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Sexual refer...blah.

Previously in part three of 'Tickle tutor' (feel free to skip the re-cap)

After facing the team up torture of Mr Lucas and the Japanese tickle expert, the women called Ja-Net, the two girls, Cindy (our busty blond heroine) and Tanya (the even bustier and horny best friend of Cindy's, with a tickling fetish of her own) Tanya was taken down from her restraints, hog tied and taken back to Ja-Net's apartment to face a tickle torture much worse than anything either of the two girls had faced earlier that evening.Cindy remained back at the office with Mr Lucas who continued to torture Cindy to no end.

And now Part Four of 'Tickle Tutor' M/f and fffffffffffff/f (and thats 13 f's incase you were wondering ;) )

Tuesday 1:06am

In the last two hours Tanya had fainted twice from pure exhaustion.Unfortunatley for her, the thirteen girls now tickling her naked and restrained body worked very fast to revive her from her unconsious state.
Tanya had lost count of how many people were ticking her long ago.The gag remained in her mouth which made it impossible for her to let any good screams of laughter out.On the rare occassions that she did open her eyes she couldn't see anything except a blured black celling as her eyes were misted with tears.
The eight new girls had come in at different times through out the evening since Tanya's multiple tickle torture began at around eleven pm.
Six of the girls focused on her most tickling spot, her nipples.With three tounges to each nipple this would have been bad enough.Well for Tanya one tounge, to one nipple was bad enough.Two more girls kneeled by Tanya's sides on the bed running their fingers along her rib cage and along her sides, pretty much where ever they could reach in amongst the other naked tickling girls.
Another girl sat kneeled over Tanya's waist focusing mosty on her belly button but tickling other places where she could.
The remaining four girls focused souly on Tanya's bare and feet.Her feet were totally vuneruble from being put in smooth wooden stock, clamping her feet perfectly.With two girls to each foot, they used every tickling technique they could think of, using their long fingernails, their tounges and even their teeth occassionally.
Back at the school Cindy had passed out at about midnight, when she woke up 1/2 and hour later she found her self still tied to the desk naked, but now she was lyning on her stomch instead of her back and her feet weren't spread apart they were tied together, still secure on the desk.
Since the time she had woken up he had been running his index fingers up and down her arches non-stop for the past fourty five mintues.
Cindy's toes spread and then went back to normal, her foot scrunched up and then straightend out, her feet were beggining to get tired from all the moving about but there was nothing she could do.The only other option was having Mr Lucas secure her toes to the desk some how, which would hold her feet straight, but this would have been much worse than just tied feet.
She pondered the idea amongst her unconstorlled hysteria and mixed thoughts for several minutes and then decided against it.
"Cindy" Said Mr Lucas over the top of her squeling."I'll make you a deal" He said to her continuing to tickle her silky soles.
"YES AH HA!!" Screamed Cindy trying her best to form words "ANYTH--HA HA HA NOO STOAAAHH ANYTHING!! HA HAAH"
"Anything Cindy? You don't even know what I'm going to offer you yet." He smirked.
"PLEAAAA HA HA SEE STOOOPP AH HA HA HA" She hadn't pleaded in several hours from simply giving up hope.Now she thought there may be a tiny glimpse of hope for the torture to stop.
"I'll stop tickling your feet with my hands..." Said mr Lucas.
"I'll stop with my hands, if you let me lick your toes with my tounge." He remarked with a devilish smile, continuing the onslaught.
Cindy couldn't decide.With her clouded thoughts from the current tickling she couldn't think of the best thing to do.Her hope had been deminished but now she had to decide which one she wanted him to use.A tounge on her feet tickled her more, but there is only one tounge and he has ten fingers.Although her toes were the most ticklish part of her feet and he hadn't touched on them for a good while.
"Whats your decision Cindy? Tounge on toes or fingers or soles?" Asked Mr Lucas.
"HA HA HA NOOAAH HA HA H F-HA FINGERS!! FINGERS!! AH HA HA HA" Cindy screamed wondering if she'd made the right decision.
"Too bad" Said Mr Lucas "Its both." With that unexpected and most unwanted remark Cindy felt Mr Lucas tounge join in with the attack from his fingers.His tounge weeved inbetween her toes and darted quickly around.Cindy's only hope now was that sooner or later this horrible night had to end.But it would most probably be later.
Back at Ja-Net's apartment Tanya was unconsious once more.It was now almost 2:00am.Tanya's body lay trying to catch its breath as the sweat glisened in the light from the candles as did the moisture around her thys.Her tears had dried up but her face was soaked from the naked Japanese girl leaning over her with a bowl of water splashing it in her face, trying to bring her back to the consious for more torture.
The other twelve girls sat resting around the bed.One of the brunette girls who had been licking Tanya's feet was beggining to get restless from being so horny but not being able to tickle their victim due to the lack of a decent reaction.The girl kneeled on the floor before Tanyas limp feet, every few minutes she would reach up and give them a quick tickle with no response.Each time she got more and more annoyed.
The frustrated brunette would have tickled one of the other girls but there was always the threat of all the others ganging up on her.She had done it once a few months ago when she first started coming to Ja-Nets apartment.Her and four other girls were sitting around watching t.v in the lounge suete when she decided to tickle the girl sitting next to her.She had sat up and grabbed the girls feet and began tickling her soles.The girl squeled and pulled away, one of the other women told the other three to 'get her' and all four girls attacked her with relentless tickling.
