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01-20-2002, 07:17 PM
hey guys, thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it. it keeps me "inspired" to keep writing. so, let's get into the next chapter, shall we? this one will be a bit longer, enjoy!!!

Ice Cold sat in her dressing room, staring at her prized possession from last week. the gold boot of Farah the Persian Princess. she chuckled at the thought of how she got it. then she heard a knock at the door. her mind raced. could it be Lana Star? she slowly opened the door and saw it was her tag team partner, Poison. she invited her in so they could discuss strategy for their match tonight against the Beach Patrol. she couldnt wait to tell Poison about her new "hold"...

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!!!!" David Mclane bellowed into the microphone, as he stood in the ring. "INTRODUCING the Women of Wrestling WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! TEEEEERRRRRIIIIIII GGOOOLLLLLDDDDDD!!!"

Terri Gold made her way down the ramp with the championship belt around her waist. she made her way into the ring. she had a huge smile, as the crowd gave her an ovation. she waved back to them and blew kisses.

"Terri, ever since you have been champion, you have faced numerous challenges. how do you keep up with the pressure?"

"well David. being champion is not easy, but these fans keep me going. and as long as they are on my side, i will always defend this title with everything i have!!" Terri yelled to the crowd.

then on the giant tv screen, Lana Star appeared!! "Terri BRONZE!! you are nothing but a coward!!! you have yet to face me, the TRUE STAR of this show. and that's me, Lana Star!!" Lana said.

"Look Lana, if you want me, come and get it!!" Terri challenged back.

David Mclane interrupted. "Terri, i admire you wanting to face Lana, but she is NOT the #1 contender. but to satisfy the fans, tonight you will face Lana Star but in a tag team match with any partner of your choosing!!"

Terri nodded her head, but Lana was upset!! "Mclane you rat!!! fine, i will fight tonight. me and Patti Pizzazz will destroy Terri and whatever slut she brings!!! toodles!!" and with that Lana's image disappeared. Terri just stood in the ring nodding her head.


Caliente vs Riot

Riot made her way into the ring carrying a baseball bat. Riot was one of the most vicious competitors in WOW. she was the #2 contender for the title behind sometimes tag team partner Danger. tonight Riot wanted to send a message to champ Terri Gold and she was going to completely destroy Caliente. then Spanish music hit and Caliente made her way down the aisle in her orange outfit and orange boots. she got in the ring and stood on a turnbuckle receiving a nice ovation from the crowd. BUT you never turn your back on Riot. Riot attacked Caliente viciously. she banged Caliente's head on the turnbuckles and threw her around the ring like a rag doll. after a few minutes, this match looked one-sided. Riotthen picked up Caliente's limp body and prepared to powerbomb the Latina gladiator. as Caliente was sitting up in the air, about to be powerbomb, she frantically reached down, just trying to grab anything, and her fingers grazed the armpits of Riot. Riot reacted by letting go of Caliente and they fell into a heap on the canvas with Caliente landing on Riot. the larger woman was stunned and Caliente regained her senses. she couldnt believe it. was Riot actually, TICKLISH???? she then began to poke Riot in the ribs and Riot actually giggled!! Caliente knew she had to take advantage of this. she mounted an offensive and had Riot completely stunned. this was going to be a huge upset. she then piledrived Riot. Riot was stunned and Caliente figured she had the match won, but she was going to completely embarrass Riot. she turned the fallen gladiator over onto her stomach and began to knead her sides. Riot began squirming and giggling.

"No no no no no no no no no no!!!!!" Riot started to stammer, but Caliente kept tickling. soon the giggles turned into full fledged laughter. Riot's legs kept kicking and Caliente smiled. she wanted to see if big bad Riot's feet are ticklish. she again, rammed Riot's head into the canvas. she then turned around and grabbed an ankle. she began unlacing the boot of Riot. she got it unlaced and pulled the long boot off, revealing a thick sweatsock. she then peeled the sock off revealing Riot's size 11 foot. it was slender, with pale soles and long toes. amazingly it was well kept and looked very soft, with just a slight callous or two on the edges of her toes. Caliente immediately tickled Riot. she dragged her fingers down the sole. Riot immediately jerked her foot and broke out in laughter. Riot couldnt stand having her feet touched and with a surge of adrenaline she hoisted Caliente off of her and tore into her. she then picked up Caliente and immediately powerbombed her. 1...2....3 Riot wins!!! she looked over at fallen Caliente, and yelled at her, "Don't ever touch my FEET!!!" and with that, she kicked Caliente with her other booted foot.


