View Full Version : Storie I invented

01-08-2002, 08:59 PM
I was with my girlfriend and my friends talking in my house, she was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers and so the girlfriends of my friends (By the way, my girlfriend is short, brown eyes and brown hair and beautiful, the other girl has red hair, brown eyes and gorgeus too, and the other girl was blond with green eyes). I tell to them "I'm going to get some sodas wanna some?", everyone said yes, I stood and told my friends to go with me, so the girls stood there alone. In the Kitchen I told the guys that I would put in their sodas some sleeping pills, and then we were going to have some fun with them, they agreed. We went to the living room and drink the sodas, the girls fell slept instantly, so we tied'em up in the sofa, in the table and in the floor, the arms above their heads, and the ankles together. They woke up and noticed they couldn't move, when they looked at us, they told us "What the hell is going on?" We said "guess", they didn't know until they saw what we had in our hands feathers, their eyes went wides, and my girlfriend told me "Don't do it you know how ticklish I am", I told her "I know", so we started to take out their shoes and their socks, and then we began, we passed the feathers really slow in their soles they giggled except the blond girl who started lauging really hard, because that was her most ticklish spot. I said "STOP" they stopped, and the said "hey what's wrong?, we were starting to have fun", the girls said "see, he's a good guy, he can't do this to me, he's a sweetheart". "Actually" I said, "I have a best idea, why don't we just tickle in their most ticklish spots?", the boys agreed with me, but the girls eyes went wider than before, so the boy with the blond girl went near her feet, the boyfriend of the red hair pulled up the T-shirt of her, and stood there, and I went with my finger walking through her body, she giggled, and stop near her smooth and sweet armpit, I said, "Ok, now here's what we're going to do, first we do the spider fingers for ten minutes, then break for 2 minutes and I tell what's next", they agreed and began, the guy with blond, started in her sole, she started to scream hard, the guy with red hair, do the ipsy bitsy spider in her girlfriend's, stomach walking to her waist, and me did the spider beginning with her hands, lowing to her elbows, to her forearms, ending in her armpits. All the girls scream really hard, and we continued, until passed the ten minutes, we stopped the girls started to breath, and were sweating, The girls said tired "I want more, I'm getting hot", we said "Ok what's the next thing?".

What do you want me to do with them?