The brunette remembered how their tickling went on and on for at least ten minutes until she foolishly ran into one of the empty bedrooms with the other four girls following close behind.The brunette jumped onto the bed, pleading for the others to stop, instead they pinned her down and used some open hand cuffs, already attached to the bed posts to lock her down.The four girls then tickled her all over naked ticklish body for a little over and hour.She had learnt her lesson.
The clock reached 2:15am and the girl with the water bowl had left to go refill.The brunette finally decided to take her chance.Although there were seven more girls currently in the room than she had ever been tickled by she knew even if they did gang up on her, as soon as Tanya woke up they'd focus their attention back to her.And with so many girls, unless they pinned her down, she was sure she could fight back and get in a few tickles of her own.
One of the other foot ticklers was sitting on the top of the stocks with her feet hanging down at the same level as the brunette's stomch.A petit Portugese girl with nicely tanned smooth skin and long black wavey hair reaching the small of her back.She sat with her head turned the other way having a conversation with a few of the other tickling girls who had been focusing on Tanya's upper body.
The brunette reached across with her left hand to grab ahold of the girls left foot.She grabbed ahold of the front or her leg just above her foot.The Portugese girl sun her head around and looked down at the brunette.The other girls in the conversation hadn't noticed as they were now talking amongst themeselves.
"Whad are yo doin'?" Asked the girl with a playful smile on her face.
The brunette quickly shot her right hand up and began dancing her fingers along the girls sole trying to hold the girl in place with the other hand.
"Nah! HEE HEE HEE" The girl squeled as she jerked her foot away.All the talking stopped, and the other 10 girls focused their attention on the Portugese girl who had fallen back onto the mattress, landing next to Tanya's left leg.
The brunette stood up and looked at the girl lying on the bed.The Portugese girl looked around and wondered if the brunette was going to continue her attack.Suddenly the brunette leaped on top of the Portugese girl and began tickling her sides.The Portugese girl squealed and giggle as she tried to fight back.
The other ten girls looked around at eachother, suddenlly paring up and begging to tickle fight eachother.Now there were six seperate tickle fights going on, on the floor and on the bed.
One girl, a small blond girl around 19 years old had been pinned down by her lusty Italian sparing partner with her feet trapped between the Italian girls legs lying with her back facing the celling.She screamed the loudest as she laughed while her soles were mercilessly raped by the Italian girls finger nails.
All the other girls couldn't care less as the only thing they focused on was making sure they weren't tickled but they got to to plenty of tickling.
This went on for several minutes.The Japanese girl with the water bowl was waiting outside the door waiting for all the laughter and other tickling associated noises to stop in fear of going in and being tickled herself.
When the clock reached 2:25am the tickle battles were still going on.The blond beauty who was pinned by the Italian was no crying from laughter and pleading at the top of her lungs for her captor to stop.The Italian girl was wiser however because she knew once she let her victim up she would be tickled aswell...besides she was having so much fun.
Slowly but surely Tanya began to wake up.She looked around, still with the gag in her mouth, and saw the specticale before her.She couldn't believe her eyes.It was like a dream come true, except she was tied down.She wanted to so bad to be untied and join in on the tickling battles going on around the room.her nipples grew hard faster than they had ever done in her life and she became wet between her thys once more.She continued to watch as the battles commenced.
The one Tanya particually enjoyed watching was the one right before her, the brunette sitting on top of the Portugese girl as they both tickled eachother senseless.Either one not stopping in danger of being dominated by the other.
Tanya wanted so bad to get free and pin someone down and lick there nipples or tickle their vuneruble body.Tanya loved to lick nipples more than anything as she'd discovered earlier on with Cindy, however having her own nipples licked was the worst thing she could think of.
Tanya occasionally had to put her head back and close her eyes when she thought someone may have seen that she was awake but she remained undiscovered the entire time.After another quater hour all the girls had finally given up apart from the Italian still tickling the blond girls feet near one of the corners of the room.
All the other girls lay flat out puffing and panting, wiping tears from their eyes.Tanya kept her eyes shut and her head limp on the pillow but concerntrated her hearing on the laughter and pleading of the blond girl who Tanya couldn't see even with her eyes open due to the bed being in the way.
The Japenese girl with the water bowl had long since given up on waiting outside the door for the tickling battles to finish and had gone to sleep in another room.
"Maria" Said one of the Japanese girls sitting next to the bed to the Italian girl still torturing the blond girls feet."How about you let Romey up now? She hasn't been here this long and isn't used to that kind of punishment."
The brunette girl still sitting on top of the Portugese girl turned her head to the Japanese girl with an slighlty angrey look on her face."What? She's only been going for about 1/2 an hour or so, I was tied and tickled for well over an hour by four other girls in my first week here.Let Maria have her fun."
