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01-13-2002, 11:46 AM
Well folks I said I'd report back on my adventures at the Jan 12th Foot-fetish party.........here I am..... ready to report!

The party started at 5pm, Giantfan (me) was one of the early arrivals. The party was held in the Hellfire Club in NYC. This is an S&M club. It also looks like a basement in a frat I frequented in my college days. Well for the first 45 minutes not much happened. I did get to view several of the girls who would be working the party and was quite pleased. The concept of the party is a gogo bar setup. Instead of lap dances you get foot sessions. Instead of 5 minutes you get "10" minutes. Well around 6pm things started to pick up several of the women started working the room and there was foot stuff going on all over the place. I will tread lightly on the foot only stuff since this is a tickling forum..........however........if you like feet........YOU GOTTA GO TO ONE OF THESE PARTIES!

My first venture was with a cute brunette or redhead (hey it was dark) who really didn't look like she was working, since most of the girls dressed in something provocative, and she was dressed pretty normally. I started talking and found her to be nice so I asked for a session. I explained that I liked tickling and she said she LOVED to be tickled. Well I was set! She had great feet, long toes and soft soles. Well most of you know my deal isn't true tickle torture. I like the soft sensual tickling. This lady loved that style too. I took my fingers and ran them up her soles and was treated to wonderful twitches and giggles. I was a happy guy :D We spent the time talking about tickling....yes tickling. Here's the big suprise folks...........this girl is one of US! She's a memeber of the TMF! I was floored and excited. I was tickling someone into what I was into! Now don't ask me who she is because I don't remember her name on the board. She did tell me but I've forgotten.....my memory sucks. And I wouldn't tell anyway. If she wants to tell, that will be up to her......sorry. I had 2 sessions with her and I think maybe because of initial nerves and the fact that we had a great time talking my tickling technique didn't work that well. She is without a doubt ticklish but I think I was distracted. BTW......really nice feet! Really nice!

Well after my first foray out into the party I was psyched to do more. The total number of girls working reached about 20. The number of party goers (both men and a few ladies) was in the 60-70 range from my estimates. Our TMF buddy came with a friend. A real attractive brunette with great hair and small feet. She was my next session. She told me she was an actress and she has the looks for it. She also mentioned she was ticklish but almost lead me to believe not very. Well I found that to be different. She was very ticklish. When I ran my tongue (its a foot party people) under her toes she moved. When I ran my teeth along her toe pads she giggled. She was alot of fun.....but many more to visit with. My next attraction was a girl (and she was 21 I found out later) was a sweet girl-next door type who looked a bit like Heather Graham. I had noticed her a bit earlier. She was on a couch in a side room getting quite the tickling workout. Some little guy was really and I mean really ticking her feet. She was obviously ticklish and therefore on my dance card. I asked her for a session and explained that i wanted to tickle her......if you could have seen her face! I explained that I wasn't planning on tickle torture.....so she relaxed. I call this sweetie tickle girl.......because she was very ticklish. She had beatiful soft ticklish feet. A bit wider than the other girls I had met with to that point, so much to tickle. I did 3 sessions with the tickle girl........thats how much fun I was having. Any touch to her feet elicited giggles and twitches. She really does look like Heather Graham and her voice reminded me of Drew Barryemore. Her right foot seemed to be much more sensitive too. Something I noticed on all the girls.....one foot was always more ticklish than the other.

Well......then the Tickle Girl put me totally in the party move. I was having a blast. Let me say I completely got my moneies worth too. In gogo bars you can sometimes get ripped off on time. Not here....not at all. I can honestly say not one girl cut me short....in fact most were generous with time. The guy running the show is a good guy too. When I got there he greated me and was always making sure the party goers were having fun. He also from what I could tell, was making sure the girls were ok too! He did a great job.

Well there were a few other girls, all ticklish and all sweet, but I want to get to my top 2. This might seem strange to some but one of the girls here was not ticklish on her feet. Her name was Mistress Dior. She is a professional mistress working in Manhattan, www.MistressDior.com She is a tall German blonde with a pair of the most gorgeous feet I've ever seen. She loved when I tickled her feet. She said it felt good but she didn't laugh. I must tell you that my foot fetish is probably stronger than my love for tickling so this woman just overwhelmed that side of me. She was just great. In talking with her I found that she loves to tickle people. Many of her sessions deal with tickling and she showed me the fingernails that do the deed. My suggestion for any ticklee out there......check out her site. I don't think you'll be disappointed. And if you like feet! Just outstanding.

