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Date of Birth
July 7th, 1978 (39)
About CapturedDoll
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
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In a Word:
Here are some answers to your questions that I can answer for you right now. If you don't bother reading this... I will send you directly to this page where you WILL read it. Or... you can save yourself a pm and move on to the next profile. If this frustrates or even angers you... I will block you. Its just that easy. =)

~ I have a Boyfriend. I am Bisexual.

~ I am not really into leeing for Female Lers. At least not online. But I am open to it at events. I though am not sure I will enjoy being topped by women. I prefer to be the one in complete control over women. But... I'm open to it. Especially if it is for men's enjoyment. Possibly even for actual videos. This is probably the only way I MIGHT be able to say I would enjoy the humiliation aspect. Forced to be tickled and turned on by a woman in front of men? I mean... I know F/f Tickling is expecially popular within our Community (of course so am I, I'm Bisexual and half Top.) So... who am I to rain down on everyones tickle parade? LOL ;) We'll see how it goes eh?

~ I discovered Tickling at age 6 in cartoons. Via "Wagon Heels". Whenever I saw tickling in cartoons... well... that only induced my craving for it.

~ No, I was never tickled myself when I was younger. (I'm thankful now in retrospect.) I did tickle others BUT DON'T BOTHER ASKING ME about THESE STORIES or sharing YOUR own stories from when you were younger. It CREEPS ME OUT. I believe you when you say you are into tickling. I don't need your history to prove it to me. And if the reverse is true... (you need my history) well... you just read as much info as you're going to get. I don't mind discussing the cartoons themselves though. Fan art etc. I may write another Don Turtelli story at some point. lol

~ Yes I AM Ticklish. EVERYWHERE: But asking me how much is pointless. Go to an event that I attend someday and you can find out for yourself. (If I let you tickle me of course.)

~ I wear a size 8 1/2- 9 in shoe/ high heel/ boot size.

~ Yes my feet are ticklish. But it is also my erogenous zone so... I cannot say how ticklish my feet are. Try different tools on me and see what happens. Maybe I'll be screaming in laughter. Sometimes I do. Sometimes moderately. Sometimes I don't... ;)

~ Feather tickling is a HUGE turn on for me.

~ I have to write out a basic list of tickling fantasies I have. When I get asked this... thats like asking me to pick out a fantasy from a huge room full of popcorn fantasies. lololol.

~I enjoy every gender, and most scenarios. M/f, F/m Couples, M/m, F/f and Gang tickling. Playful, to Hardcore and Extreme. And while Playful is fun... I need hardcore in my life, stories, and videos to get me off. Consensual tickling doesn't do much for me either. (Of course it should go without saying... but I'll say it anyway... I need consent and YOU need consent to play with me or anyone in real life.)

~ My most ticklish places seem to be my underarms, sides, waist, thighs, knees, and neck.

~ I HATE raspberries. HUGE TURN OFF. Also, I am NOT a fan of belly button tickling. Stomach tickling YES... but leave my bb alone please.

~ I dislike heavily the words "scritch" or "scratching". Nail references are fine in stories and such but... feathers and fingers are "my thing". Anything that rides the line of pain in tickling stories are not for me. Orgasm denial and Edging are the only exceptions I suppose.

~ I enjoy a bit of spanking when my Master does it to me. And I would/ will do it to women. In fact I would and will whip a woman if given the opportunity. Some S&M videos are still a turn on for me. But don't send me any. Or stories. If I feel like watching or reading those... I know where to find them. Which is rare now. I also prefer 80's and 90's BDSM videos.

~ My trigger words revolve around "bare feet", feathers... (anything that conveys how they tickle/touch.) And... "Tickle tickle tickle... Ticklish, Kitchy kitchy coo, Cootchie cootchie coo".... all those words/sentences that I can barely write here in context to me lololol. But "baby talk" creeps me out. There is a lot of phrases I don't like. Feel free to ask me and I will tell you if its a turn on or not. Its a fine line on these various phrases and for a lot of people the phrases I enjoy constitute "baby talk". And I completely understand why. But its NOT TO ME.

^^^Also it's not a humilation aspect for me... just a way to force me to get turned on. It DOES FEEL humiliating but... its not what I imagine or fantasize. I even imagine being tied up and forced to endure solely tickle talk. And forced to cum to it... But...I can't even imagine REALLY coming face to face with an actual Ler who would say these things to me. I might shy and melt away into the floor lololol. But I intend on going to events so... there you have it.

^^^ Believe me when I say: If I am in Ler mode and you are susceptible to those phrases... I WILL use them against you. For us that alone (imho) is a VERY Sadistic thing to do... and I WILL do it. And enjoy every minute of watching you blush yourself into being an adorable and shy (maybe even SCARED) lil tomato. But as Sadistic as that is... it is still NOT a humiliation factor for me to do that to you. I am forcing you to get turned on. THAT is one of my Tickling Keys of Torture I will turn and twist inside of you. Your mind is a dungeon in of itself you are trapped in... and I own that key. If you dare to listen to one of my audios... or in real life. You can't hide from me...

*** Back to some DO NOT'S:

~ I am NOT into Incest fantasies or Age play fantasies. I am not into "Mommy" scenarios. I am not into playing a young woman. I am my age of 39. While I enjoy Bimbofication or "party girl" mentality... thats it. I'm sure I'll dress like a cheerleader or college women. I have dressed in the cliche school girl plaid outfit. But... no thats not me. I love glitz and glamour. Rhinestones, Trophy Wife outfits. Stripper outfits. Sleaze and glam.

