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  1. the return of colour

    as you probably noticed the last couple of pictures are in colour again

    that's because i got a distribution of linux that enables my wacom pen to work properly (very nicely actually) in GIMP so i have wacom and layer blending again

    LUBUNTU 11.04... it's a low resource version of regular UBUNTU so it is very fast on a quad core lenovo laptop... but, of course, more important than that WACOM... YAY
  2. technical hooha

    for anyone who is interested in the technical details of making these silly tickling pictures...

    i have recently abandoned both windows and mac OS and am using Ubuntu Linux

    there are two pretty good graphics programs available - GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulatoin Program) and MyPaint - however, GIMP doesn't support my current wacom tablet properly, and MyPaint doesn't have layer blending (in photoshop i would use 'multiply' as the layer blend method for colouring) although ...
  3. Lovely selina scott's ticklishness

    MMMMMMMM so good to see even a tiny bit of the selina scott tickled by emu scene again

    she gets so helplessly ticklish and giggle drunk

    such a perfect laugh


    love selina
  4. tickling visual cues

    i love all the modern tickling clips and images that are available now, with hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes and those little flossing things that go btween the toes and make pretty girls go so mad with laughing...

    but... when i was growing up (which was quite a while ago) tickling wasn't so available

    i spent the first, maybe, 32 years of my life (up until the birth of the internet) just aching to find some reference to tickling in some kind of media - magazines