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About Dark Crane

Basic Information

Date of Birth
November 11th, 1995 (25)
About Dark Crane
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
All over my body! I'm really ticklish! I'm not kidding: I'm a legit ticklish person ...

Neck: 08
Armpits: 10
Ribs: 10
Sides: 10
Stomach: 10
Inner Thighs: 10
Feet: 08

I know that many of us don't like that type of list because the numbers may not be so accurate. But I put here as a reference list ....
In a Word:
I'm into tickling since my early days as a child. The first tickling memories that come to me are from when I was about 04 years old. I always loved tickling, I always was deathly ticklish all over my body and always loved to tickle other people. Especially girls. I'm much more into female tickling, but I like to tickle men's feet also - don't know why, but I like it -. And I like getting tickled only by women ...

I'm a ticklish man. Ticklish to the point that's uncomfortable to be next to someone's hand. It's horrible. And awesome at the same time ...

After so many years, I had so many great experiences with tickling that I just need to thank God that I'm into tickling. I tickled a lot of girls, was tickled several times. And had good times ...

TMF's a wonderful place and it's great to be here! After registering here, I became more self-confident, more like me. More like the ticklish man I am. And I feel much better now ...

I love my feet, I have a lot of care with them and I post some photos of them here on the forum! I'd love to know your opinion about them!

Anyway, that's it. I hope to continue to explore my ticklishness the best I can. Be tickled to tears, tickle other people until they pee their pants ...

Explore your ticklishness! It's the best sweet suffering in the world!
SP, Brazil
Tickling (more into tickling girls), Soccer, Football, Feet, Getting tickled by girls ...
Photographer, Business Man


Tickling 'til death the ticklish girls since 1999...

"The best thing in the world: tickle 'til death a beautiful girl.
The second best thing in the world: be tickled to tears by a beautiful girl. And, after that, have a great revenge tickling her until she pees her pants ..."


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