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  1. Busy Day

    Pitt beat UConn. Louisville has the best record in the conference, but these two are the powerhouses. let's go Vols and Cards in the NCAA Tournament! oh and by the way. screw Florida!

    big SEC matchups today, let's hope they get psyched out before the tourney.

    my wound is healing up. it doesn't look pretty, but I'd prefer a scar than a big hole in my arm. i didn't get shot, but it sure looks like I got stabbed.

    time to go get a haircut, every month is ...
  2. Coca-Cola v. Pepsi (2009)

    number one: the versus in the title should always be abbreviated the way it is, just a v.. for some reason it bugs me when it's vs. or spelled out versus. but moving on...

    number two: while the title of this blog may seem as if I care about which is better, I really don't. if you do, then feel free to comment and let me and the rest of the TMF know which side you stand on. I have a few things to mention about these two competing brands. we'll start with coca-cola's role in helping ...
  3. Kurchennium (Part 2)

    *kurch logs into his Kurchennium Group computer to get his assignment*

    Kurch: "Time is fun when your having flies."

    Kurch's Computer:

    Wrong ID

    Access denied.

    Kurch: "Flies are fun if you have the time."

    Kurch's Computer:

    Wrong ID

    Access denied

    Kurch: "Fun flies by if you have some time"

    Kurch's Computer:

    WRONG ID!!! Come on this is

    Updated 03-06-2009 at 07:43 PM by kurchatovium

  4. Balls

    there is a great webcam enabled chat room here on the forum, and not only has it helped me stop sleeping, but I have gotten the opportunity to meet some great people. I was a little intimidated when I first entered, and everybody seemed to know each other, but they were quick to welcome others.
    I used to think that contributing to a content forum would give me the satisfaction of belonging, but there was still a bit more to be wanted.
    then I began to voice my opinion in the tickling ...
  5. Kurchennium (Part 1)

    *kurch sits in his room by his computer*

    Welcome Kurchatovium.
    There are 1396 days remaining

    Kurch: What???

    Kurch's Computer: There are 1396 days remaining.

    Kurch: Remaining till what?

    Kurch's Computer: You know.

    Kurch: No I dont.

    Kurch's Computer: 1396 days till the End Of The World.

    Updated 03-05-2009 at 09:08 PM by kurchatovium