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  1. For people interested in personally playing with me who are in closed relationships

    by , 09-12-2017 at 07:19 PM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    Look I am in a 100% completely open marriage, so my husband always knows who I am playing with and when I'm going to be playing with them. If you are interested in playing with me and you are in a more monogamous closed type of a relationship especially a vanilla one then honestly I would prefer you to not even think about wanting to play with me. Now if you are in a relationship that's either open or I have heard of people who date vanilla's that have no interest in kink and allow them to see others ...
  2. These girls are cruel to their own (fffmm/f)

    This is a true story, that took place a few years ago involving a great group of friends and one girls ticklish nightmare.

    All of us are in college, some of us are juniors while the rest are freshman. Everyone is back home for the weekend so we decide to hangout together at one of our friend's houses to catch up. There are four girls and two guys. My friend Adam and I are the oldest, while the four girls are freshman. Adam's sister is one of the girls and she is the unfortunate first ...
  3. Lack of activity..

    ...something I want to apologise for, if anyone has actually been waiting for new content to be posted. Long story short I've had to take a hiatus due to juggling a lot of different projects and stories over the past year. Honestly, I've kinda stretched myself too thin and have had to set some limits. I'm not going to be stopping offering commission and request pieces, just that I won't be posting any stories for fun for a while. Not untill I've ticked off and done a few projects from my list. ...
  4. My Bodybuilder fantasy

    Hey everyone, Lately I have been having fantasies about being dominated by a group of female bodybuilders. It all started when I happened across a picture of a woman named Cindy Landolt, who looks like soemthimg out of a comic book. She is tall, muscular, and buxom (thow her breast or surgically enhanced, but I don't care) she literally looks like a Swiss Wonder Woman. I began to wonder what it would be like to have such a powerful woman at my mercy, but gradually I found myself wondering what if ...
  5. Tickle Party at the Studio (ffff/m)

    by , 08-13-2017 at 12:31 AM (Tickling Thoughts)
    Mistress Xena welcomed me at the Studioís door as usual. What was different was that todayís tickle party included three other playmates, the first time Iíve been at the mercy of four ticklers.

    Mistress Sass owns beautiful flowing red hair and a smooth, sensual singerís voice that she likes to drop to a whispery tone in ticklish ears. Mistress Andreaís gorgeous eyes accent her short blond hair and perfect smile. Miss D rocked a purple mohawked hairstyle, with a model-trim body and ...
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