The Japanese girl turned her head round and put her right arm up on the bed."Too bad." Said the Japanese girl "Its only her second day and look at her, shes crying her eyes out."
The brunette stood up off the bed and walked around to where the Japanese girl was.The other eight girls also stood up including the Portugese girl who hadn't been moved from the bed since she fell there.
Quickly, as if they'd planned it all along, four girls grabbed ahold of the Japanese girls wrists and ankels and lay her spread eagle on the ground.The brunette kneeled down inbetween the two girls who were holding her feet down as the two other girls kneeled down by the Japanese girls sides.
"How long have you been coming to Ja-Net's?" Asked the brunett.
The Japanese girl knew she was going to be tickled but still responed in hopes of stalling her captors."A little over a year."
"And in that time," Said the brunett devilishly "Whats the longest amount of time you've been tickled? and whats the most amount of people to ever tickle you?"
"T--two hours," The Japanese girl said stuttering nervously."B-by two girls...th-they tied me down...wh--while I was sleeping."
The Japanese girl had been coming to Ja-Net's the longest of any of the girls there.She was very much a dominant person and the only person who usually had the guts to tie and tickle her was Ja-Net who had'nt touched her in well over six months.
"Two hours? By two girls?" Said the brunett as she began to tease the girls left foot with her index finger."Thats not very long at all.I think we need to show you what being tickled is really all about."
And with that the five girls dug in furiously to the Japanese girls sides.The girl practically screamed bloody murder, as the only times she'd been restrained and tickled was twice by Ja-Net and the time she had mentioned before.And she knew this was now going to last well over two hours.
In the corner of the room the blond girl, Romey, continued to beg the Italian, Maria, to stop tickling her perfect creamy white feet without any signs of letting up.On the bed Tanya had fallen asleep to the sounds of the two tortured laughing girls.
Back at the school in Mr Lucas' office come tickle dungeon the clock had reached 3:00am.Cindy was catching her breath from having Mr Lucas scribble his fingers around her underarms for the past eight minutes.Mr Lucas sat on the side of the desk and continued his totrue games that he had started around twenty odd minutes ago.
"Lets see" Mr Lucas said while thinking up a new game to play."You lost the last game miserably...how about this time...if you can go for a whole minute without laughing while I tickle your feet, I'll untie you.We can play this game over and over again until you win or until I get bored."
This was it.This was Cindy's chance to finally be untied.This was the best prize he'd offered.All the previous prizes consisted of her getting tickled in one form or another.
"Yes!" Said Cindy "Play that!" Cindy was eager to play, not eager to have her feet tickled, just eager to win.But then she thought about how ticklish her feet are...and a whole minute? She couldn't last a whole minute on any other part of her body but her feet...that was impossible.
Mr Lucas walked around to the foot end of the desk and looked up the clock, raising his hands and wiggling his finger.Cindy took a deep breath and gritted her teeth."Starting nnnnOW!" Said Mr Lucas as he began riddling his fingers over Cindys soles.
Cindy was doing well.It was the hardest thing she'd ever done but she had lasted the first fifteen seconds.She saw the clock and thought she might actually make it.As long as he didn't touch her toes or use his tounge, she might actually last the whole minute.
At 41 seconds Cindy gave a quick panic and almost burst out laughing when one of Mr Lucas' fingers slid across the entire lenth of her cute little toes.
At 50 seconds Mr Lucas got a little worried as he looked at the clock.He then ceased his tickling and with 53 seconds to go he left down and licked her toes.
"NOOO!A HA HA HA HA STOP!! HA HA H Y-YAAAHA HA HA YOU CHEATEAAA HA HA HA CHEATED HA HA HA" Cindy burst out crying from the laughter she had tried so hard to keep conceled.
"Cheated?" He said as he went back to using his fingers to torture her tickled toes."I hardly think I cheated"
Tanya was still fast asleep back at the apartment.It was 4:00am now.The Japanese girl was still begging with all she could for her nine captors to stop tickling her naked body.The girls holding her down had been switching places with the ticklers and vice versa.They'd set up their own little rotation system but for the Japanese girl, the small breaks while they changed places weren't nearly enough for her to catch her breath or even stop laughing.
The Italian girl, Maria was now in a different room with her young ticklish victim.Her blond captive, Romey had passed out after forty five mintutes straight of having her bare naked feet tickled by Maria's long seductive fingernails.
When Romey had woken up ten minutes later she found herself lying on her stomch streched out over a bed in another room.Her hands were tied together by a lenth of nylon rope as were her ever so ticklish feet.
The words "Oh-no" sprang to mind as Romey saw Maria out the corner of her eye while streching her head round as far as possible kneeling on the bed before Romeys feet.Romey slummped her head back around onto the matress and instantly began to plead."Maria...please don't...not my feet...no more...lets go back to the other room and tickle someone else...pl-NO HA HA HA" With that Maria began scraping her nails along Romey's soles once more.

To be continued.

Next:Find out what happens to Cindy, Tanya, the Japanese girl and poor Romey in part five, the final to 'tickle tutor'.

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