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About ticklelover86

Basic Information

About ticklelover86
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
I am SUPER ticklish just about everywhere:

Sides, ribs, belly, soles, legs, thighs (all the way around), chest, sides of my chest, nipples, butt, back of knees, etc...

I am HYPER ticklish in my WORST spots:

Armpits, knees, under my toes, light nails on the sides of my belly, hip/groin crease (about .5"-1" down from the top—read my true tickle story to find out what happens when I'm tickled here XD)
In a Word:
I am a truck driver by trade. I am just now (November 2021) exploring my fetish for the first time in earnest. I'm 35 and I waited way too long to pursue this.

If I'm being honest, as a straight male growing up in a conservative and Christian red state like Texas, the phrase, "I like to be tied up and relentlessly tickled without mercy," didn't come up in a lot of conversations. Sex and fetishism in general have always been so stigmatized that I never really even considered coming out of the "tickle closet" until recently when a health scare gave me a new lease on life and the ability to see things as, "who cares what people think of me?! I have one life to live! Why hide who I am? Why let people shame me or feel guilty simply because I like something that most people see as 'off color?'"

So, here I am. Even though I've been to this site MANY times in the past—and even created a few other names, just to look around and see pics and stuff—this is the first time I've ever created a profile and gone this far in setting it up to reflect what I want out of life.

What do I want out of life?

I want to be tickled! I want to tickle someone else!

Life is way too short. I want to be relentlessly and mercilessly tickle tortured by and get to tickle torture a breathtakingly beautiful woman. I want to have a tickle session at least ONCE in my life, maybe more, like a lot more.
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas
Tickling, golf, computers, planes, flight sim, intelligence community, spy tv shows
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