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Semi-Origin Story

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It's hard to pinpoint where my passion for tickling exactly started.

I remember feeling...strange whenever there was a tickling in a TV show like the ones in the original TMNT series, or the one in the Gummi Bears, or the one in The Wizard of Oz animated series.

I HATED being tickled as a child, lived in damn fear of it. If tickling came on the TV and people were in the room, I left, because I thought someone would get the idea and do it to me. The fear was unfounded, as nobody ever really tickled me, nor was I touched very much in particular by my family in general. Even to this day, I struggle with swinging between craving touch and being completely averse to it.

When I started getting older and bigger and no longer had to worry about being overpowered by someone, that changed. I started wondering what it would feel like. When I was finishing school when I was 18, a couple of girls in my class had decided they were going to sort of play-bully me, calling me funny pet names and being playfully annoying, but in class one day they got me when I was sitting at my desk and probably got a good 15-20 seconds in of tickling my ribs and sides and me laughing hard before I wiggled out of my chair and they relented, pleased with their efforts in trolling me. But instead of being the painful and terrifying experience it was as a small child, it felt exhilarating. It felt...good?

I've basically been chasing that feeling ever since, and I have had a small number of nice experiences here and there. I've had one good experience that was a bit more intense than the average tickle attack, but it was essentially the tutorial level for what I want to experiment with now.

As for the asexuality, I have no fricking idea why I was selected for it. Even in the most ferocious waves of hormonal teenagery, I never wanted to kiss or have sex with anyone. The most I ever wanted to do was tickle the shit out of someone. That hasn't changed and I'm fine with it, as much as it puzzles some of the people in my life.
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