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11-17-2006, 09:21 PM
Feel free to add onto the list

heres mine::

I've become a mini-celeb from my high school, as I turned 18 in my grade 12 year. Of course, everyone knows that there is a price to fame. After my few incidents of being pinned down in hallways and tickled at breaks, (yeah, I was ACTUALLY that lucky ) late winter brought the joys of me wearing thin dresses over jeans. My favourite teacher who taught me english all through high school wasnt the only one who knew about my ticklishness, at first it was just her, my pretty chem teacher, and my friends. Most of my friends never tried anything, but I had a few gorjus emo friends who had an addiction to seeing me squirm around giggling. anyway, this really cute guy who was in my english was poking me in the ribs to get my attention but I didnt want to get in trouble (even though my fav teacher wouldnt be angry mad, just like, "shut up" trouble.) and I was doing my best to ignore him, and not give in to the craving to burst into giggles from him poking me in the ribs. My english teacher? She likes teasing me because of my ticklishness and so shes like, in front of the whole class "Hey evan watch out shes ticklish" and I swear I had to put on my best "Oh no you di-int" face but inside I was doing cartwheels because everyone laughed a bit, my teacher gave me the mock-innocence-what-did-i-do look and evan was like, "o-oh!!" and started tickling me but hes another student that the teacher doesnt get mad at either so he had literally grabbed a hold of my waist and started tickling me and I was giggling like crazy but it wasnt an awkward no-one-else-is-making-noise-and-i-look-like-an-idiot kind of giggling it was everyone else giggling at me and my teacher came to my rescue and was like, "Okay Evan cmon now we dont want her to pass out" and he stopped, still giving the occasional laugh at me. My after school look-at-me-im-so-cool-i-hang-out-with-my-teacher session chat was a bit more interesting. I seriuosly love talking about me being ticklish with people, but not with my parents (i realy think parental-tickling is a turn-off) and when someone brings up my ticklishness i love to my suttle and etc. My teacher brings it up and says "yeah sorry about class i couldn't resist" and instead of giving the "no its cool" i was like, "yeah that was evil!! Now everyone knows!" shes like, "They didn't already"? grinning. I'm like, "Hells no! and btw that was my second time in one day thats hardly fair" AND THEN THIS IS WHERE IT GOT HOT
My tachers like, "I used to be like you I got it maybe 4 times a day" I had to do it people, I HAD TO. DONT JUDGE ME!::
Me: Oh 'used to'?
Teacher: *Looks up with a omfg but not scared kind of look*
Me: Aha! Are you serious? omg aha
Teacher: Do not breathe a word
Me: Oh, of course not *very sarcastically*
Teacher: I'm serious its hard enough
Me: Fine, fine
Teacher: Goes back to computer* but he got you so ba-ha-had (was laughing at the memory of it)
Me: (Yea i had the courage to do this) *poke*
Teacher: *jumps*
(To all you, this next part may not seem hot, but keep in mind that my teacher is like, what was it then.. 24. pretty young, so it was more like fighting with my sister then my teacher, believe me)
Me: Im sorry i "couldnt resist" ( i used bunny fingers to show that I was quoting her about my evan attack )
Teacher: Mhm. not cool (but says it kind of amused)
*Grabs waist and pulls me in front of her*
Me: *I already knew what she was gonna do and tried to pull away as fast as I could* ahaaa nooooo
teacher: *starts tickling me* (YEah its that hot)
Me: *squirming around* ahaa nooo pleehehehease nohat thihihihis im gonna pisheheheiss
Teacher: (teasing voice) are you swearing? are you swearing in a classroom
Me: Nohahano
Teacher: then starts lying. god, what are we going to do with you?
Me: anythiheheheing but thiehehes
Teacher: *lets go* yeah I think youve been punished enough

(all in all that tickl lasted maybe 2 minutes at the most)

Me: *sits down panting*
Teacher: I should remember that when your homeworks not done

*my beautiful chem teacher walked in*
C Teacher: Hey whatchall doin
E Teacher:*Looks at me with an amused expression*
Me: Nothing
E Teacher: laughs
C teacher: whut
E teacher: I just started tickling her and it was kinda funny cos she was freaking out
Me: was not
C teacher:mhm did she tell you that shes ticklish
Me: aha yeah thats what started all this
E teacher: Evan got her bad, I told her, I mocked her, she poked me, I got her back, you walked in, enter present time.
C Teacher: ah. Do you have the files for grade 10 track and field?
E Teacher: Yup Ooh *loks at me* you gotta get outta here its 4:45 and we got stuff to do
Me: *I grab my stuff and leave*

We didnt mention our fight the next day, but we did look at each other funny any time we caught eachothers eye

I am 100% serious. This happened.

so go ahead and post yours

11-18-2006, 08:55 PM
is it just me or is this the same as your "my really long experience with teachers" story?

11-18-2006, 11:05 PM
it is.

kinda like a repost


it IS a repost

my life is a lie!!!

anyway, no yeah I just put it out there to start it off. yeesh
dont be hatin, Savvy??

11-28-2006, 04:39 PM
wow your teacher sounds ace-wish mine were like that!Thanks for sharing! :cool: