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02-09-2007, 01:01 AM
My name is Brent Eliingwood. Social outkast all my life, even in my middle school years I was definetly differnt. I loved tickling, even forcing my old friends to the ground and tickling them untill they cried. Sicxk and sadistc was always fun to me. Here is a story that I will share there are amny

Two girls who will remain nameless one had there 18 yr old bother over the house we were hanging out at. He couldnt even have past for 15, small little guy. Shortly after watching some tv I couldnt notice but seeing "john" tickling the other swee hearts feet. His sister then said, you know lets tickle the shit out of this guy, Brent we need your help. At first I was hesitant but when tickled girl was trying patheticly to grab johns shoe off, I said what do we have, ticklish little feeties? Me being a 6 foot 2 monster lifted the 5 foot 18 year old by the leg while I sat on the ol recilner. Wrapped my leg around his, kid was trapped. I took his shoe and sock off all in tug. Goodbye to your little ankle sock little boy, while he thrashed around without me even touching him.I called over the girls and asked to borrow there nails, while they tickled his poor size 5 foot until oblivion. I was focused on grabbing the other leg for my tickle treatment. 5 second later I had a bare foot all to me to terroize. I held all five toes back and just scraped and scribbled untill he was a babbling mess. Since the kid used to pick on me in school, lets just say even when the girls tried to pull me off, I tickled his soles untill they were pink and he was literaly crying. Me being a year older then him I had him in my graps like a little child. His sister then used her nails to grab my arm to let go of of poor Matts feet. He scrambed for his shoes and socks and left the house. The two girls were freaked out about what I did to him, but thought it was real funny. I still hadnt had enough..

2 weeks later there is an after school dance party held at out friends Rebeccas house. I had a few pops and smoked a joint when all of a sudden I see Matt walk in. I hand him a joint that he takes very neverously and takes a few hits. By this time everyone went in the main quarters to see who else ahs arrived. Matt asked him me very pissed off, why did you have to tickle me like that! I said all the shit talkin still? I leaped out of my chair and tackled him to the ground. "Theres no screaming in the Tickle lock" I sang as I wrapped my my leg arond his legs and put him face first in the carpet. He was cursing swearing, threatning me you name it. But within seconds his van sneakers which were to big for his little feet were tossed aside. Then his thin as all hell ankle socks reamined on while I used all 10 fingers on both his feet. One of his budys came in and surprsingly started laughing. I yelled go get me a beer I think little Matt will be here for a while. Matt started screaming for his friend to help, so i decided to play a little game. I said Ill stop tickling your feet and if you admit your mouthy bitch. Fuck you he screamed so thats when I raked his soles so fast the floor was pounding fro his fist. Stop! you win, Im a little bitch! His friend rich finally came in with a beer and asked me If I was done tickling the shit out of his friend. I said, I told matt Id stop tickling his feet......with his socks on! I asked Rich to go get rebecca, a girl who get a huge kick of the story when matt got it from me eariler. Now rebecca was a little on the heavy side, and started immedietly asking me If I need any help. I said she can a have a foot if she wants, but she instead asked if she can hold him down alone. I said fine, as soon I unwrapped my legs from his she grabbed him by the ankles and dragged him to the couch. He was crying asking why this is happening to him. She used the same technique but she ws sitting on the couch he legs wrapped around his lower torso. His feet pretty much at her face, she took the left sock of real slow. Tickling his heel while taking it offunder then with fast precision she took the other sock off and went all out on his soles.She kept referring to how rose pink the bottoms of his feet where and was asking him if he recieved pedicures. Fuck you fat bitch, he yelled while she just postioned his feet where she wanted them. In the crook of her left arm she had both ankles and was tickling his toes with the other hand.she decided to check on her girl friends she she let up, and I went right for the kill. I sat on the back his legs and forced his legs up and used my belt to tie his ankles together. I then put him face down the couch and l ladimy chest on the back of his legs. Non stop scribbling of his soles I can her his voice grow hoarse, I kept up for another 4 minutes or so then He passed out. Now word has went around the party about Matt being tickled. And there are people who are entering the room to find out for them selves.

02-13-2007, 01:31 AM
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