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This story contains sex

Elle Mac Pearson was exhausted, her body was awfully relentlessly tickle-tortured literally from head to toe, her muscles were aching….so much laughing so much begging, crying…..she never felt such humiliation, her body was tortured and raped by Heidi Klum…that German Bitch.

After a couple of hours Elle pretended to be exited and in love with her cruel tormentor:

-“Yes Heidi PLEASE don’t stop!!! Tickle me tickle my sensitive soles!!! YEEEESSSS!!! FUCKK MEEEE OHHHHH I LOOOOOVEEE IT I LOOOOVEE YOUUUUUU!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Surprised and delighted Heidi continued for a couple of minutes, finally her admired Elle Mc Pearson was her lover …….she asked:-“ Would you like to tie me and tickle me? I d love to be in your hands, at your mercy…tickling me fucking me…PLEASE”

-“ Really? I d love to” answered Elle pretending to be excited

Quickly a very excited Heidi Klum untied her prisoner and gave her a long sweet kiss. Elle, still pretending to be in love with her torturer touched her erected nipples.

-“ OK Elle I want you to tie me downstairs, on the X frame Follow me!!”

When she finally tied the incredibly sexy German supermodel on the X frame Elle could not resist the temptation to stare delighted the exposed body, long, slim and very fit with full breasts strong legs tantalizing large feet and a very very wet exposed pussy.

-“ Start Now Elle!!! Begin with the tickling !! Please OHHH IM SOOOO Excited!!”

-“ Did you enjoyed tickling me Heidi?” said Elle after making a phone call


-“And raping me?”

-“ Oh you are so beautiful I LOVED TO LICK YOU my dear”

-“I know Heidi that if I tickle you, its going to be a pleasure for you, not a torture because you will really enjoy it….. Don’t You?”

-“ Yes Elle TICKLE ME NOW!!!!!”

-“Don’t worry you ll be tickle tortured….soon but in order to make it a real torture I ll only be an observer…the torturer will be someone you hate…..so you will not enjoy it THEN ITS GOING TO BE TORTURE!!!” said the Australian model.

When Heidi Klum understood her new situation she begged:-“ But Elle I thought you liked it!! Please don’t do this to me!!! I………” but her pleas were interrupted by the presence of Laetitia Casta.

-“ OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ELLEEEEEE!!! I cant believe Heidi Klum is ALLLLL MINE!!!!!!!!” said the beautiful French Goddess.

-“ Yes Laetitia, she is all yours, her whole body is utterly ticklish and she behaved as a real sadist…she tickle tortured me against my will, she tortured me until I pee so…show no mercy TORTURE THE BITCH !!!!”

Laetitia Casta is probably the most sexy supermodel, with a perfect voluptuous body a naughty girl look and lustful from head to toe she made a strip tease exposing her huge breasts and fabulous sinuous curves.

-“ Hi Heidi……..are you ready for torture?????????” said the newcomer to the helpless prisoner and added “ I ll explore your whole body I ll profane and abuse every hole in your magnificent body….and when I finish you ll be my slave, you ll lick my soles…..YOULL SEEE!!!”

-“ Never you dwarf bitch!!!!” answered a stubborn angry and frightened Heidi Klum.

Laetitia climbed over the naked body and facing the helpless armpits began to wave her long cruel fingernails very close to Heidi s smooth hairless armpits, the teasing went on for about five minutes:-“ Kooootcheee kooootccheeeee!!! I am coooooomiiiing!!!!! Tickle tiiiiiiiiiiickleeeee!!”

When finally the fingernails made contact with the sweet underarms Heidi screamed desperate:-“NNNONONONNONONOONOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHA!!!”

Delighted with the reaction Laetitia continued the treatment. She used her nails but also the tips of her skilled fingers to tickle torture the incredible upper body….she tortured and tortured while Elle Mc Pearson watched delighted and excited how her former tormentor was enduring the terrible ordeal.

The sexy tummy was the next target, Laetitia used her gifted tongue to explore the fantastically ticklish navel –“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MERCYYYYY NOOOOO!!!!!” screamed the victim in despair.

While tickling the perfect body Laetitia came to a great orgasm:-“MMMMMM HEIDI YOU TASTE GREAT!!!!!!OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!”

-“ THE TITS !!!GO FOR HER BREASTS!!!! Yelled Elle while masturbating herself.