Also the fantasies of older topping younger or vice versa... nope not for me. So you can fantasize whatever you want to. But don't bring these fantasies to my inbox. This is not to say I won't top a younger woman or man at an event. (18+ Preferrably 21+) But this is not how i fantasize. I have CAPTURE fantasies. Not age related fantasies. And I in return have faceless stranger fantasies. Robber, or masked in some way. Like a secret Cult. Even Occult. I also have Police Officer or WW2 uniform fantasies. Wall Street Men. And mainstream movies of specific character villains. I should make a list of whom I consider a great charachter Ler. So far there's one women tv villain I would love to be Ler'd over by... "Joan" in "Wentworth". A woman has to be unbelievably cruel and powerful in a way that I can see myself being tickled by. The fact that "Joan" wears a uniform, and black gloves.... Mmmmm.... you should watch it. ;)

Ok I ran slightly off topic:



~ NO, I'm not going to meet up with anyone for private sessions. If that changes, I will make a post about it. My Boyfriend is not comfortable with that. Hopefully he will be someday. But I do plan on hosting events, and munches in the future. Also we will be going to NEST in the future. (Not this year sadly.)

~No, I do not include names in my stories or audios. Not for you, your wife, your husband, your friend, your friends friend, or ANYONE. I did it a few times and realized it takes away from the anonymous and strategic audio fantasies I produce. (In stories I just pick names out of the air.)

~ No, I do not write stories for anyone. NO I will not become an editor for you. And NO, I do not want to read anyone's own writings. Or watch anyone's videos. I look around for my own pleasure when I feel like it. If you send me something to read, I will feel pressured. I hate pressure. Especially if I don't like what I'm reading or viewing. If I read or view something on the TMF and have something positive to say... believe me I will say it. =) Don't take this personally, I just get too many requests to read or view others work. This rule of mine has been in place since day one. I have made a few exceptions but no more please.

~ My only exception to the above rule is tickling oriented AUDIOS. Those are so rare... I would truly enjoy listening to anyone's creativity with Tickle Talk- and those who so wish to make some aimed at ME.. My birthday is July 7th... hint hint ;) Just understand as for my personnal enjoyment: I would enjoy audios centered around bare feet tickling. Feathers are awesome for me too. And you can cum in the audios you make too... I don't mind... thats a high in of itself for me. ^_^ I love turning people on so hearing that lust in audios towards me would be awesome. Please use Soundcloud if you wish to send me an audio. I need another computer virus like a hole in the head. So I won't listen if the site isn't reputable. Also... I REALLY enjoy a bad Villain. If you take cues from say... well any villain in film... I'll be down to listen. I'm not saying mimic them... I'm saying... act like them. Vicious in tickle talk torment. Just a suggestion. :) Or just be yourself in what you fantasize doing to me... whatever. =)

~ I currently do not roleplay online, or offer Mistress/ sub online relationships. I also do not pm people unless I have something truly of interest to say to them. I participate in a chat room where I can speak to everyone at once. That is where I am most comfortable. But feel free to send me a private message. I love compliments. I love people telling me how they feel about my content. And if you got off to something I made- I love hearing about that too. (Though there is a limit... be a Gentlemen. I'm not interested in hearing about how much bodily fluids you produced. lol Sorry. ) Or, if you want to discuss complications in your relationships because of this fetish, that is fine too. But realize I can only help so much. Therapy can do more for you than I probably can. Though I can say not many therapists even know about our Fetish. This is a truly unique and still underground fetish so I can sympathize with you. And I can offer suggestions. But every relationship is complicated and there is no quick fix I can offer you. I wish there was.

~ You can talk to me here, TMF, the TMF Chat Room or Tumblr. No other option is available. Not kik... nor any other app, unless I write that here. Like... right HERE. lol

~ As open as I am in talking about my life... I also am a private person. So there are questions I will not answer.

****I enjoy making Erotic Tickle Talk Fantasy Audios. (Kinda like ASMR but not quite) I make more of masturbation Tickle Talk audios. Ive gotten way behind on making Bimfocation audios so expect a couple coming soon.

I'm growing into my audios. So the fun for your ears is just beginning.... You can find them on Soundcloud @


My 2nd and additional Soundcloud page is at:


My Tumblr accounts are under captureddoll and daddystrophydoll.

PLEASE NOTE: If you enjoy something of mine please go ahead and download it. I delete a few from time to time. To make space. Once I buy an official upgrade... I won't have to delete anything anymore. This is why I made an additional page.

My Bimbofication pics/ vids can be found under DaddysTrophyDoll on Tumblr. I enjoy dressing up and being a silly, slutty party girl. Its a great contrast to being a Sadistic Tickler. It also helps me feel more vulnerable as a ticklish lee. And overall I enjoy being objectified as a sexy woman. Whistles, compliments, what you would do to me... But that has limits too. Feel free to objectify me (especially with Tickling) ... but... don't be an asshole or think you have full reign to say whatever you please to me. My Master has that right. You DON"T. If I feel you have gone overboard... either I'll tell you or block you. You have to understand the difference or don't bother. But that rarely happens so I only usually have to say... "Ok... enough please". ----- I have the patience to explain myself... and the patience to say what I need to feel comfortable to continue talking with you. What I DON'T have is the patience to endure rudeness or outright pornographic "cum dumpster" language. For everything about me and what I enjoy... at the center of me is still a Lady. You can think and fantazise about me in every way possible all you want. In fact I encourage it. But how you interract with me is a different story.


Coastal South East
Tickling, Exercise, movies, travel, reading. Anything that can make me smile... (or SADISTICALLY smile...) >:)
Housewife (Unmarried- title still fits)



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