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01-01-2002, 08:09 PM

I get up off the table while your body still reacts not knowing that I have stopped!! * Moving your head side to side not knowing what is happening, but our feel my legs around your legs. I straddle you facing you ... As I watch you , I say "You like that! I see!!!!.....Watching your erect nipples protruding through your black lacy bra. * I can't resist, * I gasp< reaching in a pinching movement with my index and thumbs, I pinch both long erected nipples . Squeezing them gently, rubbing them ...you moan " ahhhhh, Realizing, NO! DON'T TOUCH ME !!!...... HAHAHAHAHA * but if I can't touch you I, hmmmmm , can't tickle you !!!!!! * And you know NO TICKLES a day makes the tickler a sad Tickler!! hahahahahah!!!!" * NOOO! PLEASE!!!!... Moving your head back and forth not being able to see.. Your hair moving slightly with each move, your head makes.. you lick your lips ..moving your tongue slowly over your teeth..you brace yourself for the next tickling session ... Tickling over your nipples... feeling the silk material of your black bra, * the sound of my nails scratching over your breasts...
NOW! Tell me you're aren't ticklish?!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!..... As I reach quickly into your pits... attacking the centers of your pits.. in and out my long pointed nails >>>>>HAHAHAHAHAH!! * .. gasping NO!NO!NO! NO! STOP!!!>.... your body moving side to side ..your fingers curling and uncurling almost making marks on your hands.. Your feet flexing in and out... I get off the table and walk towards the foot of the table .. "where? what? are you doing ? !! you ask !! being that you cant see. You strain to hear where i am ... I guess your wondering what is next? .. i ask.... hahahahah... Watching you cock your head trying to follow my voice.. .. HMMMMM ... Flipping your left shoe off... AHHHHHH.. sniffing ..the sweet scent of leather s released... " SOOOO .. sweet ! ... " .... YOU<? YOU??? let me go !!!" ... "but we have only began !!!..hahahah!!!

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ahhhh yes again