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05-11-2001, 09:37 AM

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Britney’s Most Ticklish Spot
(A ticklish celebrity fantasy request)

Thursday morning on the controversial but highly-rated “Howard Stern Show”, it was a very big day because of the much anticipated appearance of the super hot pop music singing sensation Britney Spears. It was 6:00 AM and the “king of all media” was still recuperating from staying out a little later than usual on a work night with his best friend Ralph Cirella.

“Good mornin, everybubba,” joked Stern. “Britney Spears is comin’ in at 8:30 and I’ve been gettn tons of e-mail all week from these tickling guys askin me to put her in the tickle chair.”

Robin, Stern’s co-host, laughs and interjects, “Oh, those people again. We seem to have our own resident special interest group, lobbying their agenda on our female guests.”

“Yeah, the tickling community,” Stern mocked. “Forget about the tickle chair, I wanna know how that boyfriend of hers from NSYNC puts up with her not puttn out. That’s what I wanna know. Anyway, that’s at 8:30. And I know we’re all lookin forward to that.” Howard concluded, yawning and rubbing his face. “Damn, I’m so tired.”

“Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?” Robin asked.

“No. I was out partying with Ralph til about 11:30 when I shoulda had my ass in bed.”

“What did you two do?”

“Went to Scores.”

“On a school night?” Robin joked.

Howard vents an exhausted sigh and says, “I was just planning to be there for only an hour but then I got wrapped up in this conversation with Bill Maher.”

“Oh, Bill Maher was there?”

“Yeah, we were all in the V.I.P. room together. And lemme tell ya somethin about this Bill Maher. God bless him because he’s gettn some serious poontang. I mean every stripper was falling for him like it was an epidemic. And Bill ain’t no Brad Pitt. I mean, he knows that himself, but I still think I look better than him.”

“I think you do, too. I can‘t understand the Bill Maher appeal, myself.” Quivers confirmed.

“I know, but what can I say. Women seem to dig that face,“ Howard Stern said then laughed, “Oh, there was one really funny incident that happened while we were there, though. There was this one really hot stripper chick that was kinda petite and had really long, pretty brown hair, and big boobies.”


“Anyway, she was givin Bill a lap dance and he was talkin to her and kinda puttn the moves on her.”


“And at one point she was grindin against him and then she stood up and bent over and she started gettn that booty-slappin action goin, you know . So she gets right in his face with the booty-slappin, and she accidentally farted in Bill Maher’s face.”

“Oh nooo,” Robin shouted, leading the other Stern Show regulars in a chorus of laughter. “She must’ve been mortified.”

“Oh yeah. She started cryin and everything and her face turned all red. It was the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

“What did Bill and you do after THAT?”

“Well, I tried not to laugh and Bill was tryin to comfort the girl, sayin It’s okay, honey, and pulling her towards him and holding her. He seems to know all the right things to say to chicks ’cause she was really diggin him afterwards.”

“Oh, that’s hysterical.”

“Anyway, I thought I’d just share that with you. Fred’s tellin me that I need to take a break now. Just to remind everyone, Britney Spears is comin in later on today, and I’m gonna take a little breaky-poo. We’ll be back after this.”

When Howard Stern returned from his commercial break he spent the next two hours on other hilarious and interesting bits: “Stuttering” John, a Stern Show regular, went to a country music award show and bombarded celebrities with bizarre and outrageous questions. Howard played the tapes of John’s interviews and everyone was practically falling out their seats with laughter as stars got angry when he asked them Who are you? and What do you do that makes you famous?, Howard Stern and producer Gary (a.k.a. Bababooey) got into a long argument about Gary’s mistakes on the show which resulted in Howard going into a soliloquy about Bababooey’s big teeth and lips, and even recurring Stern Show guest, Jessica Hahn, called in to drag another monologue of forced compliments out of him.

Well, the bottom of the 8:00 clock hour had finally arrived, and that cute little icon of “bubble gum” music, Britney Spears, was in the green room, anxiously awaiting her segment on “The Howard Stern Show“. Mike Gange, another Stern regular of Howard’s “E” television show, did the usual pre-interview. The young pop star looked absolutely breath-taking. She sat on the on the soft pleather sofa, bobbing her leg up and down. Britney wore a bright pink, halter-top with tight, pink hot pants, and cute little white sandals that beautifully displayed her nicely pedicured, painted toenails.

“So are you nervous?” Gange asked.

“I’m REALLY nervous. I hope he’s nice to me,” Britney replied in her cute little “good girl” persona.

“He will be. He likes you.”

“Well, that’s good. I know he likes to talk about relationships and gets really personal. But I won’t talk about anything that I don’t want to talk about,” Britney affirmed, blushing and giggling and looking around at her accompanying friends for support.

“I like your outfit. It’s really cute.”

“Awww, thank you. I knew Howard would probably want to see my toenails, so I go them painted.”

“Yeah, I like them. They look pretty. “


“It was good meeting you, Britney. I think it’s gonna be a great show.”

“Nice meeting you, too.”

Moments later, Fred Norris, Howard Stern’s right-hand man and king of sound effects started playing Britney Spears’ hit record, Baby, One More Time, as it was time for the pop star to enter the studio.

Howard introduced her by saying, “Britney Spears is probably the most popular of the girl singers, I think. She’s gotta be more popular than Christina Aguilera.”

“Oh, yes. Definitely.” Robin ratified.

