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ler cravings

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I'm having rare but intense dom cravings right now SO bad. My dom side is very rare but very specific, and I really want to just tie someone down to a bed with so much rope or straps they can barely struggle, but enough where I can touch them wherever I want without issue. I want to take advantage of how stuck they are and tickle them all over, zeroing in on their most ticklish spots and taunt them over and over over their screaming that they can't get away from me no matter what. And between the tickling, I'm touching them, pinching their nipples, doing light sensory things that tickle but make them tingle so much that they can't help but start hardening/getting wet and I'll play with them, giving them a little taste of pleasure before diving back into the tickle torture and making them scream and beg for it to stop. And every time I take a "break" to pleasure them (whether with a hand or toy or mouth), they slowly feel the heat in their belly burning hotter and their toes curl, but I always back off before it feels TOO good until we get to a point where they're almost about to cum EVERY time and when I start tickling them all over again, the begging goes from "stop" to "please make me cum" because they're aching from how close they've come to orgasm every time.

The idea of having someone tied down and all mine to play with on my bed. And being able to creepy my fingers along their skin and just KNOWING that the person under me is holding back their nervous laughs (even when it doesnt tickle yet) because they KNOW it's coming, and it's going to tickle so bad and especially knowing how vulnerable they are because they're spread eagle on the bed and can't stop it at all

I like to imagine myself sitting on their hips, my fingers running all over their body and prodding and my mind is going a million miles an hour because I WILL notice even the slightest twitch, hitch of breath, or what have you that signifies I found a spot that would have the bottom begging in seconds. And half the fun is looking at the panic in their face, the realization that I've found a very bad spot and their eyes flicker to mine and they start giggling nervously and already begging like "wait wait wait" because they see the gears turning in my head as I pinpoint the exact spots that'll make them scream and beg and laugh and struggle as much as they can

and just to rub it in when they're screaming, I'll say things like "ticklish?"


    So how would you like some help?
    Super hot, and great writing as always!
    This makes my Lee side absolutely trimble. Excellent work!
    Get us all excited why don't ya . PM me next time your feeling that lil ole craving