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  1. Melissa's Feet...

    A lady at work named, Melissa. I take the mail to her daily. She's a 50 year old lady. Really nice lady, very attractive lady. Normally she wears boots or low heel ankle boots. A few times Melissa has worn open toe sling back shoes. She has lovely feet & pretty toes.
    Today (3/24) she wore open toe slide on shoes. The morning mail run I took the mail to Melissa. She had her shoes off. She was sitting on her right leg with the sole of her right foot sticking out. Very lovely beautiful sole. ...
  2. Trying again, just trying

    A little while ago, maybe 2 months I'm not really sure, I stopped using this. and I'd only just joined.
    I joined here because I have never talked to anybody about my fetish before, ever. and I thought it's time.
    But I don't know I just couldn't handle it, maybe I expected too much, or just didn't really try enough.
    But I had a lot of problems with myself. and with real life relationships, and I still do. that didn't exactly improve on here.

    I wasn't exactly ...
  3. Checking In

    by , 03-14-2017 at 07:16 PM (The Repository)
    I was told today that it was a shame I hadn't updated my blog in a while, which is true. When I last wrote, over a year and a half ago, everything was hunky dory. Well, that ended quick. Life moves fast, is what I believe young Ferris Bueller said, and now I find myself trying to find answers to questions I didn't ever expect to ask, such as

    - What do I want to do with my life?

    - Where do I want to do said thing?

    - What kind of person do I want to ...
  4. My Reckless Dreams... -Conference

    Decided to create a written post, journaling some of my more memorable dreams. Last night, it was just intense pain that seemed to lead to such a snippet, far diminished from when I have a "vivid dream" (medication side effect).

    Anyway, to "set the scene" to give you all an idea...

    At some random point in my dream I was seated in a large conference room, similar to some youth retreats I'd attend when I was younger (picture 7,000-10,000 rambunctious ...

    Updated 03-14-2017 at 08:55 PM by sadi

  5. Tickle Fanfic Recommendations, Part 1

    So I'm working on a collection of tickle fanfics by other authors that I enjoyed. Here's part 1. Somehow they're all M/m and non-con-ish, but oh well...

    Torture and Revelations by Emily (M/m)

    LotR, Aragorn/Legolas, non-con

    I first came across this fic in 2003 when I spent most of my time hanging out in the Library of Moria, and it has always been one of my absolute favorites.

    A Ticklish Butler by LoveBlackButler (M/m)
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