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  1. The cool files #7- what i went to college for

    I gave beat around the bush about it for awhile, Hell I even made joke about it. But now I must admit to what I went to college for... I didn"t. I actually was in the navy for 4 years instead. I always said I did because I was embarrassed that I did not go. I always said I did and I'm sorry I lied.
  2. The cool files #6- my shtick and how it evolved

    While I clearly have not been here the longest( although many years ago I had another account) I have made evolutions in my role here on TMF. When I first started the whole 'cool" thing was a big disaster, bases off my last name, my whole clothing and attitude and a nickname. Mr.cool when I first came on here was a more cartoonist version of my regular self. It took about a month for that fad to end. But during that time I was not exactly the most popular person on here. I was not hated, ( the internet ...
  3. The Spider and the Fly

    When I was at NEST, I went up to one gentleman's room to have a mini session. He opened up his door and said to me," 'Will you walk into my parlor? said the spider to the fly;' ". I surprised him by replying, "' 'Tis the prettiest little parlor that I ever did spy!' " ...I read the poem again later and thought it sound like a good one for us ticklephiles. So I took the poem and re-worded it just a bit. Enjoy!

    Adapted from Mary Howitt's poem, "The Spider and the Fly"


    Updated 05-17-2017 at 11:26 AM by shygirl5

  4. The cool files #5 belts and suspenders

    I never knew the amount of work it goes into wearing a god damn pair of suspenders and a belt, first off suspenders. I know that clip suspenders should only be worn casually and button suspenders should only be worn on dress pants. I do that so what's the issue? First off this stupid idea that "suspenders are for dwebs". Look, I get that in popular culture that's where the get defined BUT there is no need to classify me for the damn things I use to hold up my pants. Second of all is the idea that ...
  5. The cool files #4- shoes

    As of know I have 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of brown leather dress shoes, a pair of leather boots and a pair of converse high tops which I got earlier this week. Back in high school id always wear CHT I mean basically everyone I knew did, but afterward i started wearing leather boots and CHT were a sometimes thing. But now that has all changed because I bought a new pair last week. Anyone who has worn the same pair converse for around 30 year should know they do not last, the previously white rubber ...
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