Ice Cold/Poison vs Beach Patrol

Ice Cold and Poison made their way down the aisle. they both had huge grins on their faces as though they were up to something. then their opponents, Summer and Sandy, aka the Beach Patrol made their way to the ring. these two women were absolutely stunning, and were clad in their lifeguard outfits with their matching red boots. they entered the ring and the match began. Poison was matched up with Sandy and the two traded holds. then Poison poked Sandy in the ribs and Sandy jerked. Poison just grinned at her. Sandy looked at her partner Summer who had a worried look in her eyes. the match continued and there were many tags. the match was going both ways and had several near falls. then it was that point in the match where both participants in the ring were stunned and each had to make their way to tag their partners. Poison made it to Ice Cold and Sandy tagged Summer. Summer came in on fire and chopped away at the cold one. she swung Ice Cold against the ropes and tried to clothesline Ice Cold, but Ice Cold ducked and then clotheslined Summer. Summer was groggy, rolling around on the canvas. Ice Cold then motioned to Poison. Poison then got some rope and threw it to Ice Cold. Ice Cold then proceeded to hog tie Summer. Sandy tried to run into the ring and was jumped by Poison who also then proceeded to hog tie Sandi. the Beach Patrol members were hogtied and facing each other. then Poison sat next to Sandi's sides and Ice Cold was at the feet of Summer. Poison then proceeded to tickle Sandy's rib cage. Sandy yelped into laughter and her eyes bugged out.

"NOOOOOOO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" Sandy laughed and laughed and laughed. Summer looked at her partner suffering, but she knew she was next. Poison stopped tickling Sandy's ribs and then Ice Cold then began to unlace Summer's red boots. the ropes binding her ankles were not too tight, so Ice Cold managed to slip the boots off, exposing Summer's nyloned feet. Summer's eyes popped wide open. she knew her precious feet were about to be tickled. she looked into Sandy's eyes and Sandy had a look of sympathy. then Summer felt her nylon being ripped and one of her feet was now exposed. her feet were quite soft, a light pink and very very tender. she wiggled her toes and Ice Cold went for broke. she tickled the luscious pink toes and Summer screamed in laughter


Ice Cold continued her torture and Poison once again ticled Sandy's ribs. both Summer and Sandy were in hell. the referee asked the girls if they wanted to quit and they yelled "YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!" the bell rung, but Ice Cold and Poison wasnt through. they were sending a message. Ice Cold would alternately tickle the nylon clad foot and then the bare one. Posion would tickle the ribs, then move to the armpits. both girls were highly enjoying themselvs and Ice Cold got caught up in the moment and began to suck Summer's bare toes. her tongue swirled between the crevices and Summer lost it.


even Poison was shocked. she watched Ice Cold suck and nibble Summer's toes and wanted to join in as well. she went over to Sandy's feet, unlaced the boots, took them off, shredded the nylon and began to tickle Sandy's pink digits. Sandy's feet were long and narrow, and had pale soles, with long, skinny toes. sandy renewed her laughter, and both Beach patrol members had their feet tickled and their toes sucked. finally a team of referees broke it up. the crowd was going crazy. they thoroughly enjoyed the domination. Ice Cold and Poison, then took a boot of Summer's and Sandy's and left the ring. Summer and Sandy were finally untied and looked at each other. they were both humiliated. they left the ring, but still managed to get a huge ovation.

NEXT UP: TERRI GOLD and a mystery partner takes on LANA STAR AND PATTI PIZZAZZ. stay tuned!!!!

how was this one???

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Bring on the rest of this series. THis is way more entertaining than the actual WOW was