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  1. Writer's Block

    It's official, I am blocked. I have lots of ideas for new tickle stories, but I just can't seem to finish them. I am able to make outlines, start them up and then...nothing! So I am going to try to force myself to get at least halfway through one story today. It's a good story too. I hope that the fall season will get me motivated, its one of my most favorite times of the year. I love the leaves and all of the pumpkin things to eat. I like to wear boots and sweatshirts and be not too cold and not ...
  2. Tampa Florida male tickler looking for female ticklees

    I am 19 and located in the Tampa Bay area
    If you are interested please let me know, i've still never had my 1st opportunity to tickle anybody
    Tags: florida, tickle Add / Edit Tags
  3. Testing 1 2 3

    Testing 1 2 3
  4. The Ten Year Gap (F/M Non-Fictional Tickling)

    So, I had started talking to this guy in the glory days of AOL, where you could get into a chatroom and others could see you in there and message you. That's what he did. He apparently thought I looked like I liked tickling, despite how I hadn't mentioned anything LIKE that in my profile...

    But, it turns out that I do like tickling. Always have.

    We had many, MANY, looong, lengthy discussions about what he'd like out of a tickle session. His main focal point? From the ...
  5. Written because Silvio Rugani at 2nd-Life wanted me to....

    He took my arm up and held it very firm. My wrist behind my neck, my elbow almost straight up, my armpit fully exposed. If He pulled just a few millimeters more He would hurt me, but now it just made my skin stretch.
    »Young lady?« He said, but not really wanting an answer, He just began dragging in the short hairs in my armpit. Not going to pull them out, just to point out they were so long now they could be pulled at.
    »Sir?« I replied, waiting a tiny bit nervous if He was really annoyed