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02-01-2002, 08:44 PM
This story takes place a few months after my Stephanie and Michelle story.

If you hate background I'll tell where the tickling starts

It was DJs 18th B-Day and Danny had just gotten back from taking her to the DMV. "I don't see why I had to wait til I was 18 to get my licence," DJ grumbled. "I already told you," Danny said spurting out another touchy feely dad moment, "I didn't think you were mature enough then." "Well atleast now Steve and I can go out tonight," DJ said. "Well just be careful DJ, I don't need a boost on my premium because you were careless," Danny told her. Outside a horn is heard honking twice. "That must be Steve, dad we'll be back later. Bye." With that out the door she went to meet her sweet heart Steve.

"You wanna drive," Steve asked knowing the answer already was going to be yes. "Sure, I'd love to," DJ replied. They had been driving a few minutes before DJ's car got up behind some old lady in a Lincoln going about 20 in a 35. "DJ pass this lady you got room," Steve told her. So DJ passed the lincoln and about a few seconds later a car in the opposite lane came wizzing by. All of a sudden DJ and Steve heard a police siren blarring. "S***," Steve accidently blurted out, "Better pull over DJ and let me do the talking." DJ pulled over and the police officer walked up to the drivers side as DJ rolled down the window. "Licence and redgistration miss." DJ pulled out her licence and handed it to the cop. "What seems to be the problem here officer," Steve asked. "I just pulled you over for unsafe driving. I'll give you a warning this time but watch before you pass next time. okay." "Yes sir officer," DJ replied kindly. Steve on the other hand literally blew up. "What do you mean unsafe," he yelled "we missed by a couple of seconds we had room." "Sir calm down," the officer replied "I just gave you a warning." "I will not calm down," Steve replied, "your wrong and we don't deserve a warning." "Your right sir you don't recieve a warning." At that the officer pulled out a pencil and pad and started to write. "You deserve a ticket, have a nice day," and with that he hopped in his squad car and drove off.

Meanwhile Steph was in DJ's room looking for her Diary. "I know it's here somewhere," Steph said, "but where is it?" All of a sudden she heard down stairs "Dad, Steve and I are going up to my room to do homework." "Oh no," Steph thought, "if she catches me I'm dead." So she jumped into the closet next to DJ's bed and closed the door (but not completely so she could listen to the converstation).
------------------Tickling Starts he----------------------------------
Steve and DJ walked in and DJ kicked off her shoes and jumped on her bed. "I can't believe you," DJ said, "how could you get me in trouble with that cop?" "I'm sorry DJ it's just that, well he was wrong and he was questioning my directions I gave you." "So you felt yelling at him for giving me a warning would help?" she said with a hint of anger in her voice. Steve got an idea. "I'm sorry DJ," he said with a smile, "but atleast I didn't do this while you were driving." With that he began tickling her ribs. "Hahahahahahaha stehehehehehve sthahahap it," she spurted out through the laughter. But Steve kept tickling her ribs with his fingers. "Sorry DJ what did you say," Steve asked. But DJ's only response was her girlish laughter. He moved his ten wiggling digits up and down her ribs over and over again for a few minutes. "I also didn't do this," Steve said as he moved up to her armpits. Steve dug his fingers into her silky, smooth, hairless, armpits. He began to wiggle five of his fingers in each armpit. DJ's response to this was a a barrage of laughter. Steve ran his fingers up and down her pitts being sure to tickle her senseless. "There's one more thing I didn't do one more thing while you were driving DJ," Steve said looking at DJ's socked feet. "No," DJ begged, "please Steve <gasp> anything but that I beg you." But despite her begging Steve put her ankles under his arm and began to tickle her socked feet. He started at her toes by holding back her toes and wiggling his fingers at the base of her toes. While still holding her toes back he began tickling the soles of her feet with his free hand. He ran his nails up and down the soles of her feet. He then as a finally began running his nails up and down her entire foot. "okay," DJ got out, "Your forgiven just plhehehehehse stop tickling me." "See that wasn't so bad," Steve said, "common lets get something to eat I'm starving."

Stephanie waited for them to leave then got out of the closet and DJ's room and went to her room to think. "So," Steph though,"DJ got a ticket and is ticklish. Wonder what kind of fun I could have with this."

Depending on feedback I might write a sequal.

10-23-2010, 07:42 PM
dude i loved this story! could you make a sequel of stephine being tickled by DJ

10-24-2010, 01:10 AM
Considering that the author hasn't posted in over 8 years, I wouldn't hold your breath...