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  1. I Be Bored

    So it's 1:11am, I'm hungry, and laying around my dorm with good ol' Itunes on shuffle. I should definately be doing a chem lab report thats due at 2:30 tomorrow, er... today by this point, but I really have no drive. It's been a really weird past couple weeks for me. Hell, it's been a weird semester and year. Honestly, what I wouldn't give to do this whole thing again...

    But enough of that, as its neither here nor there by this point. Plus, who knows if anyone's gonna read this anyway? ...
  2. Stalk-Mart

    me and my roommate went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries, some stuff for dinner, some snacks, whatev. and as we walk in I hang a quick right and head towards the aisle where the soap and stuff is. we pass one of the greeters on the way, and she just stares at the doors as we walk by. both of us grab our shampoo and the like and then we decide that we are not going to be able to carry everything so we go get a cart. on my way through I pass the same greeter, who is still as stoic as ever. so I decide ...
  3. So you're saying there's a chance?

    So today I finally turned in my papers. I had one that was 15 pages and another that was 20 pages. These two papers were essentially the last thing I had to turn in before exams. I get about a week before my exams will begin which is nice because it gives me a couple days to relax. I do have to proctor some undergrad exams and grade them, but that will not be difficult at all. Hopefully I will start to get some more sleep at night. I finally slept through the night last night without getting up ...
  4. Five Techniques

    laundry is on its way to being done. I was a little late to my last karate class tonight because we were too busy playing four square. does anybody else here play four square anymore? it's a good one.

    connect four is good too.

    but I had to go to my karate class one more time before the final exam because we have five techniques to show the Sensei. think of all of the most badass special forces dudes who go into the toughest situations and are ready to fight with weapons ...
  5. Let them eat cake!

    Today, one of my best friends had his longtime girlfriend break up with him. Considering that I have had my share of breakups it inspired me to write about ways to break up gracefully while minimizing the hurt for yourself and those around you. This isn’t to say that my friend is handling his breakup wrong or that I know everything about breakups. These are simply in response to mistakes I have made or seen others make.

    So let’s say you have just had the person you really

    Updated 04-26-2009 at 10:49 PM by CarolinaTickler