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  1. The TMF administration should take stern action asnd reprimand perpetual bullies in the chat room such as Laughter_n_Love, Kevin Kidnapped, and RCA-Doggie. They piss-off, aghast and petrify female members especially newbies with ther comments. If anyone tries to counter them then they start throwing racial, gender and other kinds of murky abuses and even acccusing members of catfishing.
    If this kind of threats are encouraged by not taking any steps, it might discourage females from visiting the chat room.
    If you are able to scroll-back the chat room history of the past two days, you will get enough evidence to ban a few members.
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    Please see private message. Need your help ASAP!
  3. Hi! Is there an option to take screen caps when we are online in chatroom from mobiles? A person named "Ftk" keeps sending me weird PMs despite requests not to do so whenever I am online from tablet, where we dont have the "Ignore PC option"
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    A repeat of before, Angel can't host trivia internet is out, I am gonna do it in her stead. By the way. I don;t know if you hear this often but, thanks for hosting the tmf andI hope ya have a good day.
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    Myriads, angel isnt going to be able to host trivia tonight, internet is out till tomorrow.
  6. thanks
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    Hello Myriads,

    How is life treating you? Hope all is well.
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    Speaking of continuing stories, Myriads. I saw that you posted in Kunzite's topic. If I may ask...we ever going to get anymore chapters of World of When?
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    Myriads, I can't log into the forum on my desktop, do you know why? No matter how many times I reset the password, I won't work
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    hey Myriads, i was jw is there a way to hide my activity on my profile page, just wanted to know

    Thanks X)
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About Myriads
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I'm a 47 year old Male Dom who enjoys causing responses of all types in my playmates. I'm 5'7" with Gray eyes, and tend to be curious about small details that no one else is!
Upstate NY
Reach me at: Tzarmyriads@earthlink.net


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Beyond One Syllable Volume 2 #4 “Fetishes”

by Myriads on 11-01-2013 at 03:36 PM
Current theory on how individuals come to possess fetishes is an interesting and complicated aspect of modern psychology. A lot of progress has been made in understanding how it all works in recent years, and some clear things can be said about the process.

Before we start though, I'll need to provide some background in current genetic expression theory, and the sexual development cycle for humans to provide a solid foundation for understanding the specifics of specific sexual

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Beyond One Syllable Volume 2 #3 “Whack-a-Mole”

by Myriads on 09-23-2009 at 01:02 PM
Being a Moderator on a site like the TMF is an interesting experience. When I took on the job of being the forums Administrator almost ten years ago, I never imagined the many details that would go into running the site. What I thought would be a pretty black and white job turned out to be almost 100% composed of shades of gray. That took a bit of adjusting to on my part. I very much learned on the job. Sometimes I got things right, sometimes not. I always did learn though.


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Beyond One Syllable Volume 2 #2 “Goals”

by Myriads on 08-31-2009 at 01:41 PM
Periodically something happens on the forums that causes a small uproar. Perhaps it’s a interpersonal squabble. Sometimes it’s a controversy that gets personal. Other times it’s a case of bit of behavior that gets called out by folks. But it all adds up to drama. People get emotional, they get upset, they say and do things that are out of character. In the end some folks end up pretty unhappy, and the community as a whole seems more divided and unwelcoming.


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Beyond One Syllable Volume 2 #1 "Because"

by Myriads on 07-07-2009 at 02:25 AM
Long ago, in another life, I used to write a monthly column named Beyond One Syllable. It was about all aspects of sexuality, and it lead me to some interesting places. Some good, others bad. Not unlike life.

It was in the days before the web, and before information about ones sexuality was easy to find or share. When having a fetish isolated a person, rather then was a golden ticket to meet a group of like minded people. Many of you reading this have no way of knowing how much the

Read More