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02-09-2002, 11:55 PM
Saved by the Bell: The Tickled Class
Zack gets Kelly

It had been a long day at Bayside High. Kelly sat in Mr. Testerverde's class bored as she could be. Mr. Testerverde was yammering on about some war when Kelly fell asleep. She was busy dreaming of her boyfriend, Zack Morris, as they were on date. As he wraped his hands around her waist he began to tickle her lightly. "Hehe hehe," Kelly laughed feminaly, "Zack quit hehe hehe that tickles." "I know," Zack said with a sly smile. They then kissed for a long time before "BRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!" It was the class bell. Kelly woke up tired but refreshed. "By the way class we are going to have a big test on all I taught today so study over the notes I erased of the board," Mr. Testerverde yelled as his students began to file out. "Oh no," though Kelly, "if I tell him I was sleeping I'll get detention, but if I don't I'll fail the test." Then she got an idea, "I know I'll just ask Zack if I can go over to his house to cram it will be perfect. If he took his notes down." So Kelly left the school and headed down to The Max to see Zack and the guys.

When Kelly got there all the guys were already at their ussual booth. "Hey guys," Kelly said, "hi Zack." "Hey Kelly," they all said in near unison. "So whats up Kelly," Zack asked. "Nothing much, I fell asleep in Testerverde's class and didn't get the notes." "Oh no," Jessie said, "that's horrible Kelly what are you going to do?" "Well," Kelly said, "I was hoping you could help me Zack. Maybe we could study for the big test tomorrow at your house" "Me," Zack asked, kind of caught off gaurd by the request, "sure why not." "Great swetty I'll see you at around 7 at your house." With that Kelly got up to go, "Bye guys." "See you later Kelly," they all called back. After she left Zack looked over to Lisa and said, "Lisa can I copy your notes real quick please I forgot to copy mine." "What do I get in return," said the materialistic Lisa. "I'll make sure that Screech doesn't bother you for a week." "two weeks," Lisa bargained. "Deal," Zack said, "Screech bother her and you die." "Okay Zack," Screech said. "Good here are my notes Zack," Lisa handed them to him and he began to write as much as he could as fast as he could. "Done, I gotta go get ready. Thanks so much Lisa. Bye." After Zack left they all began to talk again. "Man she has him whipped," Slatter said. "Like I do you," Jessie retorted. "Your going to pay for that Jessie," Slatter then started tickling Jessie's ribs. "Hahahahahaha," Jessie laughed, "Slater hehehe please hahaha sthahap." "Not until you apologize for the whiped comment," He told her as he increased his tickling by tickling even hard. "Okay hahaha I give, hahahaha Uncle Uncle." "What's that Jessie the people in the back didn't hear you." "I'm sorry," Jessie screamed with her last bit of strength. "Jessie," Slater said after he stoped tickling, "don't be so loud people are looking."

It was 7:03 when Kelly got to Zack's house. Zack's dad was out of town and his mom was not going to be back till one because she had to work late. Kelly went upstairs and up to Zack's room. She knocked on the door and Zack said, "Kelly come in it's open." Kelly came in and there was Zack laying on his bed with his book and "his" notes. "Make yourself comfortable Kelly." Kelly hoped up on the bed with him and they began to kiss. They kissed for a while before Kelly pulled back and said, "whoa, Zack we need to study some." "Sure thing Kelly," Zack said, but what he though was, "Shit why can't we just make out I hate studying." They began to study the material for the test. They didn't really say much of anything they just sat there and read over the notes while listening to Zack's makeout music playing somberly in the back ground. After about ten minutes Kelly began to get sleepy. Zack noticed this and took is pencil and lightly poked her in the rib. Kelly's body shot up with a jolt and she said," Zack don't do that I'm extremely ticklish." "Okay okay," Zack said a little interested on the just how ticklish she was. They study for another twenty minutes before Zack looked over and saw that Kelly was fast asleep. "Kelly," Zack said to see if she was asleep. He got no answer. "Oh man," Zack thought, "This is my perfect chance to tie Kelly up and see how ticklish she is." So Zack got up slowly and got a few of his leather belts and tied each of Kelly's limbs to the bedpost. Once he had her secured he decided it was time to give Kelly a rude awakening.

