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Seeking Truly Sadistic Tickler- M/F Pt. 2

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Seeking Truly Sadistic Tickler- 44F BBW Ticklee for No Mercy, No Limits, Extreme Tickle Torture Session PT 2

Ava was tied in a sitting position. Her arms spread out like the "Y" in "YMCA."

"Y? Like why am I doing this?" she thought and smiled wryly.

However, her arms were not suspended in mid-air like she fully expected them to be. They were tied tightly to boards similar to the "x" of a St. Andrew's cross. The top of each board had metal pieces jutting out of the wood in "u" shapes. Alex had carefully slid each finger into the pieces causing her hands to be splayed out and flattened against the black padding attached to the wood. Her wrists were strapped in too, of course. More padding and more straps were around her elbows and forearms. Her armpits were hopelessly exposed, and though she yanked with all of her might, her arms did not budge.

"Why did I agree to this again?" Her mind asked not just that question, but a billion other questions. And each time, she told herself to calm down and look at Alex.

"Look at his incredibly kind eyes and sexy, enormous hands."

The back of her head was comfortably padded along with her long back. More black straps secured her torso. There was one wrapped tightly right below her naked breasts and one at her hips.

Leather padding, similar to a massage table, held up her large buttocks. Her thighs were strapped right where her unclad hips and legs divided. The table split and her legs made another "Y." Alex stood quietly in between her legs, back facing her as he bound the straps one at a time above her knees, below her knees, at each shin, and then closed the stocks (which were affixed to each end of the table) around her ankles. Each stock was padded, and similar rings at the top allowed him to tightly immobilize her long toes with soft, velvety strings.

Ava tried to shake and move her body. The result of her efforts was very tiny wiggles. His set up was thorough. She wasn't going anywhere until he was ready for her to go.

Alex looked at her and spoke gently, but firmly.
"This is your last chance to back out, Ava. I don't usually say this after a lee is bound, but your requests.... I just want you to be absolutely sure."

Ava looked at him. There was that damn twinkle in his eyes. He wasn't wearing his glasses, today. He looked only slightly different, but still very handsome. His goatee was still around his smiling mouth. When she didn't answer, he tried one more time.

"Most women can't handle what you are asking for."

Ava's face immediately grew defiant. 'I'm not most women, Alex."

"We'll see." He stepped behind her. "Last words?"

"Bring it!"

"Well, all right, Ava...." He gently touched her mouth. "Open." Ava obeyed, and when the ball gag slipped in place, she immediately wish she hadn't. She could beg and scream all she wanted, but clearly, she would not be able to tell him to stop.

He stood in front of her with a piece of paper in her hands. She looked at him, a little confused.

"Seeking Truly Sadistic Tickler- 44F BBW Ticklee for No Mercy, No Limits, Extreme Tickle Torture Session" he read dramatically. "I hope you're ready for this. I won't be blindfolding you as you requested. I want you to see every single thing I am going to do to you, Ava."

Alex was not stationery during his monologue. He glided around her pulling at the straps to see if they were taut. He pinched the side of her left foot and listened for that squeal he knew was coming.

"I know we negotiated breaks. You'll get them. And let me warn you, you are going to want to cry and beg during these breaks. I suggest you breathe, relax, and get some water in you."

He wiggled one finger under the back of her knee, and walked tickly hands up her right thigh. "Don't waste your time asking me to let you go. Don't tell me you've changed your mind. Don't tell me you've had enough."

Alex slid a nail up from her hip to the armpit. He was leaning close to her ear, so close that his breath caused the hairs on the back of her neck to rise.
"We're going until I say that we're through. Oh! I know we negotiated 2 hours. But you said, possibly... So now I can say possibly more, or possibly less. Ready?"

He started at her flatten palms and swirled his hands along her own palms. Down he went to along her arms to her armpits. Alex stretched out his arms so she could see his wiggling fingers, and just like he thought, she tossed her head no and the muffled laughing and begging began. He already knew her armpits were a hot spot for her. And he knew he could bring her to hysterics just by looking like he was going to tickle her there. He got closer, and her garbled mmming grew louder.

Instead he dove in at the outer sides of both of her large breasts. Those short little ribs under the armpits usually got a giggle or two. Not with Ava. She went insane. He could tell she was trying to pull her arms down. It wasn't happening. Her hips wiggled and shook, but that was about it. He was positive that were it not for the ball gag, he'd probably be getting an earful.

He dropped his hands down her sides and she continued laughing but he felt her body relaxed a bit. Soft pressure, squeezes, and pokes... He recognized the squeals and giggles that he loved so much when he tickled her feet before. But if he pressed harder or moved back up to the sides of her breasts, she lost it immediately. He went back and forth greatly amused at the differences between her sighs of relief and her loud muffled howling. Reaching up under her jiggling breasts produced that intense crazy laughter again. He just kept moving his hands up, down, and under... up, down, and under, and then loved the sound when he changed his pattern or had his hands attack two different spots at once.