-“ NOOO YOU BITCH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” answered Heidi claiming for mercy.

But Laetitia went where the incredible breasts, she tickled she licked she sucked the nipples, she rubbed her own perfect breast to her prisoner s coming again and again orgasm after orgasm delighted with Heidi s screams and hysterical laughs.


After half an hour of upper body tickling the torturer said:-“ I ll come back again …….to tickle your breasts to lick your tummy and ribcage and armpits…but now ITS TOOTSIE TIME!!!!!!!!!!”


But the French torturer s cruel fingernails traveled from the round heel to the long perfect toes very very slowly delighted :-“ You re soles are soooo smooth and sooo looooooongg MMMMMMMMMMM” and licked and sucked the sensitive toes”

The arches were specially ticklish and the torture went for twenty long minutes.


Laetitia stood over the helpless body and pressed her bare slightly dirty soles against Heidi who licked them producing screams of pleasure on her tormentor….then the French rubbed her breasts and Heidi sucked……….. then her wet pussy and Heidi licked making her torturer come again and again……

-“ Try the balls of her feet!!” requested Elle.

-“ NOOOO!!!!!!! PLEASE ELLE FORGIVE ME PLEASE!!!!!” “ At least tickle me yourself so I can get excited and enjoy this ordeal.!!!”

-“ OK” said Elle and went where the exposed soles. She tickled and tickled and tickled exploring every inch of her victims creamy ticklish soles….even the ankles and tops of Heidi s feet were tickled……then her sensitive knees and calves and thighs……….

Now Heidi was enjoying…although the French bitch was again working on her breasts and ribcage, the torture was more pleasant as Elle worked on her now wet lips and pussy.

After half an hour Elle said:-“ OK girls Im leaving!!!!”and said to Laetitia:- “She is all yours!!!!”

“ Please Elle don’t let me alone with her PLEEEEEEEEEASSEEE!!!!!” but was interrupted when Laetitia sat between her legs and delighted began to lick her exposed sex…….

When she thought it was over she watched how the sadist brought a large cup full with ice cubes and she screamed when she felt the incredible torment of the frozen cubes melting over her sensitive tummy.

-“ I read about this tickling torture on the TMF” said Laetitia delighted with the effect.:-“ A couple of members: Icecube and Adventuregirl suggested this technique”

In fact the contact of the ice against her erected nipples and muscular tummy was utterly unbearable……..then the ribcage…the armpits…then the legs…the feet and the pussy suffered from the torment. In order to get better results Laetitia used a hairdryer to dry and warm the freezing skin…….tickling… freezing and heating….tickling freezing and heating …….it went on and on for a full hour.

-“FOR GODS SAKE LAETITIA HAVE MERCY:::I CANT STAND IT NO MORE PLEEEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!” screamed the German but it was useless, Laetitia was delighted in her role. She worked carefully tickling every inch of the creamy sensitive soles when the victims tickling sensation started to fade, she went to the incredible upper body, her gifted hands and mouth explored the tummy, the sexy armpits, the perfect breast.

Every time she felt the horrible tickling and freezing sensation of the ice cubes melting in her upper body Heidi thought she would faint. Finally a happy Laetitia said: -“ OK Heidi I am leaving now but you know, you are so beautiful that I called and admirer of yours, he ll be here in about 10 minutes, BYE BYE” and kissed her in the mouth.

-“ What are you talking about ????? LET ME OUT PLEEEEEEEEEEESE”.

When Giant fan entered the room and saw the magnificent helpless body of Heidi Klum he stared at every inch of her naked body, the sexy sweat all over her tanned skin, the tantalizing large soft soles……………. “yes, paradise exisit” he thought and closed the chamber door.

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Deigo you are the man! I'm in the story!!!!!!!! How cool is that! My ulitmate fantasy too! Thanks so much........ what a great thing to do! Thank you again! If only a bit of fantasy could be reality :devil:


01-19-2002, 01:15 PM
;) Hey Diego, where is this chamber with Heidi inside; I want to be next in the queue after Giantfan! I have plenty of ice cubes in the fridge ready to use on her body! If it is a torture chamber I hope there is a working Rack inside so I can stretch Heidi out for a long session of tickle torture... What a thought!!!

01-19-2002, 03:29 PM
A Fine Tale! :cool:

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Thanks for your comments