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01-10-2002, 08:45 PM
Tickling. How I love it!!! Maybe too much! This past weekend was a particularly amazing weekend with my girlfriend….so much to report, I don’t even know where to begin. In fact, there’s so much to report, I’ve been kind of putting off beginning but if I don’t do it soon I’m may lose some of it!! I feel like I’m going to be here all night typing this up (in fact-it ended up taking me four DAYS to type it up!). In particular, there were some classic moments that are bound to please Max Speer and a few that are right up Tummyticklish’s alley. And some great foot tickling as well….so I think everyone will be pleased. One thing for sure…..I am pleased!!

A quick side thing before I begin…..I’m working a corporate office job….not my natural habitat, exactly!…..and my boss says today….”I want you to open up a Tickle File”. I blinked in disbelief…..just the word…..and coming out of my bosses mouth with that sexy Phillipino accent, my stomach did a few quick somersaults. I mean, does this word follow me around or something? “T-t-tickle file?”….turns out a tickle file is a type of file where you……oh whatever! It has nothing to do with you and me, that’s all I know!!

So my girl comes back from California (where she was for the holidays) and we got together from Friday night to Monday morning and gave each other our Christmas gifts. She made me a big giant stocking that was overflowing with gifts. One of the gifts was a set of dice with different sexy instructions on it-one dice has a verb on it, the other a part of the body. So you’d roll the dice and one might say “Rub my….” And the other one says “chest!”….or “Kiss my…” and the other might say “face”! But best of all…it says “Tickle My…” and it just might land on “Belly”, or “Legs”, etc etc. As soon as I turned it around and saw that it said “Tickle….” I just sat there gaping, while she looked at me smiling sweetly and sexily. I said, let’s try it now so she rolled it and right on the first time it landed on “Tickle My” “Arms”! So we both laughed and I said, “Ok now, pick up your arms!” Begrudgingly, she extended both her arms to either sides and I gave her a nice tickling under her arms. Maybe about 30 seconds, a minute, spidery.

Not only the dice, she gave me this little box called “Passion”, and in it comes a blindfold, a feather (really weak feather, I might add!) and a top that you can spin……with all kinds of instructions like nibble, kiss, etc and of course……TICKLE! She sure knows her boyfriend!!!

Anyhow, we go out to dinner at a really nice Mexican place, really low light, quiet, romantic, nobody else is there really, it was really cold and she was weraing a thin black, fluffy sweater. So we have a really romantic dinner, making googly eyes the whole time, and after we’ve eaten and our plates are cleared, she leans back, puts her arms high above her head and stretches…..but as she stretches, her sweater rides up exposing her belly button and naval…….I just reached over with one hand and planted a tickle right over the belly button area with all my fingers-a-wiggling and she giggled gorgeously and gently, really bringing out her prettiness …..not too loud but I’m sure the waitress heard and saw it….for some reason that made it hotter for me! She was a pretty, young latina waitress and here I was with a gorgeous girl, and tickling her tummy to boot!!! I felt like da man!! (lol!)

A side note about fluffy sweaters riding up and exposing tummys…..the week before, she was wearing a WHITE fluffy sweater, lying on her back on my bed, and again, stretched her arms up above her head and stretched. I was across the room, saw her stretch out, saw her sexy tummy get exposed, took a running leap across the room and dove onto her with my face right on her bare belly, blowing raspberries frantically driving her into total unexpected hysterics. After a longer-than-usual amount of time spent raspberry-ing, I kissed and licked and bit and stroked her , tickling her gently…..it was fabulous!

Back to this past weekend! That night, she was wearing these black tights but they had holes…one foot had the tip of one toe exposed and the other had the big gaping hole around the instep……tickle holes!!! All night long I was playing with them as we watched tv…..inserting a finger, scratching around….making her squeal a couple of times, but mostly I wasn’t trying to tickle relentlessly, just to get her foot to react a bit…..I knew when I hit a spot by how her foot moved, tensed up, curled, etc.

