl tightly, I can see the red colored toenails that can barely be seen through the reinforced material of the black stocking... "TEE(gasping)heeee(gasping)" you start to laugh..your head shaking side to side..."HHAHHAASSSSTOP(gasping)tee hee!!" your feet moving side to side then flexing out... "See, I told you, you would enjoy this!!! HAHAHAH" moving my fingers in rapid intervals over the curling toes, looking at your twisting body fighting against the cuffs.. "gasping" .. your hair flying across your face as you shake it back and forth... My fingers start the stop and start method.... "HAH>>HAAAA, I love watching your feet go crazy, cute". As my fingers tickle downwards then flick at the balls with the back of my fingernails!!.... Then I stop!... "Now, will you behave? ..That was only at test!! HAHAHAH" ....Thinking..TEST???OOHHHNOOO!!!!!!!

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ahhhh yes again