____________________________Tickling Starts here_____________________________

He walked to the top of the bed and began tickling her armpit. Kelly awoke with a start and realized her perdicament. "Zack hahaha let me hehehehehe up," She pleaded through the laughter. "Sorry Kelly your in no place to demand." He then started tickling her armpit hard. He raked his nails up and down the hollows of her armpits. He then positioned his other hand near her other armpit and began tickling both of her pitts at once. Kelly was laughing her head off. She shook her head all over the place as she continued to laugh uncontrolably. Zack got bored tickling her armpits and moved down to Kelly's tummy. He pulled up her shirt and stared at her belly and said, "My Kelly what a tight tone tummy we have." "Please Zack," she begged, "Have mercy." "Sorry Kelly but it's your own fault for looking so tempting." Zack then began tickling that tanned tummy of Kelly's. He wiggled his probing fingers all over her belly. He then put his index finger in her belly button and began tickling Kelly's cute innie belly button. This sent Kelly into spasms as she arched her back and through her head from side to side, but the worst torture to her tummy was about to come as Zack began to blow long zibbits on her belly right above her belly button. This was truely the worst torture of all. Kelly flung her body up and down and if she was strong enough would have bronken the bed. Zack stopped after about ten zibbits and pulled her shirt back down and gave Kelly a chance to catch her breath. "Thank you Zack now please untie me." "Sorry Kelly but we are far from done." "What?" Kelly said fearing what could possibly be worse. "Well I can't ignore your little feetsies can I Kelly?" "NO Zack anything but that," she cried. "Sorry Kelly, but I can't make them jealous." Zack then walked over to the dresser. He looked inside for a minute or so then pulled out some tape from the dresser. He walked over to Kelly and said, "Sorry to do this Kelly but can't have you waking the whole block." He then put the tape over her mouth. "Now let me take a look at those pretty feet." Zack always had a huge foot fetish which Kelly knew about and all this tickling already had him moderatly aroused. He had always tried to sneak a look at Kelly's feet but she always wore those damn keds with no socks, even in dead of winter. Zack walked to the foot of his bed and slowly unlaced her green keds (Wether this was for his on teasing or Kelly's he didn't know). He pulled off Kelly's keds to unvail those lovely size 8 feet. Kelly's feet were nothing short of perfect. She had high arches, long suculant toes and her toe nails were painted a lovely shade of pink. Zack just stared for at Kelly's feet in awe for atleast a 30 seconds. "Well time to get started, and if your a good girl at the end you'll get a little treat." Zack started raking his fingers up and down the soles of her feet. The second he started tickling her feet Kelly began giggling and bucking wildly. "Whoa," Zack thought, "I haven't even gotten started yet and she's reacting like this. This is going to be fun." He then focused his attack at the base of her toes long suculant toes. He wiggled his fingers right at the base of Kelly's toes and tickled between them to. This drove Kelly crazy as she started bucking even hard and giggle even louder. Zack then bent over and began using his tounge as a methoed of tickling. He licked up and down Kelly's smooth silky soles. Kelly couldn't stand the sensation of Zacks rough tounge going up and down her soles. Zack kept tickling Kelly with his tounge for another good five.

Zack finally stopped and said, "Wait right here while I go downstairs for a second." Zack left the room and was back in about another ten minutes with a bag. "I brought a bag a of tricks to play with." He reached into the bag and Zack pulled out an electric toothbrush. He cut it the toothbrush on and it began humming softly. He ran the brisols up and down, right and left, and all over Kelly's feet. He then pulled out a hairbrush with stiff brisol. Zack pulled back Kelly's toes and began raking the brush up and down her feet. To Kelly it felt like hundreds of little stiff hairs going up and down her feet. The sensations was horrible. Zacks mastery of the object also didn't help matters any. He kept this up for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Zack quit. He looked over at Kelly and saw the sweat drinched down her face and how she was heavily panting. "Only one more toy to go before I give you your treat he said." "Oh no, Kelly thought, "What can this last toy be." Zack reached into her bag to pull out a pen. Zack clicked the pen, pulled back Kelly's toes and began to write on he soles. He start on her left foot by writing "I am sooooo ticklish" being sure to write etremely slow. He then wrote on her right foot, even slower, "Please tickle me". Zack then said, "before I finish I better clean these dirty soles." He got some water and began to scrub Kelly's feet with the electric toothbrush, being sure to get ride of all the ink.

Zack then went up to the head of the bed and removed the tape and said "Now for that treat." He went to the foot of the bed and untied her ankles and set Kelly's feet in his lap. Zack then started to gently massage Kelly's sore soles. Zack began working his thumb on the ball of her foot. Kelly started to moan with pleasure. Zack then began working his thumb on the ball of he other foot. Zack then started to kiss Kelly's feet, starting at the heel up to the toes then back down. He did this a total of five times on each foot. Zack saved the best for last as he began sucking Kelly's long, slender, toes. Her toes tasted so good. Kelly was still moaning with pleasure, as Zack began to lightly nibble on her soles, toes,and arches. Zack finally quit and went up to the head of the bed and untied Kelly. She got up and got her shoes on. "Well Zack," Kelly said, "I can't say that this wasn't an interesting study session but it was my favorite perhaps we can do it again." "Sure," Zack said astonished by her lack of anger. From that day forward Kelly always studied with Zack and was always sure to get a pedicure before hand and wear sandles or Flipfolps.

08-18-2003, 05:10 AM
like this one alot!

Kelley is my fantasy girl

08-19-2003, 08:57 AM
Very nice story. I like your writing style. It's quite similar to my own, tickle torturing a tied victim with different instruments for a long period of time. Ms. Tiffany Amber Thessien (Kelly) has always been one of my top tickle fantasies. She is a very beautiful girl, especially when she played on Saved by the Bell. I would have also loved to have tickled Ms Elizabeth Berkley as she looked when she starred in that slow. She was another gorgeous girl! Anyhow, keep writing, and good luck. This was a good story. I liked it.