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  1. Model in Need of Help, Please Share!

    Quote Originally Posted by BiancaTickles View Post
    Please Share and Support!

    Hey everyone, I'm posting this GoFundMe page as a last resort. I've been dealing with a lot the past few years and have reached a point where my sanity is starting to break apart. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this, to those who have shared this and especially to those who are able to support!!

    The problems started with the neighbors continually approaching
  2. What is this from?

    Quote Originally Posted by Geekboy View Post
    What video is this from?
    Wow! Over 500 views and nobody knows. Does anyone know who one of the models might be?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.png 
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ID:	527932  
  3. Best Clips - Tickling Category

    Quote Originally Posted by ivyy View Post
    The Beauty tickled

    Our German Beauty Queen is tied u in a wonderful bra and pants with black nylons in an X-Position. She is in for her first Tickle Session and she loves it... Her feet in black nylons are her most ticklish spot... but her whole body is oh so ticklish. German Tickling History!

  4. The Puzzling Pie Chain

    “What is a pie chain?” is a question I have been asked countless times when I have been in the chat room. A friend or two pops the question on when was the last time I used it, and then everyone else in the room unfamiliar with my pie chain suddenly wants to know about it. I’ve finally decided that rather than repeatedly having to explain this wonderful little tool to everyone, I would simply write a blog about it and direct everyone here instead.

    The pie chain. Let me just say that ...
  5. The Wage Gap is Not a Myth (it's a full blown lie)

    Look right here as Ms. Maddow gets owned...


    ...And isn't it funny how she claims he's interrupting her when it's actually the other way around. Feminists are so cute that way aren't they? I mean for a cancerous disease on society they are just adorbs

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