He was sure at one point that she had already began laughing silently. It was so satisfying to see her break down this early. No matter! She had a very long, ticklish journey ahead of her.

"Mease Mop! Mease Mop!"

"Mease Mop? Is that a new cleaning brand or, what?" he teased her. "I really want to go for your armpits now, Ava. Should I...."

"Mo! MO!"

"Oh Ava! Please don't call me, Moe!"

He raised his hands in front of her again and laughed at her cute, frantic begging.

"Maybe I'll just get your belly a little bit."


"Not there either? Well, it's not like you can stop me, Ava Honey."

He wanted to explore every inch of her round, brown belly. A larger woman didn't bother him one bit, especially since he was also on the hefty-side. And the wiggles and jiggles were sexy as hell to him.

He grabbed her tummy and squeezed roughly, she shut her eyes tight and laughed. If she wasn't tied, he imagined that she would have thrown her head back. He switched to poking and prodding in circles getting closer and closer to her navel and then slowly walking his fingers away. It was crazy, but she was reacting the way she did when he got close to her armpits. Her eyes were starting to water and she had this concerned look of what seemed like dreadful anticipation.

"Wait a minute, Ava. Did I find a spot? Is your belly button like your armpits, girl?"

She surprised him when she nodded, yes. Both of them laughed.

"So damn cute!" he exclaimed. She rolled her eyes and moaned.

"Eye rolling? You're much too ticklish to be giving me all this sass!"

"Mass!" she mumbled incredulously!

"Yes, sass!" He stuck one finger in her belly button and wiggled. Electric response. She moved the only thing she could, her head. She begin bouncing it off the padding.

"Whoa, girl! Let me get a pillow just in case!"

He strapped two pillows in place and slipped his finger back into her innie deep enough that he could feel the bottom a bit.

"Mease! Mease! Mease! Mease!"

"I haven't done anything yet, Ava."

"Mease, M-lex!"

"This is what you wanted, ticklish girl." And he tortured her belly button by moving his finger gently around and around and around and around... then deep wiggles.... back out tickling around and around.... deep wiggles.

"There it is. That's what I'm waiting for," he whispered as her whole body tensed and quivered with silent laughter. "I could do this forever, you know. It's so easy." And he wouldn't stop until he lucked into another spot. Almost like a horseshoe around her belly button. If he pressed in just right, squeal! Then silence! So he dove into her belly button and pressed and dug around the outside until tears were streaming down her face.

"I've got to try something" Alex whispered more to himself than to Ava. Ava saw him pull up a small table. He grabbed a Q-tip and something or other with a tiny, flexible rubbery tip.

"I wonder what will tickle your navel the most..." he crooned evilly. Ava, still giggling from the brutal tickling seconds before did not respond until the Q-tip touched her belly button. Insanity... He honestly thought should could not laugh any harder, but he was surprised by this.

"Maybe it's the cotton swab. Hmmmm.... Tickle, tickle, tickle..."

She was babbling and sobbing.

"I would have never guessed that a little old Q-tip would break a tough girl like you, Ava." He had a look of mock concern on his face. All the while, he never stopped twirling that Q-tip.

After what seemed like agonizing hours, of forced silent laughter, loud giggles, and silent laughter again, Alex changed to the rubber tipped instrument.

"I modified this soft little gum stimulator and placed it at the end of a vibrating flosser. This should only tickle a tiny bit."

The ball gag did nothing to silence the ear piercing scream!

"Mumkle! Mumkle! MED! MED!!!!"

"Are you tapping out, Ava? Remember, you asked for no mercy. You asked for no limits!"

Ava continued to scream at the top of her lungs, and Alex would not stop. He heard what he thought was garbled cursing as she breathed sharply, sobbed, and then continued screaming through the merciless tickling of her belly button. This went on so long that Ava could feel herself getting light headed.

"M-lex........" Alex knew immediately that her voice was a warning. It sounded quiet like she was sinking. He pulled away from her belly button. He wasn't about to let any lee of his pass out.

"Break time, Ava."

Ava forced herself to quiet her sobbing so she could breathe, but the tears still flowed. She was shiny with sweat and eagerly gulped the water and Powerade that he gave her.

"Food?" he asked. She shook her head no and continued to quiet herself. He could tell she was getting close to normal again when he said, "I'm not stopping, Ava"

"Didn't ask you to!" she retorted roughly.

Alex laughed so hard he had to grab ahold of the table to keep from falling.

"You're so obstinate! And so ticklish."

Ava blushed, but did not respond.

"Break time is over, Ava."

"NO ball gag!" she yelled.

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it. For this, I want to hear each and every delicious scream." he whispered and moved toward her tightly bound feet.

End of Part II

Click HERE for Part 1

Still posting short little parts on purpose to tease. Sorry, not sorry. LOL LOL

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