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  1. More proof Feminism is a Hate Movement

    From the pages of the Toronto Sun, written by Sue-Ann Levy. It is an artical about denying young women the right to choose to serve an internship working with a men's group. This isn't the first time Ryerson University (aka "Red High") has pull shit like this. On two other occasions they dinied an application for a Men's Mental Health club, and even altered their charter. It now denounces the existence of Misandry, and claims any group founded on the existence of Misandry is trying to silence women's ...
  2. Donít Mess with Perfection!

    I love my feet! My size 9.5ís are my favourite part of my body, hence the name Iíve given myself Ė the Barefoot Maiden. I never paid much attention to them until I had met my husband and he would fuss and fawn over them daily. For the fifteen years that we knew each other, I never had to paint my own toenails, and I took pride in taking good care of my feet. Although I am not boastful of my own feet (letís face it Ė I am only one of many sexy feet here at TMF!), I still enjoy showing them off and ...
  3. You Can't Tickle Women in Virginia....

    I'm pretty sure many of us here on the forum are aware of the dumb law that makes it illegal to tickle women in the States​of Virginia. Well it's dumb if you're a guy, but I'm guessing there are a few women who like it. At any rate, I'm wondering if anyone from Virginia knows how that law came about? Was there some fiend stalking the women of Virginia and tickling them? Or were the people in charge just a bunch of prudes (that would explain why there's a law against oral sex as well). If ...
  4. The Movies

    I went to the movies yesterday, and as soon as the lights dimmed, I did the same thing I always do, which is to slide my sneakered feet between the seat in front of me, one on each side. Then, I imaginedÖ

    I imagined being alone in the theater. Well, not entirely alone.

    I imagined two ticklers, one for each foot, sitting in the row in front of me.

    I imagined them grasping each of my ankles and pulling me forward. I slid down in my seat, my legs going ...
  5. The Road to Mainstream

    (Just having fun embracing my inner maniac. lol)

    Here on the TMF, one often hears talk of our paraphilia vis-a-vis "the mainstream". "If only the tickling fetish were more mainstream!" goes the cry. But what is being done to further this most worthy cause? Not a lot, if my observations are anything to go by. Could it be that people are simply at a loss for ideas in this respect? Well fear not. For I know exactly what is needed. And it is my belief that if we work together ...
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