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    Feb 2007

    My wife, the tickling story library

    As I said in my first post, my wife is a walking tickling story and I think many of her tickling experiences you will find very enjoyable. First I will describe her; she absolutly beautiful, 5'6" 120pnds. blonde straight hair and blue eyes and as far as her feet are concerned they look like they are from a B.A.C. painting and are size 7 and of course very ticklish as are her side and neck.
    As far as personality goes she is very spirited, some might think she is kind of a bitchy woman but she is just a no nonsense kind of a person which is the kind of woman I love to tickle.
    At first, when we first started dating, I thought she wasn't ticklish at all until one night we were looking at her old collction of records, one of which was some stupid kids album that had little men on the cover and she held it and told me it reminded her of a dream she had in her late teens (she was 20 at this time.)
    I told her to tell me about her dream and she said in the dream she had never laughed so hard in her life, adding she laughed so hard it woke her out of her sleep. Now my heart started pounding anticipating she may have been tickled and I was correct. She said in her dream she was driving in a town that appeared to be abandoned and all of a sudden the car quit running and she got out to find help and started walking up to a store and found it was closed.
    She said she started too look for another place when all of a sudden these little men, about a foot tall came out of nowhere holding huge feathers and they started chasing her. They cornered her in a dead end of an alley and started walking up to her slowly waving their feathers while they were giggling in their tiny little voices. Then all at once they attacked her with the feathers. She said she was wearing a short sleeve shirt, shorts and flipflops which she said made it hard to run.
    The little men with long feathers tickled her behind her ears, neck and face, while the other ones slid feathers into her arm sleeves tickling her under arms. She said she was screaming and laughing and tried pushing the feathers away but they swarmed all over with the feathers.
    Of course I was trying to hide my enthusiasm and wanted to hear more and I squeeked out "so what else happened?" and she said they tickled her legs and knees and then they slowed down a little which she said gave her a chance to try to run (now here comes my favorite part). She started to run
    but they tripped her with the long feathers and were able to hod her down by
    using the feathers like ropes. She said the little maniacs started to tickle the tops of her feet with the feathers and some of the tried pulling off her flipflops. She said she tried to kick them away and when she did, her flipflops went flying off and they all let out this cheer and she said " oh my God, they started tickling the BOTTOM'S OF MY FEET (she emphasized this)
    and if that wasn't bad enough the little creeps pulled feathers in between my toes!" By now I can't even respond and wanted her keep telling me about this dream but she said that a minute into them tickling her feet she woke up from laughing.
    I told that I didn't think she was ticklish after getting no response from some quick tickles and she told me she was very ticklish and that from being tickled almost every day in her high school years by her old boyfriends she has about a ten second tickling threshold and I said let's see and grabber her bare foot and started tickling and sure enough, after about ten seconds she exploded into laughter and slid backwards off the bed trying to get away but I kept both feet on the bed and continued tickling away while she laid on her back laughing her head off. I stopped after a minute or so and she said "see, I told you."
    We were at her parents house at the time and suggested we go down to the finished basement to watch t.v. but my real motive was to hear about her real life tickling experiences.
    After laying next to her on the couch watching t.v. for a while I drummed enough nerve to ask her if she had ever been tickled for a long time like in her dream. and she said "are you kidding, like I said I had boyfriends who tickled me every chance thay got and it wasn't for just a few minutes at a time either." I asked to tell me about some thes times and she said "you not going to get mad at me if I do are you?" and I told no of course not and she saod o.k. and she started telling me about several different "ticklish situations" she was in all of which I will post at later times.
    It was at this time I asked her if she could remember what was the longest time someone ticklied her feet and she said "oh, that's easy" and told me about a time her boyfriend at the time was over and he was one of those arrogant guys who thought he was it and was into all the high school sports and always wore the letterman jacket. Well anyway she said they were in the living room watching T.V. when her parents left to go to a movie.
    She said they had been dating about a month and had only playfully briefly tickled her sides from time to time. She that night was different.
    Kelley said she was kind of a brat and a tease in high school and and was playing hard to get that night and all of a sudden he wrestled her down to the floor (she said he was a good wrestler) and pinned her down quickly on her back but she said he pinned her down so that her arms were at her sides with him straddling her on her stomach. She yelled at him to get off but instead he got his fingers into her underarms and started wiggling his fingers.
    At that time she said she didn't have the resistance to tickling like she does now and immediatly started laughing her head off. He kept his fingers in between her arms and sides and slid them down to her ribs were here he tickled her for about five minutes. I'm thinking ok, ok , let's hear about the foot tickling but I sure did not want to interupt her.
    Kell said he stopped after he reduced her a giggling fool and she thought it was over when he told that's what I do to little brats and if you are again you're going to get it worse. Being the stubborn brat she is she told him "yea right" not thinking of what might happen next and he said "oh, really"
    And before she could react he flipped her over onto her stomach and sat on the back of her legs and due to being worn out from laughing she could not do anything about her situation now. He told her she had better hope that her feet weren't ticklish because he was going to teach her a lesson if they were.
    Somewhere along the line Kelley realized I was getting exited about this story and started change her tone of voice into something more sexy.
    She said and I'll quote her as best as I can rember "he bent my legs back at he knees (which she found to be his favorite foot ticklig position) and sat on the back of my legs and started pulling off my socks, AND I
    BEGGED HIM NOT TO TICKLE MY FEET! but he did, he tickled the bottom of my feet like you would not believe. He started by tickling the sides of my feet just to tease me and then the tops of my feet then the tips of my toes.
    All the time saying that stupid saying gitchy gitchy goo while getting closer to the very bottom of my feet. I was able to handle what he was doing to my feet but he kept getting closer to going around the sided and closer to the bottoms knowing I was going freak out. For some reason I think he enjoyed this and coninued this teasing for about two minutes and then the teasing stopped and I didn't feel anything. Then all of a sudden it felt like a butterfly landed on the bottom of my feet. She said she bit her lip and tried not to laugh but then he tickled harder causing her to loose control and she began to laugh hysterically while he tickled her feet from heel to toes.
    "This jerk tickled my feet relentlessly for at least 45 minutes, he even tickled in between my toes but mostly on the bottoms." For some reason every time my wife uses key words like"bottom of my feet" or the word "ticklish" or even "feather" it drives me nuts. She went on to say that no matter what she said and no matter how much she begged and pleaded for him to stop tickling her feet, he kept on. She said she laughed so much her stomach hurt for days and when it was finally over she laid on the floor for about a half hour.
    She said she made the mistake of thinking this was a one time thing but she found out later that nothing could be further from the truth.
    Sorry if this was too long of a post but it is what it was and I couldn't leave anything out. Next time I'll tell you the stories of this same boyfriend actually tickling her feet with a feather he brought to her house and another time when he had brought a friend of his over to help tickle her nylon coverd feet (at sole seeker's request) as well as Kelley getting the works from him and his two brothers at his house. Talk to you soon.

