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About Personal1991

Basic Information

Date of Birth
January 8th, 1991 (29)
About Personal1991
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
Just ask me.
In a Word:
Just being me.
The Introduction and About Me:

*****Due to the current situation with COVID-19, I will not be planning to meet anyone for a tickling session at this time. However, if you want to plan for one in the future when things are calmed down, get with me and we shall schedule a date for a session. If that's the case, please bring a mask and hygienic stuff for safety. Thank you.*****

***If you would like to talk and become friends with me, please be sure to read my entire profile first before messaging me so there won't be any issues. Thank you for understanding.***

Hello. To get things started, don't let my username fool you about my gender. I am 100% male with quite a personality. I am also autistic. Normally, I am shy and bashful. I don't talk that much, but I am open-minded.


It was unknown how I got into tickling, but I enjoy it very much. At a young age, I've always watched cartoons and movies where tickling scenes were involved. I had a few experiences with tickling but they weren't that long. My tickling fetish wasn't serious until after graduation from high school in 2010. As for my tickling occupation..I am developing into a full tickler. Though, I must say that I will never tickle any men, sorry. It's not that I am against them. I'm not comfortable nor do I enjoy doing that. So men, please refrain yourselves from asking me to tickle you. All you will get from me is a genuine big N-O. Please understand that. I only prefer to tickle women (I don't care if you are older than me. You have to be at least 18. I also have special exceptions but I rather not say it on here because I don't want to offend anyone. Just ask via private message.), talking about tickling in general, or have normal conversations with anyone. Fun note: I am ticklish myself. Unfortunately, my location is dead to tickling because it isn't a common kink. Also, I don't know anyone in Tennessee that likes tickling. I hope to find people that enjoys tickling. I don't know. Only time will tell. However, even though I enjoy tickling, I do respect my ticklees and I will not do anything to make them uncomfortable.

Foot Fetish:

I also have a foot fetish. Yes I do. Though, I'm shy about it. Feel free to ask me about it.

Additional Thoughts:

After I graduated from high school in 2010, I've searched for in real life tickling partners to no success. I occasionally virtual play (boring and a waste of time, I know) since I cannot travel nor find real life partners. Setting up sessions for tickling is a bit simple and easy but making them actually happen in reality is not and I speak this from experience. I would sometimes set up sessions and they almost happen but they are usually interrupted and cancelled because of unexpected things such as relationships, marriages, discrimination, traveling issues, bullshit/nonsense, and the jerkass(es) that ruins it for everyone else. People would usually set up sessions with me and then bails on me like the chickens that they are. Injuries, health issues, past experiences, and personal reasons I can understand. It's just the other unexpected bullshit that leaves me disappointed and discouraged. Though it is great to hear about others' experiences, it isn't really fun when it isn't actually happening to me and it sucks. When you tell me about your experiences, try not to belittle me nor rub it in my face for not having much experiences such as you. Otherwise, I will immediately block you for being condescending and snooty. Going to people for a session is tough in my case. When I tell people that I cannot travel, they would cancel the session and it is rather disappointing.. I would rather have people come to me and we can work something out. It would make life really easier for my unluckiness. I really hope to experience my kinks in reality. Don't worry, I will not show you this side of me in our first meeting nor in the conversations unless you are consent about it. Plus, I am kinda afraid and shy to express this side of me towards people. I do respect my tickle partners and I would never do anything to make them feel uncomfortable. Trust is the keyword here.

I know that most people in the world hates, treats badly, and disrespect these types of people because they think that they are different from people with pleasant images. I am disgusted and angry towards the haters that think poorly of BBWs. I had befriended these special types of people. I think that they are wonderful and deserve more love and respect. They are really special and mean alot to this world. And what is more, I find BBWs very attractive. I dated some in the past and that's what caused me to love BBWs. If you are a BBW, you are always welcome to befriend me.

I have limits. Please respect them.

