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part 1

by lurch7
Shelia lived in the beautiful cloud covered landscapes of Heaven. With its grand pillars of light, its Roman like architecture, and flawless blue skies, its beauty had no equal. Heaven is a place where everyone lived in perfect happiness and may do anything they wished as long as they didn't hurt their fellow citizens.

One of Heaven's many privileges was that one may observe or even participate in the tortures of the damned who suffered in the underworld. But it was not the fire and brimstone of Hell with its shrill cries of immense agony from sinners burning for eternity that Shelia was interested in. No. It was the agonized screams of laughter of the eternally tickled in a special part of the underworld for women known as Tickle Hell.

Shelia, like many others, male and female, (mostly male) visited this realm of tickle torment most every day. Some looked on these whrithing, sweating, guffawing, sobbing hunks of girl-flesh with pity. Most looked on their ticklish agony with lust. But Shelia was unique, for whe looked on these women furiously wriggling under their tickle tortures with envy.

Yes, for as long as she can remember, Shelia had an unquenchable tickling fetish that she could never satisfy. As a little girl, her father used to tickle her sometimes when she sat on his lap. How she loved that. Often, she would come to him and ask to be tickled. At first, her father obliged. However, these tickling sessions were brief, too brief. Though she begged for more, her father would say; "No, sweetheart, daddy's tired." As Shelia got older, her father would agree to give her tickling sessions less frequently. To Shelia's father, this was a child's game, but to Shelia, it was a deep pleasurable experience. Shelia could remember the last time she asked her father to tickle her with some sadness. "No!" he said. "You're 14 years old. You're too old for that now." That was the last time she had ever asked her father to tickle her.

Shelia would never admit this to anyone, but sometimes, she wished whe hadn't worked so hard to be a goody-goody-two-shoes to get into Heaven. If she had known that this was how women were punished for eternity, she would have been a serial killer.

One day, Shelia and her friend, Ashley, were strolling leisurely in the violent, noisy, chaos that was Tickle Hell. All around them, women guilty of murder, having abortions (same diffierence), adultery, prostitution, disobeying their husbands, divorce, modeling, sex before marriage, enticing men to masturbate, and using contraceptives were screaming and begging for relief from the constant tickling caused by feathers, tentacles, apes, disembodied hands, and other methods of tickle torment ravaging thier bodies. The noise of billions of women being tickle tortured at once would drive the layman mad with horror, but Shelia and Ashley knew that they were immune to Tickle Hell's tortures being privileged citizens of Heaven.

Through the crowd of tickled females, one of them caught Shelia's eye. A few feet away, was a voluptuous Hispanic woman stretched from ceiling to ground in the spread-eagled position with her back to Sheia, being tickled by disembodied cat tongues licking her too ticklish body.

In her life she had been a model. Her sexy, voluptuous form appeared in many lingere catalogs and magazines. Little did she know that in God's eyes, being a model was the exact same thing a being a whore. Indeed, millions of men had paid for the catologs and magazines she appeared in with their hard earned money in their lust. And those millions of men have masturbated over the images of her lingere clad body in front of their huffing, sweating faces, This sin caused them to go blind - their coal black hands covering their God stricken eyes in agony. Now, she was paying the price for selling her body and encouraging men to sin with an eternity of tickling damnation.

Shelia concentrated on her squeals of laughter over the hundreds of others in the area:


The sight of gorgeous women being mercilessly tickled was cerainly not an uncommon sight in Tickle Hell, but what cought Shelia's attention was that this girl had the plumpest, roundest, sexiest ass she had ever seen. No wonder so many men felt compelled to masturbte over her.

Jealous of the cat tongues running their tickling tips up and down and side to side around the curves and crack of her quivering rear end, Shelia took a step toward the tickled Hispanic. Taking a big bite of her left butt cheek while her right hand squeezed the right one would be pure ecstasy.

But before she could, Ashley tugged on Shelia's sleeve, "C'mon, I want to show you something."

Shelia looked at her friend, annoyed; "After we tickle fuck this bitch, alright?" she said, pointing at the tickled Hispanic woman. "She's got the best ass I've ever seen!"

Ashley followed Shelia's finger to the Hispanic's sexy, sweating, ticklish ass. She moistened at the thought of taking a turn at licking that gorgeous hunk of flesh but quickly supressed it.

"Nah! We can do that later. What I have to show you is a thousand times better. You're going to love it."

So reluctantly, Shelia came with Ashley, stepping over numerous girls rolling around in their ticklish agony, to a door rimmed with flowers and pink petals. Not an uncommon decoration in Tickle Hell. One would get the impression that all these tickle tortures were going on in a mansion filled with giant bedrooms containing pillows and silk curtians.

A young Japanese girl was lying in front of the door squirming and screaming as disembodied hands tickled her most vulnerable spots. Since her hands were tied behind her back, her only defense was to roll around and beg for mercy in Japanese.

Ashley grabbed her matted hair and lifted her up to look at her flushed, tear-streaked face. Shelia took this opportunity to use her mental powers to look into the tickled girl's mind to see what she was being eternally tickled for. Ah, thought Shelia, sex before marriage, and using contraceptives too boot. Lots of her kind come here these days, now more than ever since Earth has lost its sexual moral compass. This one has been here for a couple of years.

Ashley then tossed the Japanese girl aside like so much garbage. The hands flew after her and continued to tickle. Ashley turned away from the howling Japanese girl in her tickled agony and said to Shelia:

"You're not going to believe this." with a grin, and opened the door and stepped inside. Shelia followed, curious.

Shelia entered a beautiflly decorated bedroom and closed the door behind her, completely shutting out the screams of laughter from the outside to be repaced by the frantic giggling in the room.