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    Very nice story, do post more about your and your wife's experiences.
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    Great! Please post more!

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    Tickle My Wife Please...

    You should check out my "Tickle My Wife Please" Trilogy in my story Archive.

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    Apr 2001
    northeastern minnesota
    Incredible story bro, vividly told, beautifully discriptive; you're really a damned good writer! I loved it long time, and i look forward to many more wifey tickle tales, especially the feather one, you really hit me where i live with that one!
    "I'm SO ticklish, i have the most ticklish feet ever!!"

    Carmen Electra

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    Apr 2001
    Definitely post more, I love it when a girl remembers a story and tells it, super sexy, almost as good as a real tickle, thanks for posting!

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    Feb 2007
    Thanks for the positive feedback. I agree with nontkl, these kind of true stories are almost as good as the real thing. To me, it's the scenario that turns me on as well as who is involved. I have asked my wife how she can remember these incidents so well and with such detail and she told me she doesn't remember all the "quick tickles" but she vividly remembers the ticklings that lasted over 10 minutes because they were borderline traumatic (in a good way). She astounds me with her recollection of detail for each story such as if she was barefoot or had on nylons or if she had on jeans or was wearing a skirt.
    Kelley has told me at least 20 or more seperate major ticklings and has told me them each one of them over and over again over the years and I never get tired of hearing them.
    You would think as much as she has been tickled, she would be into it like the rest of us but she really can't stand to be tickled and has only let me tie her up and tickle her on few occassions but that doesn't included the hundres of times Iv'e pinned and tickled her.
    She is fascinated as to why I get turned on by it and does think as she puts it "weird" , however she has no problem in telling me the stories, she also
    has on many occassions thought up several fantasy ticklish situation stories
    that are mind blowing, all of which she hits on my favorite fantasy of her being tickled by more than one person. I have tried to explain to her why this turns me on and she said that was ok as long as it remained a fantasy.
    She has asked me how I would react if a man did have her tied down and tickled her feet with a feather and I said I'd be overcome by the combination of being jealous and turned on at the same time. She always asks me that question if she really wants me to get fired up.
    I am a very lucky man even if she dosn't like being tied up and tickled because she does fuel the fire with her stories and tolerance of my desires.
    Let me know if you want to hear more or suggest a situation she may have been in and I'll go to that type of a story if it did happen to her or something close. Right now I'm going in somewhat order as she told me them starting with oldest to newest, then I'll
    go to some of the "ticklish situations" stories she has invented for me.
    She is unbelievable at those stories as well by knowing what turns me on and she will catch me off guard by starting out telling me "honey, you are never going to believe what happened to me while you were at work today"
    And I'd say "what happened?" and she said all the neighborhood guys came over to see if you wanted to play football and I told them you were working so they asked if I wanted to play with them and I said sure and
    I was the only wife there and you're not going to believe what they did to me
    after we started playing"..... I'll finish that one in great detail at another time and in the mean time I'll get ready to post the one's about her boyfriend
    and his friend tickling her as well as the one with her boyfriend's brothers.

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    nowhere special - just cruising

    Thumbs up

    Excellent post!

    To me, it's the scenario that turns me on as well as who is involved.
    I agree 100%. Couldn't put it better. Don't think your post is running too long because you're giving too much information. The more info the better mental image I can form.

    You're a lucky guy in that your wife is willing to tell you these tales. I'm sure it's because she enjoys the benefit of what it does to you. I can't wait to read the rest. Post when you can.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Mar 2007

    Your wife's storys are cute

    I use
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    A lucky man you be,more stories please.
    I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
    (Noel Coward)

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    Benjamin Franklin.

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    Jun 2003
    very nice man. you're bringing up a lot of fond memories for me. i'll have to get on here one of these days and type some of em out at length. in the mean time though keep yours coming!

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