The next day she went for a pedicure and a manicure. When she came back, she couldn’t do anything with her hands because they were still drying. Here’s where it really gets good! She wanted me to put on her these knee high stockings ,once again black….really hot. (she’s got really long legs, and super high arches). So I’m putting the first one on, I slip it around the front of the foot, but I have to futz around and move the stocking around to get it onto her foot properly and as I’m doing this, I keep grabbing the sock, but as I’m doing that I’m really pinching her sole or under her toe……and she’s yelling at me to do it right but then giggling as I keep on “accidentally” tickling her foot. It keeps on going on and I’m slipping the sock around and saying “I can’t get it” and then pulling the sock up a little bit more and then having to return to the toe area to give a tug and a pull, thereby tickling some more and on and on and she’s giggling like crazy by now. By the second foot, she’s writhing around, reaching forward and finally I just let the ruse down and said “Ah, fuck it” and just wedged her foot in the crook of my arm and started tickling like mad. She was rolling around, with her eyes squeezed shut, saying “Oh God” over and over again and at one point, she rolled to her side, stayed there and just laughed and laughed, with this look like she was just resigned to her fate and could do nothing else but take it. It was total surrender!!!

But that’s not all!! A little later, she needed me to zip up her jacket!!! So I said, “Wait, let’s fix this here first” and start “trying to tuck in her shirt” but all the while grazing her bare tummy, causing her to flinch, back up with flirty smiles and giggles……actually a DIFFERENT kind of reaction than the foot torture I had just moments before administered! I kept this going on and on , chastising her to stand still. She stood still, with her eyes squeezed shut, anticipiating what was coming, and I started tucking and tickling, and she buckled to her knees, with laughter. Then I zipped her up.

BUT THAT’S STILL NOT ALL!!! She decides she wants to change her pants!!! Now she needs me to zip her pants!!! I mean….what is she crazy?!!!! So I’m hiking them up and then got my thumbs grazing and pressing those hip bones and that was it. She totally collapsed onto the floor, begging me to stop, laughing. I stopped, let her catch her breath and said “Come on I’ll lift you up” and put my hands RIGHT in her armpits…..total hysterics, and of course I’m still playing innocent saying “Come on! I’m trying to pull you up!!!” but she was just GONE!! And she’s still wearing her jacket….this is THROUGH the jacket! (a wintery white little thing, really bunny-ish!) So I’m pulling her up, but because of the tickling all of her weight is pulling down to the floor so I’m just trying literally to get her to her feet but because of my tight grip on her armpits, she is just in convulsions of laughter, begging me to stop.

So anyhow, all weekend long, we play with the little dice and top, smooching and nibbling, tickling too!

We also had a great wrestling match that had some great tickling and led to some really passionate sex!!

So anyhow, in a nutshell, those were some of the highlights from last weekend. This morning, she calls to tell me about the Amber Smith tickling on Howard Stern…..you gotta love that!!

01-10-2002, 10:24 PM
:yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer: :yowzer:

Dude...can I be you for a day...please??

01-10-2002, 10:51 PM
when i get a chance, i'll post part 2 of my "amazing new years eve tickling" i'll call it the first date!!!!

01-11-2002, 02:43 PM
To paraphrase Costanza:

Nontkl . . . his whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week.

01-11-2002, 03:56 PM
NONtkl my ass... ;)
Great job. Those dice have always caught my eye.

01-11-2002, 05:32 PM
Hey, thanks for the nice words! You guys crack me up! I'm seeing her tonight (in a couple of hours in fact)-first thing that happens is I'm going to get the whole skinny on the Amber Smith/Howard Stern conversation, and then.....roll the dice!!! If anything particularly memorable happens (like the above stories!), I'll be sure to let you know! I almost thought people might be getting sick of these stories so thanks for the encouragement!

Ayla ny
01-11-2002, 10:30 PM
nontkl, that was wonderful! I just love reading your posts. what a fun weekend!