Shelia saw a tall, gorgeous, blond woman who was being tickled from behind by one of Tickle Hell's tickle apes. It had one of its many arms wrapped around her neck and was holding her left arm in the air while the rest of its twelve hands tickled and carressed her voluptuous, bikini-clad body. The poor girl was howling with laughter as her right hand was flailing wildly, desperately trying to fend off all of the tickle ape's tickling hands at once.


Shelia turned to her friend and said, "So?" a bit miffed that she was pulled away from the juiciest, most luscious piece of ass she had seen in a long time for this. This torture was nothing new after all. Girls here have been tickled by these multi-armed apes for centuries.

"Don't you recognize her?" Ashley asked incredulously. Shelia looked again. But it was difficult to recognize anyone through tears and sweat with one's hair mussed up and an agonized grimace on top of that.

"It's Sharon Peters!" Ashley said laughing.

"SHARON PETERS?!!" Shelia replied.

Sharon Peters, the leader of the cheer leading squad, the richest, most popular girl in High School, the one who made Shelia's high school years a living hell by her and her snobby clique. Ashley nodded to her friend in ecstatic glee.

Shelia returned her attention to the agonized Sharon. From what she can tell, this was Sharon's first day here. Shelia looked into Sharon's mind to see what she had done in her life that earned her permanent residence in Tickle Hell.

The first thing she saw came as no surprise: several counts of sex before marriage, most of them in high school with Hank, the captain of the football team. That alone was more than enough to earn eternal tickling damnation. The next thing Shelia saw was the couple of abortions Sharon had. One in high school and the other in college. Interesting, thought Shelia, I didn't know that. but she wasn't too suprised. Yes, this bitch certianly earned her stay here.

Sharon had died of a heart attack while strapped down and enduring a merciless tickling session by a wealthy and sadistic boyfreind. She had a mind to marry into his millions if she pretended to enjoy this hellish fetish. She died laughing and laughing and laughing.

Well, she'll be doing plenty of laughing now. Forever and ever and ever. Sharon may have escaped Earth's justice by enjoying the lienency of her degenerte society's tolerance to sexual immorality, but no woman can escape the justice of Tickle Hell.

The tickle ape was staddling Sharon now, pinning both of her arms above her head on the floor and covering her body with its tireless, tickling hands.


Shelia strolled over to Sharon and looked down on her scrunched up, tear soaked face. "Well, Sharon," Shelia said over Sharon's wails of laughter, "Not only are you a snotty bitch, but you're a baby murdering slut as well." But poor Sharon's mind was too racked with tickle torment to even hear, let alone process Shelia's words.

Ashley looked on with unparalleled lust. "God, I can't wait 'till it's my turn with her. What do you think, Shelia, sall I tickle her in the form of one of those?" she said, pointing at the tickle ape. "Or maybe I sould be an octopus, yeah."

Shelia wasn't listening, she was too absorbed in Sharon's torment. She took no pity on her, not because of any lack of compassion on her part, but instead, she was imagining what it would be like to be completely overpowered and tickled while she remained absolutely helpless, like Sharon was. God, she thought, it would be more heaven than she was living in.

After wallowing in envy, Shelia's attention focused on Sharon in a new found rage. For the upteenth time, she seethed at the selfish evil that compelled women to murder their own babies for the sake of personal convenience. Hundreds of babies were barbarically slaughtered each day on Earth and all these evil women got was an eternity of childish tickling. Her mouth filled with bile. Even while witnessing their eternal punishment, the evil of abortion that women embraced made her ashamed to be a female.

These evil bitches deserved far worse than being tickled, even if it was for eternity. Indeed, God was too kind. Shelia's mind filled with more appropriate punishments for evil wenches like Sharon such as lowering them slowly in a cauldron of their own boiling excrement, or skinning them alive with burning hot knives. But instead, they submit to eternal tickling, which Shelia could only dream about for herself.

Shelia recalled the time when one of her boyfriends in high school dumped her. This was because he had wanted to fuck her and Shelia said she would comply to his wishes on the condition that he tie her up and tickle her constantly for an hour. The look Shelia's boyfriend gave her stung her into the deep recesses of her soul. "No way. That's way to kinky for me." He said with a socked expression on his face. After that, he spread the word around school that she was a "tickle pervert. Shelia was so humiliated and angry. How she fantasized about disemboweling him in many agonizing ways but she didn't go through with it. Noooooo! She had to be a good girl becuse all good girls go to Heaven. What an idiot I am, Shelia thought. If I only killed one person, just one it would be me wirthing on the floor in ticklish ecstasy here.

"I gotta go." Shelia said moodily. Maybe she could drown her sorrows in that ticklish Hispanic girl's gorgeous ass.

"What? Wait, the best part's coming up."

Indeed, the tickle ape looked ready to perform one of its infamous combination tickle rapes on Sharon. The tickle ape carried the struggling, laughing Sharon to the large double bed and threw itself onto her. It tore off Sharon's bikini as it got its shaft ready. Then, it thrust itself into Sharon as ts fingers continued to dig into her armpits, ribs, sides, belly, and ass. Sharon's mouth was stretched open to its fullest extent to let out the screams of laughter that couldn't even come close to matching the ticklish agony crawling all over her body, but that didn't stop the tickle ape from mashing its mouth onto hers in a kiss that resembled that of a passionate lover overcome with lust.

Shelia didn't stay for their orgasm. She left the room and ventured out into the screaming, writhing mass of tickle tortured women, leaving Ashey to watch Sharon's agony with obvious lust.


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This is a tickling fiction classic:D

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Agreed :D Damn fine piece of work, lurch!

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I have always enjoyed this story. Great job! :)

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