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  1. Tickle Party at the Studio (ffff/m)

    by , 08-13-2017 at 12:31 AM (Tickling Thoughts)
    Mistress Xena welcomed me at the Studioís door as usual. What was different was that todayís tickle party included three other playmates, the first time Iíve been at the mercy of four ticklers.

    Mistress Sass owns beautiful flowing red hair and a smooth, sensual singerís voice that she likes to drop to a whispery tone in ticklish ears. Mistress Andreaís gorgeous eyes accent her short blond hair and perfect smile. Miss D rocked a purple mohawked hairstyle, with a model-trim body and ...
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  2. The cool files#10 new cane

    So on Saturday during a trip to the doctors they informed me on something
    For that last month or so my leg has been killing me
    I went to the doctors and they said I screw up my leg muscles...permanently now my right leg is quite weak. now its a medical need for me to use a cane.
    Recently I watched sweeny todd a favorite film of mine. Right then and there I know the cane I needed
    The beedle carrys this awesome collapsible cane.
    It is tucked in quite small similar ...
  3. Change a Word

    Quote Originally Posted by paracarl44 View Post
  4. Self pictures in the sleeper berth

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Beck View Post
    Hi everybody it's been a little while,I'm still looking for a female tickler.I enjoy the affection of being tickled,it's really lonely being a trucker.
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  5. Commission Prices!


    Here's some commission prices, for those of you who are interested! You can find all of my information here! It's included in the handy-dandy sheet that I've included as an attachment! Please, look at it and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to hit me up. I may be slower to respond on this forum, so if you want to reach me for sure, try my DeviantArt or you can e-mail me at croozelroy@gmail.com!

    Thanks a lot! Have fun!
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