My Disappointing Experiences and Limits:

Alright, I will have to be a bit rude and firm for this section in the most kindest way possible. First of all, I will not show my face under any circumstances for personal reasons. Though, I will tell you little about my appearance. Once we get to know each other well and become friends, maybe I will reveal myself to you but only in another site. If I have already known you for a long time, I will reveal myself to you. Otherwise, be patient. I will not engage into anything sexual with men. I have gotten unpleasant messages from various men that were completely freaky, pushy and begged me to do things to them. The messages made me felt nothing but great discomfort. Please, get this message through your heads: I am not into men whatsoever and I am 100% strictly straight. If you don't like it, please move on elsewhere to those people that are into such things. I don't hate men. It's just that I am not comfortable when they try to be too friendly with me. I will not travel to your countries for any reason, so don't ask me to come to your country because I won't. I have met others that wants me to come to their country which I will not be doing. Also, I can't drive nor can afford transportation so please respect that. I will only travel when I am able to and close. I have had people that wanted to set up real tickling sessions with me. Eventually, they "lose interest" of it because of "asinine reasons" and decide to go to others for sessions. Like really..seriously. If you decide to be that way, then don't bother messaging me. I'm tired of your crap and cheap talk. Only message me if you are absolutely serious about this. Don't say that you want to befriend me and then block me afterwards. I've been rejected many times for ridiculous reasons and I got used to the hurt. If you don't want to be friends, then don't contact me at all. That's it. Don't waste your pathetic time pretending. I don't have the time to deal with pathetic losers like yourselves. Lastly, do not befriend me if you are in serious relationships. When I say serious relationships, I mean in relationships when one of the partners are selfish, mean, jealous, insecure, and don't want anyone else to talk to their partner(s). I had been friends with people that are in relationships. Serious relationships cause nothing but stress and drama. The friendships of my friends would end because of my friends' insecure, possessive, controlling, overprotective, arrogant, condescending, immature, pissy, superior, asinine, and selfish partners. I have lost many, many friends that way and I do not want to lose anymore than I have now. Due to this, it would be best to not befriend nor message me. Period. Though, I will accept people that are in opened relationships. I know these mind games so don't try them against me. Have I explained enough to you or do I need to repeat myself again? I already have? Alright then. Now shut up, people. I am only saying this due to my misfortunate past experiences. Just do not hurt me and I won't hurt you, okay? Thanks for understanding.

Tickling Experiences:

Coming soon!!

Final Thoughts:
Treat me with respect and I shall do the same for you. Otherwise, I will remove you from my list. I will not befriend nor will I talk to you if you want to be friends just for money and sell me stuff. If you are, move on to someone else that's into selling and such. I can't offer money due to the struggling I'm going through. I'm sorry. Please understand. I don't approve sexists in any way so refrain from befriending me if you are going to talk poorly about a specific gender. I also don't tolerate with people that talks poor about body images. Go elsewhere if you are not going to be nice towards others. I am not looking for relationships. I am only looking for friendships. I don't like people that pretends to be something they're not. Just be yourselves. I rather have legit friends rather than impersonators and fakes. I am sure you all would like that as well. About my posts, do not comment nor message me if any of my posts don't meet up with your expectations nor catch your interest. Just don't. If you are not into young adult men, do not message me. Period. I am tired of getting comments on my posts from people that criticize and talks crap towards me for looking into something. Advice and tips can be helpful but if you are not going to say anything nice and be rude about it, don't bother commenting in my posts. If you do, I'll block you for being rude and stupid. However, I do prefer that you message me if any of my posts catch your attention and interest. If you really have interest of talking to me, feel free to chat. Though, I think it would be best if we get to know one another before meeting up. Also, I think it would be appropriate if the first meeting would be at a public place before getting into anything. It is just a matter of trust, safety, and respect. I have read horrific stories that some people meeting others on sites (any sites of that matter) who turned out to be dangerous and not so good people. This is why I am careful and aware. Thank you for understanding and respecting my wishes.

Sometimes, TMF doesn't show who is messaging me and it is rather slow. I have some sites when I am not on here because it is more faster. Be sure to private message me first for either of the sites. Also, be sure to have your preferred sites as well in the message. I would like to know who you are when sending me expected messages from either site without unexpected messages. I have Facebook, Email (twilight.personal1991@gmail.com), WhatsApp, Skype (Rising_sun595), and the Kik is Risingsun99.

If there's anything you would like to ask or tell me, you already know the drill. Also, thanks for having the time to read my profile. Have a nice day and get your tickling on, everybody. Tickle tickle tickle.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Tickling, walking, singing, small furry animals and amphibians, and anime. Just ask for more.
College Graduate


"I'm just me and I enjoy being me".


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