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01-18-2002, 06:30 PM
Queen of the Ring – last 4
One week after Feathertime #2, Queen of the ring hosted it’s Final,
This was to find out who really is the pop-star queen of the ring.
Commentator: “Hi I’m Rebecca Johnson, and here tonight we have the final of this on-going tournament”.

The first finalist made her way to the ring, Sophie Ellis-Bextor walked down the aisle, Sophie was wearing a black dress with open-toe high-heeled shoes,
Next came Nelly Futardo as she pranced down to the ring,
She was wearing a red top with tracksuit legging’s and white trainers,
Dannii Minogue walked down to the ring in her very short dark blue dress,
She also had long sheer black stockings on, which had red and yellow stripes along the top, and she wore black boots,
And then came the crowd’s favorite, Rachel was a little worn out from last week, but the bookies still had her down as the hot favorite to win.

The aim of this match was to eliminate all opponents by pin or submission, the match started and the four girl’s walked around the ring looking at each other, Sophie charged Nelly Futardo as Rachel locked grip with Dannii,
Nelly managed to flick one of Sophie’s shoes off, she hadn’t got time to tickle her foot because Sophie had unlaced both of Nelly’s trainers,
Nelly looked worried and scrambled from Sophie’s grip.

Dannii had got Rachel held down as she started to pull on her boots,
Nelly had got out of the ring so Sophie decided to help Dannii, she helped pull off Rachel’s boots and the two girl’s both tickled on Rachel’s socked feet,
Nelly seized her chance and joined in as well, she locked Rachel’s arms in between her legs and tickled her armpits,
Rachel was already red in the face as she was being tickle tortured,
But Dannii changed plan and again charged at Nelly Futardo,
Nelly was grounded by the power and again tried to scramble free, but this time Dannii had sat on her leg’s, Nelly (who was now on her stomach) tried hard to get free but she couldn’t move her leg’s,
Dannii grabbed a leg and slowly untied Nelly’s laces (again)
Nelly kicked out her other leg hoping that Dannii would stop, but Dannii took off her trainer and then started to pull her purple sock off,
Nelly screamed for help and again tried to wiggle her way from under Dannii,

Meanwhile Rachel had broke Sophie’s hold and got her in the corner,
Rachel tickled on Sophie’s ribs until she fell down into the corner,
Then she tangled Sophie’s hands in top and second ropes, and she tickled her armpits frantically, AHHHHHA HAHA HEE HEE HOO AHHH HAAHHA NOOO STOP IT HHA HA HEE HEE
Sophie kicked out wildly and her other shoe flew across the ring,
The shoe landed by Nelly Futardo who was hyperventilating in laughter,
Nelly looked to see where the referee was, she noticed he was trying to untangle Sophie, So she grabbed the shoe by the heel and swung round and hit Dannii in the back of the head,
Dannii fell over holding her head as Nelly threw the shoe into the crowd,
Nelly pulled Dannii to the outside, then she picked her up slamming her to the floor,
Nelly grabbed a toothbrush from her pocket, and tickled Dannii under her arms for a few minutes,
Back in the ring the referee had stopped Rachel and untangled Sophie, but things looked bad for Sophie as she began to stumble to her feet again, Rachel ran off the ropes and used a face crusher move to take Sophie down,
Sophie lay on the mat holding her head as Rachel locked her into a figure four type of hold, then she tickled hard on Sophie’s bare feet, she used all of her finger to dig into Sophie’s soles, Sophie tried to scrunch up her toes but it was no use.
Rachel started to laugh as she saw the look on Sophie’s red face, she managed to hold on for about 30 seconds but had to give up, Rachel had got a great hold and wasn’t gonna stop, Sophie banged on the mat as the referee rang the bell,
Rachel had picked up a victory tally but there were still 2 women to beat.

By now Nelly had got Dannii in tears as she started to lick on Dannii’s perfect feet,
Dannii started to tap but it did not count as she was outside the ring,
The referee had already started a count, but Rachel stopped the count as she got out of the ring as well,
Nelly attacked Rachel and slammed her into the steel steps, Nelly got back into the ring and put her trainer back on,
The referee had got too 5 and carried on the count, 6…………….7……………8…………
Dannii got up and back into the ring,
Rachel just about made it, Nelly started to kick at both of the girls,
Sophie (who had not quite gone back to the changing rooms) charged back down the aisle and jumped into the ring, she attacked Nelly from behind and gave a series of kick’s to the stomach,
The referee could not do anything, he couldn’t disqualify Rachel and Dannii because of Sophie, so he tried to stop Sophie and get her out of the ring,
But Sophie didn’t care as she threw a kick into the referee’s stomach, then she grabbed his head and put him into the pedigree (slamming his head to the mat).
Rachel had got up and started to tickle Dannii’s feet,
Sophie had started to tie Nelly’s hands up and then she took of both of her Trainers,
Nelly screamed as Sophie tickled both of her socked feet,
Rachel stopped her torment on Dannii and turned her attentions too Nelly as Sophie got out of the ring, Rachel picked up some more rope and tied Nelly’s ankle’s together,
Then she peeled off one of her socks, sat down and started to suck on her toes,
Nelly screamed and screamed as she burst into tears, it seemed obvious Nelly really hated that, and because she was tied up she couldn’t do anything about it,

The referee had woken up and saw Rachel had used rope to tie Nelly up and he called for the bell, the referee had disqualified Rachel for illegal equipment,
Rachel got up and pleaded to him that Sophie had tied her up, but he didn’t believe her and sent her away.
Rachel was furious as she walked back up the ramp,
Dannii had now got up and the referee had un-tied Nelly, (who was still sobbing)
Dannii stumbled over almost as if she was drunk, (she had simply had too much tickling from Rachel)
Nelly picked up her sock and she shoved it into Dannii’s mouth,
The referee couldn’t disqualify he because it was part of her clothing, so Nelly grabbed hold of Dannii’s feet and started to un-zip her boot’s one by one,
Nelly then said “looks like no one has tested you on your feet yet have they?”
Dannii let out a muffled scream as Nelly pulled off both boots and rubbed her hands in delight, she slowly stroked her stocking covered feet, the black nylon sending terrible sensation’s across Dannii’s feet,
But Dannii could not laugh, only muffled noises came from her mouth, as the tears ran down her cheeks she pulled the sock out of her mouth and giggled intensely,
Dannii tried to get free but was becoming weaker as she laughed harder and harder,
Nelly put one of Dannii’s feet between her legs and carried on tickling, and with her other hand she ripped open the stocking on Dannii’s other foot,
Dannii managed to grab Nelly’s socked foot and started to tickle her foot,
But she was in hysterical laughter and couldn’t keep up any kind of speed to trouble Nelly,
Dannii was now exhausted and her laughter turned to quiet giggles,
Nelly could see that no matter how much she tickled her Dannii did not look like quitting,
So she stopped and hooked her leg for the pin. 1……….2………3
It was all over and Nelly Futardo had won the match, she was the Queen of the Ring.

Nelly and Dannii had now both made it to Frantic, they would be in a 3 way match against the hardcore champion Angelina Jolie.

RJ: “Well that’s it for now, be sure to tune in for the next big Pay-per-view FRANTIC”.

** Queen of the Ring – Tickle Torture Federation. ** (TTF005)

01-19-2002, 12:00 AM
man, this story is so cool!!!! i love reading about the TTF. keep up the great work man. maybe one day we can combine the TTF and WOW for one big extravangnza event. i cant wait for your next installment!!!

01-19-2002, 10:53 AM
yeah sure
thats sounds good,
my next story will be TTF - Frantic,
and then i am already working on TTF - Royal Rumble,