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01-20-2002, 05:56 PM
Chapter 1
Okay, before we get to the main feature, the customary disclaimer. No characters living or dead have endorsed this story, and any use of said characters is entirely to appease my overactive imagination. Please don’t sue, I haven’t got anything for you, honest.

For those that are interested this first chapter, and for that matter, the second chapter, have NO TICKLING. If you want to jump straight to the tickling, have a look for chapter three. This is merely set-up as I hate wasting a good story on a single scene. This first chapter contains the word “tickling” exactly once, and that at the end, so don’t complain after, or else ;-)

The Tickling Machine is written before a live studio audience

Chapter 1 – So what do YOU do on your days off?

You know, someone up there’s gotta like me. Of course I have no idea why, but right now I ain’t complaining. Why? Well, let me tell you…

I’m a computer programmer by trade, do a lot of work on integrated systems, you know, computers that run machines with little or no commands from a user. Normally it’s stuff like microwaves, washing machines, not exactly what you’d call exciting but it pays the bills. Anyway, as most folks do these days, I tend to get frustrated at my job, when you’re building the next best thing, and the next best thing turns out to be a fridge with intelligent ‘quick cool’ facility, you tend to day dream about doing something else, something different.

In my case, I tended to take my work home with me and mess about building things that aren’t exactly going to be roaring commercial successes, just to see if it can be done, know what I mean? The spare room looks like something out of a computer hacker B movie, there’s so many wires and cards scattered about the place. So one day I was chilling out with some friends, the beer was flowing and we were all pretty well gone. We were watching something that was meant to be an ‘arty’ movie, but was essentially a good excuse for someone, somewhere to make some soft porn, and everyone was getting a bit turned on. Anyway, out of nowhere, one of the girls suddenly starts talking about how she bought a new dildo that was sold as “a revolution in the industry” but isn’t exactly hitting the right spots for her. Someone else joined in with how it’d be cool if you could buy something that stimulated every part of the body, and the conversation sort of built from there. Being way too drunk for my own good, I got goaded into trying to build something that would manage this “all over action” in less than a week, and if I could, we had two volunteers to try it out.

Funny thing, but no matter how much I have to drink, I never get a hangover the next day. So I woke up, headed down to my computer and got to work. Long story short, the only way I could figure out to build what they wanted so quickly was to go for something really simple. As it happened, I’d later get the chance to build in some of the things off my ‘wish list’, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The best I could come up with in that short time was, in effect, a ‘bondage bench’. The victim (or lucky recipient, whichever you prefer) was strapped down to what used to be a weight lift bench, arms and legs tied spread-eagled to padded extensions I built on. Then there were a selection of arms at both the head and foot of the bench, each containing a different instrument, ranging from a simple kitchen fork, to luxurious pieces of silk and I even had a feather in there somewhere. Anything I had lying around the place that’d feel different against the skin. One arm acted as a ‘control’ arm and was used to touch several different points on the target’s body, letting the computer know exactly where the victim was on the bench. Add in some pre-built programs and the victim could have a wild ride with just one key press.

Anyway, we tried it out as agreed, and it was such a success one of the guys bought it off me to surprise his girlfriend when she got back from the states. I assumed that was the end of it, but word got out somehow about this thing, and I’ve since built about ten of the things, all different, some subtly so, others radically depending on what the buyer’s going to use it for. I sold three of them to certain ‘adult’ film studios, and they’ve racked up some serious video sales thanks to them. I guess that’s where my current client heard about my toys, because I got a request for something that rendered me speechless for a good minute when I read the e-mail. A request for a tickle machine……

01-20-2002, 05:59 PM
Hi guys and gals. I've been reading these boards for months now, and finally got off my backside and started writing a story. It's my first time doing any story of any kind since Secondary school about ten years ago, so please be gentle :D Any constructive comments welcome, parts 2 and 3 are written and should be finding their way up shortly.