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Wally West
09-05-2006, 07:08 PM
This is not my story. I found it on some random site. Sorry to the author.

Also, is anyone willing to write more stories with Superheroes getting their bare feet tickled? I would write them but I'm not a great writer as you can see.

Batman's Ticklish Frenzy
In the secret Bat cave Batman and his companion Boy Wonder had just been signaled by the Gotham police meaning that another villan was out to no good. " Mr. Wayne will you be eating dinner tonight "? asked Batman's butler Alfred. Batman turned around from the signal and shook his head

" Things are getting worse and worse these days old friend, I wish I could solve all the world problems but one man can't solve them all ". Robin stood up and ran to the special motor cycle in which Bruce built for him.

" We better get going Bruce if we wanna catch these mysterious criminals robbing the Gotham Bank ", shouted Robin. Batman looked over at Robin and quickly began to change into the super hero Batman. Batman then jumped into his natorious Batmobile and flew through the cave tunnel out to the secret entrance he had used for many years to escape from society.

" Good luck Master Bruce " Alfred then walked back to do his usual work. When all of a sudden a message came up on the bat monitor " This message is a fake please ignore the message". Alfred gasped this mission was a set up to capture Batman and Robin and there was nothing he could do. He quickly called the police hoping they could stop Batman from the hell that lied ahead.

Batman and Robin quickly ran into the large bank not expecting nearly what was waiting behind the door. Batman and Robin looked around the dark building with there flashlights. " Robin stay close behind me god knows whats hiding here". Suddenly the lights flashed on throughout the whole building and hundreds of robotic clown figures attacked the two suprised superheros.

Batman and Robin at first fought strong and nearly destroyed the whole army with there massive kicks and acrobatic skills. More and more robots came and every time a new set came they were even stronger then the first. Finally Batman collapsed after pushing Robin out of the bank window.

" Go Robin leave me !" Robin stood in disbelief but ran quickly when gun fire rang out at him. Batman was tied up in every way by each robotic clown. He struggled as much as he could but it was impossible to escape the metalic ropes. Batman was definitly in trouble and knew that he was the only man who controlled the identity of Batman and the whereabouts of the bat cave. The clowns picked up the helpless body and carried him off through the deserted streets of Gotham City.

When Batman awoke he found himself tied to along chair. His arms and legs were imobilized and he found it odd that his batboots were taken off his large socked feet. "AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA hi ya Batty boy" the king of crime walked slowly to the imobilized superhero.

" What do you want Joker " Joker walked around in a small circle and went to the small table in the corner of the room. " Well Batman i've always dreamed of having you at my mercy , and now it's come true," Batman tried with all his might to escape but it was no use. " I need a few questions answered and it can go the easy way or the hard way, which way do you want it ?" Batman shook when he thought about his prediciment

" I'll never talk you wont get a word out of me " Batman slumped bak into the chair.

" Well if thats how you want it?" Joker then picked up a small suitcase and walked to the tied up stockinged feet of Batman. " You see I have different ways to make captors confess" he then opened the suitcase . Batman struggled to see what Joker was intending to do at the foot of the chair but his large feet were blocking his view. " How about this Batman " all of a sudden Joker pulled out a large eagle feather a twitched it in his gloved hand.

" No Joker please no not my feet oh god you'll kill me" This is all Joker needed to hear and he began to pull off the white cotton socks. Batman went frantic as his last sock was pulled off his foot. Joker was mezmorized by the cape crusaders feet. They were about a size 12 with long even toes and a delicate arch tinged with pink at the heels and toes. " Please Joker I can't talk and betray my people "

" Well Batman it's either the citizens of Gotham or your tootsies ", and with this instance Joker took the tip of the feather and stroked it across Batmans ticklish toes.

" hahahahahah ohhhhh heheheeh not my toes noooooo." The feather went from the toes of the left foot to the heel of the right " Ohhh no HAHAHAHA Joker hoooohoo hahahahah stoppppppppp!"

" Well then lets start with a easy question who hides behind the mask ?" The feather began it's second journey across Batmans soles.

" hahahahahaha ahahahah I cant immm nooo I cant hahahahahaha". The feather continued its journey across the large soles and with each stroke Batman laughed harder and harder.

" Well Batman I have a new question where is the Batcave?" The Joker applied the grand strategy and turned the feather around so that the sharp pointed end was just inches away from the ticklish extremities. Joker quickly raked the feather point up and down Batman's soles.

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OHHHHHH HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH NOOOOOOOOO". Never in Joker's life had he heard such a satisfying sound. A powerful superhero was in the mercy of his, and Joker loved it. The tickling stopped for about five minutes as Joker walked to one of his robotic clowns. Batmans eyes widened when he saw a group of clowns approaching his bare feet with feathers,brushes and all sorts of nerve tickling items.

" Well Batman I have to go i've spent to much time interogating you, so I decided to let my friends have some fun, bye bye laughman. The clowns began their journey to the lare white sensitive soles of Batman.

" No stay away leave me alone hahahahahahahahahah please heheheh good god stooooooooooooop it!" Joker quickly peeked into the room and giggled to himslef on what he saw. Two Robots were twisting feathers between every single toe and two more were stroking his soles with feathers and brushes. Joker headed out into the dark streets of Gotham knowing full well that when he came back Batman will be begging for the tickling to end but it wont and it will continue until Batman is a puddle of ticklish nerves.

Joker Jack
04-15-2007, 03:54 PM
Great story!
Are there any more stories anywhere of Batman being tickled?