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Emily might be portrayed as a bad girl. Not the gothic, punk type of girl, but more along the lines of just plain naughty. Always sneaking out at night to hang out with friends and much other things, and her single father couldn't prevent her much.

Emily and her father lived on Tickle Street pretty easily, with cops visiting the house frequently whenever a house was teepeed or something along those lines.

Emily's father knew all the trouble his daughter got into on a daily basis, but he wasn't that great at punishing her. But after she popped all the tires of a car with her friends, he finally put his foot down, and sent her off to a wilderness camp.

Emily was beyond angry, she wasn't much a fan of the outdoors either. But her father was firm, so she packed her bags, and got on the bus, not to return home for a week.

As soon as she got on the bus, she didn't feel any better, but heck, there were a couple of cute guys on the bus, this could turn out alright.

She took the last available seat, next to a cute looking girl with long brown hair and blonde streaks down it, she looked kinda shy, so Emily introduced herself.

"Hi, i'm Emily," she said cheerily.

"Hi, i'm Melissa," the girl said, still looking emotionless.

Emily let out a huge sigh and laid back against the padded seats.

"What're you in for?" Emily asked.


"I mean why are yo stuck on this dumb trip?" Emily rephrased.

"Oh, it's my parents, they're leaving for a week on their anniversary, and i got stuck here," melissa told her, coming out of her shy-shell a bit.

"Why didn't you stay home, your 18, right?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, but my parents are worry-warts, and they wouldn't trust me home alone so--heeeeeee!!!!" Melissa squealed, and Emily saw a boy behind them poke Melissa's side.

"Stop it!" Melissa said loudly.

The boy just smiled meekly, and turned back to his friends

"God, those boys are so annoying!" Melissa complained.

"Don't worry, stick with me Melissa, we'll teach them a lesson," and that started their friendship.

Before they knew it they had arrived at Camp Woodshire, and they filed out of the bus, and set up their tents. Emily and Melissa shared one.

They zipped the tent up and started to change into outdoorsey clothes.

They heard a rattle on their tent flap.

"What?" Emily asked.

"Hey! You girls wanna play capture the flag with me and some of the guys?" The voice asked.

Melissa and Emily looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed.

They then stepped out of their tent prepared. They both looked amazing. Melissa had on very short khaki shorts, showing off her slender tanned legs. She also had on a green tank-top and brown hiking boots. Emily wore even shorter tan khaki shorts, and a tan button up shirt with short sleeves. She too, wore hiking boots. She had her fiery red hair tied back in a big ponytail, while Melissa let her hair flor naturally to her bare shoulders.

They were greeted by six guys.

"So, you ladies ready?" One of them asked.

"Sure," Emily said for both of them, while Melissa looked a bit intimidated, yup, Emily figured it out, this girl was SHY!

"Okay, the teams will be Bobby, Gill, Sam, and Melissa, while my team will be me, James, and Bill, and Emily." Pat said.

The two teams then ran in opposite directions, with Pat's team holidng a yellow flag, and Melissa's team having a blue flag.

Melissa's team stopped running and gathered around a big oak tree.

"Okay, this is it. We'll hide the flag here," Gill said, placing it in a high branch that only he, the tallest guy there could reach.

They all agreed that was a good spot to hide it.

"Okay, we'll split up now, everyone go your separate way for their flag, i'll stay here and guard ours, move!" Gill said, sounding like an army general, but all in great fun.

They then were off, and so was Emily's team. They hid their yellow flag underneath a big root of a tree, and had James guard it.

Emily was off, with all her practice at sneaking around at night in her neighborhood, she easily slid by Sam, who was wearily treading through crunchy fallen leaves.

She hid behind a thick tree, regaining her breathe, and immediately off once more. She then heard something behind her, turned around and saw Bobby right in front of her, grinning widely.

"Caught ya!" He smirked, and wrapped a muscular arm around her waist, and carried her back to his flag. She pounded her fists fitfully on his back, screaming and yelling.

"Let me down Bobby!" She yelled, he then arrived at his flag, and saw Gill leaning against the tree with the flag in it's branches.

"Hey Gill! I got a prisoner for ya, interrorgate her and try and get the location of her flag," Bobby put her down and snuck back off into the forest.

"Sounds good," Gill replied and sat Emily on a stump next to him.

"So prisoner, where's your flag? Tell me or you get tortured!" He said menacingly.

"I won't tell you a thing!" Emily said protestingly, crossing her arms.

"Fine, choose the hard way, but you'll tell me sooner or later, but what kind of torture..." he then sat next to her and thought hard, rubbing his chin.

"How 'bout giving me a massage, my feet ae killing me in these hiking boots," Emily teased.

"Okay fine, but just until i think of a torture," Gill said, inside he had a crush on this gorgeous redhead, so he would love to give her a foot-massage.

Emily unlaced her hiking boots and peeled off her socks, then placed her cute, bare feet in his lap as he sat on a stump next to her.

He put one arm over her ankles, then with the other gently rubbed her left sole with his fingers.

"Heeeehehehe!!!" Emily giggled, and tried to pull her feet back but Gill had a firm grasp on her.

"Stop it! It tickles!" She exclaimed, trying to free her feet.

"I got it! I'll tickle torture you!" Gill smiled, as he finally figured out the perfect torture.

"No Gill please! I'm too ticklish!!" Emily begged, and falling off her stump to the leafy ground.

He then tightened his lock on her ankles, and began scratching up and down her soft, pinkish soles.

"Heeeheheheheheeee!!!!" Emily giggled like a little school-girl as she pounded her fists on the groundm twisting her upperbody in a futile attempt to get away from the intense tickles.

Gill then began on her heels, where he lightly traced figure eights and much more ticklish, invisible designs.

Emily was laughing like crazy now, bucking against the ground and screaming in laughter. Her red ponytail bounced as did he breasts in the tight, tan, button-up shirt.

"P-pleaseheheheheheG-gillllllhaahahahhheehahhaahhesthhhhoooohahahappp!! !" Emily begged in her intense laughter.

But Gill kept going, forgetting about the location of their flag for now, and just focusing on tickling this beautiful girl into hysterics.

He then went to her most ticklish spot, her cute little wiggling toes, and lightly tickled beneath each of hem individually.


Emily was getting red in the face, and lost most of her effort to struggle. Gill then did the unthinkable, and lightly licked her big toe with his tongue. This sent Emily going crazy and laugh even harder than before. he licked each toe playfully, and then finally let her go.

"G-gill, that t-tickled sooo m-much," Emily said, panting heavily.

"Yah i know, so you gonna tell me where your flag is?" He asked, wiggling his fingers in a tickling motion.

She was about to quickly tell him, when her teammate Bill leaped up and snatched Gill's teams flag, and dashed off in the other direction.

"haha we win!" Emily laughed, sticking her tongue out at Gill.

In response, Gill sweiped up her bare feet once more and scribbled deeply on her soles. She laughed for hours...

The week went by smoothly, with Melissa and Emily getting tickled regularly, and Emily found out that melissa was super ticklish beneath her knees.

When they finally got off the bus and were finally home, Emily say Melissa walk down the street.

"You live on Tickle Street too?" Emily asked.

"yeah, just a couple houses down there," Melissa said, pointing.

"Cool, i just live up there, we'll i guess i'll see ya around.

"Yeah, bye."


how'd u like this part?

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very nice! keep 'em coming!

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Oh, Puh-LEEEZE tell me there's another part to this? Great work as always.:cool:

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A little something for us foot ticklers... and a redhead too! Nice!


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Don't worry Dave, MUCH more are coming to this series:)