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  1. Vaccines do help. Get them.

    I have nothing to say except that I was sick of seeing the last blog title which questioned the efficacy of vaccines.

    I know multiple people who have been sick with COVID. Those who were vaccinated made it through mostly OK. Those who didn't were very sick or hospitalized or are no longer with us.

    Don't mess around. Get poked.
  2. My Beach Christmas- Merry Christmas

    I just don't want this wonderful vacation to end. 🥰 I wish you all knew just how special these last couple of days have been.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Would it be okay if I rant a little?

    Quote Originally Posted by weirdogurl View Post
    Okay, I am going on a little rant here and I may get some hate or whatever but I frankly do not care, I just want to get this off of my chest because this is just a personal experience

    I seem to be having a problem communicating with some members on here, and they all come from the same background; the foot fetish/feet tickling people. Now, before I get to the meet of this rant, I just wanna preface and say this; I have nothing against those people, like, not at all, I'm sure they
  4. Going LIVE on IG tonight at 6pm CST

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tune in tonight at 6 pm CST for tickle talk, Christmas songs, and just general ridiculousness on this Christmas Eve!
  5. If you're related to this Genius, stay home or wear a Santa Hazmat Suit for Xmas.

    The perfect "doctor" for the NFL or the party that declares a deranged, obese politician perfectly fit.

    Severe concussions? Steroid damage? Torn hamstring? No worries, take 2 aspirin, a can of Chunky and come back tomorrow.

    Doesn't matter if you've got brain damage, Roid Rage and are limping after your wife with a butcher knife, there's nothing wrong with you!

    Who else invests millions in Disposable Gladiators without giving

    Updated 12-25-2021 at 05:11 AM by FrenzyTickles

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