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  1. Life Update.

    by , 12-03-2021 at 11:29 PM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    Wanna give a run down of my life right now. We moved my step-inlaws up from FL, they were way more decrepited then we thought, one has horrible rheumatoid arthritis, he takes Morphine, we just found a local pain clinic that will perscribe it, he is about to run out, he may have to go to an ER this weekend or early next week, she is severely anemic, her hematologist in FL didn't figure out what was wrong, she is weak, she is tired, she has lost a ton of weight, she was 180 a year ago, now she weighs ...
  2. One picture is the talented artist that took me in the correct direction

  3. Got a few more pics up

  4. Automatic tickling machine

    Ok a while back I posted I was working on a automatic tickling machine. Wow tried and failed multiple times then I came across a picture from a very talented artist I will share the picture and bang it hit. I have to give the artist full credit on steering meet in the correct direction just by his picture. Well the machine is a ruff draft so it has numerous speeds very strong but not super fast will be working on improving it but this machine doesn't give a crazy amount of tickling like a brush ...
  5. Mf stories?

    I must admit, I'm shocked at how few and far between the M/f story topics are. Am I alone in this? Nothing against anyone or anyone's taste
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