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  1. So fucking fed up.

    Yesterday, I was able to make an appointment for my first visit to a specialist to see what the problem with my liver is. Just after 10 AM today, they called me and cancelled the appointment. There reason was the doctor had to step out.

    I can accept that. The doctor may have had a family emergency. I was asked if I would like to make another appointment. I said OK.

    I was asked to make one for either the Brownstown, PA location, or Lancaster, PA. I said Brownstown. ...
  2. Some research results: How common are women who like being tickled?

    Quote Originally Posted by Erotickles View Post
    Wouldn't you just like to know, just what your odds are at finding a tickling friendly partner?

    Here is what I came up with. YOUR INPUT IS WELCOME!!!
    Results summery:
    There appear to be about 2% of women who indicated they like being tickled to an extreme during sex.
    Approximately additional 20% may like some tickling play to some extent.
    All others - don't get near them. They will kill you! :-D

    There is this dating site
  3. My personal opinion on the pros and cons of foot fetish parties versus professionals

    by , 10-04-2017 at 11:41 PM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    Okay so as I said in the title this is my personal opinion. I have seen people on both teams. Let me explain my opinions and pros and cons when it comes to attending a foot fetish party or seeing a professional sub, switch, or dominatrix. I will first start off with foot fetish parties.

    Okay here I go, now based on all the foot parties I have noticed throughout the years online the general trend I see is that it's usually $50 to $60 to get into the door and then it's $20 per every ...
  4. Request and Comission Slots open

    So, things are going well on the writing front. My Patreon is starting to take off, getting a few pledges going and being on a roll with my Patreon Pieces. Now that I have that more settled under my belt, I figured what better time to throw open my next round of commission and requests.

    Got an idea you want me to write? Even just the snifter of an idea or a character you want something penned for? I can do all of those. Character profile information and character background I can ...
  5. For people interested in personally playing with me who are in closed relationships

    by , 09-12-2017 at 08:19 PM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    Look I am in a 100% completely open marriage, so my husband always knows who I am playing with and when I'm going to be playing with them. If you are interested in playing with me and you are in a more monogamous closed type of a relationship especially a vanilla one then honestly I would prefer you to not even think about wanting to play with me. Now if you are in a relationship that's either open or I have heard of people who date vanilla's that have no interest in kink and allow them to see others ...
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