Finally I come to Ava. I had been tipped off that one of the more ticklish girls at the party was to be Ava Monroe. She is a tall blonde who's only 19 or 20. Believe me she looks it. I spent most of the party trying to get a session with her......and at 8:45 I still hadn't done it yet. Finally with only 3 sessions left in my pocket I bumped into her. I told her of my tickling request and she....a bit apprehensively....said LETS GO! I spent my final 30 minutes.....a bit more I think in the end, with Ava! I tell you people if I had met her early in the party I would have only been reporting on our 2 hour session! Ava was so ticklish! She has fantastic feet......and the best toes! I spent the first 10 minutes looking for the most ticklish spot on her feet. When I nibbled on her toes.......any toe......she giggled and twitched. I hit pay dirt.....and I love toes. I spent the next 20 or so minutes moving between nibbling on those cute toes to tickling her soft soles and back and forth. By the end of the session she had become "MORE" ticklish! I was in foot tickling heaven. Even better for you TMF'ers during my session with Ava we kept hearing screaming from a booth to our left. I mean real screaming. Well I found out later a very cute oriental girl named Melody was in a foot tickle torture session. I mean real tickle torture. I hadn't heard screaming from tickling in quite awhile.....this couple was really giving it to her. While not the primary focus of the party......it was encouraging to note that tickling was out there and out there in full force. It made Ava a bit nervous because she was so close and I was tickling her. She would have melted under that type of tickling. Ava mentioned she was thinking of putting a tickle session on her web site www.avamonroe.com I told her that would be great. I also suggested a tickle video...since she told me shes done bondage type vids. She would be great in a tickle vid.........just great.

Well my final report is........FANTASTIC! This party was so much fun. If you like tickling you won't be disappointed, not by a long shot. Believe me at a bondage club in NYC....you'll spend more than $200 for a tickle session. At this party you can get an hour for $120. Just for that fact its worth it. The only thing is that the session are in open booths ( a feature of the club, not the party coordinator )....so people do watch. Also, Mistress Mia being the exception, bondage clubs can be hit or miss as far as looks........not this party. The girls were all beautiful and in all types. The atmosphere was great I do have to say the Hellfire staff was very nice and the party coordinator is a great guy. This party is planned for once a month. The next is scheduled for Feb 23rd. It will be difficult for me to do this monthly but every other month or quartely.....Im there! Can ya tell I had fun.

Finally to the TMF'er I met. I had alot of fun with you, but I feel my technique was off. I'd really like to speak again. If you read this you can contact me at gfan@att.net I'd love to talk. You were a blast........and you have great feet :D

01-13-2002, 12:02 PM
Holy crap...

(fell off my chair....)


01-13-2002, 01:32 PM
February 23, huh?

I'd better start doing extra finger exercises now to get ready.

01-13-2002, 01:39 PM
I am speechless.....I guess that's all I have to say right now!

01-13-2002, 02:27 PM
This is Awesome!!! :cool:

01-13-2002, 07:08 PM
Hey nontkl,

I expected to see you or hear that you were at the party dude! Hey we should plan on doing one! Im looking at March party! Thanks for the review of my review!!!!


Slappy McGee
01-14-2002, 12:47 AM
this sounds absolutely awesome!!! thanks for the detailed report....

might just have to take as pilgrimage there some time

01-19-2002, 06:18 AM
in reply to yer post, i must say i had mixed feelings.....
1) wow. am sohappy 4 u. my god, you must have felt on top of the earth, man!!!!!
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! damn this country of mine for not having fetish parties!!!!!! (sob)
i....im ok now.....

01-19-2002, 11:19 AM
Hey Aussie,

What you need to do is schedule a trip to NYC! You won't regret it.....yeah and BTW....schedule it for when a party is gonna happen. Second thing you need to do is contact the guy who runs this thing and find out how he's doing it...........and then start your own party in Austraila. Your country has some of the most beautiful woman in the world........you need to capitalize on that. Except for........well except for Ava!!!! and Dior!!!! :devil:


02-23-2002, 03:23 PM
I was browsing some old threads, and I swear I just found this again today. I know time is short, but anybody plan on going? I think I will. If so, I will post a review.


Thanks for the info Giantfan.

02-23-2002, 11:13 PM
I went and posted about it in the Tickling Discussion Forum


Thanks again, Giantfan! When's the next one?

05-18-2019, 07:52 AM
I know this one was from way long ago ... but I loved re-reading it...... I wish I could go to one of these.....

05-19-2019, 04:44 PM
I know this one was from way long ago ... but I loved re-reading it...... I wish I could go to one of these.....

They still have parties like these in NYC, every month. In fact, there's at least two of those types of parties that I know of. I've never gone (still!) but I know others have. Take a vacay to the Big Apple, bro, tickle some of them New York girls! God knows they deserve it! ;)