Britney enters the studio all smiles and looking a little shy.

“Hey, there she is. Wow! You’re hot! I’d do you in a heartbeat! I can say that, right? You’re over eighteen?”

Britney blushed and sat down in the guest’s chair while K.C. fixed her up with her headphones. “You’re too much, Howard”

“Now is it or is it not true that you were caught on tape using foul language backstage at one your concerts?”

“Wow! Howard! You’re like interrogating me, already, and barely I sat down,”

the singer rebuked, with a nervous giggle.

“That’s my style. I’m a great interviewer. Now is it true that you got pissed off and started swearing when you didn’t know you were on mike? Doesn’t that ruin your wholesome girl next door image?”

“Those were all rumors, that wasn’t me.”

“Really? It sounded like it coulda been you.”

“No. I’m nice to people.”

“Now you claim to still be a virgin. Is that NOT true?”

“Oh, nooo,” Britney protested, burying her face in her hands.

“Is it or is that NOT true? Wouldn’t that be too hard for your boyfriend, Justin Timberlake from NSYNC, to deal with? I mean, a man’s gotta have sex.”

Britney rolled her eyes and grinned with embarrassment. Shaking her finger at Howard Stern she replied, “I am not answering those kinds of questions.”

“Britney, I have gotten tons, and I mean tons of e-mail from guys who are in to tickling and they keep begging me to ask you if I can tickle your feet.”

When Britney Spears heard that, she got even more nervous. Indeed Britney was EXTREMELY TICKLISH on her bare feet. In fact they were Britney’s most ticklish spot. A chill ran up her spin and she curled her pretty little toes locked in the cutest way.

“Oh my god, nooo! I am like very very ticklish on my feet. That’ll be torture for me.”

“Really? You’re ticklish?” Stern probed, with enthusiasm.


“Get in the tickle chair.” Robin added.

“I don’t think I can take it.” Britney whined.

“Come on, we’ll make a game out of it. I’ll just ask a bunch of stupid questions and if you get em right you won’t get tickled. What’s the big deal?”

Britney groaned, “Okay, but don’t get carried away. I’ll let you have your fun.”

Everyone cheered and Britney Spears hesitantly got up and walked over to where K.C., Benji, Gary, and “Stuttering John” were setting up the dreaded tickle chair. John exploded with that manical, evil laugh of his when Britney Spears begrudgingly placed her recoiling but sexy hourglass form in the seat of the new wooden lounge chair. K.C. and Benji were quick to fasten Britney’s ankles to the tickle chair and remove her white sandals. Now her perfectly pedicured bare feet were vulnerable and Howard Stern noticed how pretty her wrinkled soles were.

“Hey, you’ve got nice feet.”

“Awww, you’re a sweetheart.”

“She’s got little decals of Justin Timberlake painted on her toenails, Robin.”

“Oh, that’s cute.” Robin replied.

The pop music singing sensation was cringing and blushing just with Howard positioned at her hopelessly ticklish bare feet. She began to squirm a little in the tickle chair and her feet wiggled and scrunched every so often, in anticipation.

“Now I am going to begin asking you questions, and if you get them wrong...”

“You’re gonna get tickled,” Robin said, finishing Howard’s thought.

“How many Senators does each state have in congress?” Howard asked.

“Uh, two?”


“Oh, thank god,” Britney exhaled, relieved her ticklish feet would be spared for the moment.

“Now what is the square root of 81?”

“Uh, a thousand?”

’WRONG!” Stern declared, then suddenly attacked Britney Spears helplessly exposed bare feet, scratching his fingernails rapidly along her soles.

Britney Spears went berserk!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Britney screamed, burying her face in her hands and shaking vehemently from head to toe.

Howard Stern and his crew were excited with the teen idol’s reaction.

“Oh! She’s extremely ticklish,” Robin asserted.



“I got one, Howard,” interjected Bababooey. “Britney, what is the capitol of the state of New York?”

Britney hesitated and cringed, grinning from ear to ear. “It’s New York City, right?”

“NO!” Howard shouted.


“Look at her, she’s all red,” Bababooey noticed.

“Oh, that tickles so much. What IS the capitol of New York if it‘s not New York City?”

“Albany,” said Robin.

“You shoulda known what the capitol of New York was. Hey, K.C., let’s both tickle her feet,” said Howard.

“Oh, noooo!”

“Now you’re reeeally gonna get tickled. And by two guys,” warned Howard as he and regular crewmember K.C. Armstrong scratched their fingernails along Britney Spears’ most ticklish spot.




All of a sudden Howard Stern and K.C. desisted there tickling assault when they noticed that Britney Spears had lost control of her bodily functions.


“Are you serious?” Robin asked.


“I don’t belive this. This has been a day of girls having accidents,” said Robin.


Well, Britney Spears was pretty embarrassed, but later forgave Howard and gave him a hug. She figured it wouldn’t damage her career knowing the environ-ment she was in. And when Howard Stern got back on the air he explained it all to his audience and joked about it. On the way out of the K-ROCK studio, Gange was able to catch the pop music star for a post-interview:

“So are you mad at Howard?”

“No, we patched things up. I just a little embarrassed, you know. I just can’t be tickled too much on my feet. I’ll lose control of my body.”

“Will you ever come back?”

“Sure, but I won’t be getting in the tickle chair ever ever again...Bye!” Britney Spears concluded with a smile, then left with her entourage and went on with the rest of her day.