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    Join Date
    Jan 2002

    M/f - tickling three female neighbors

    Close to twenty years ago I rented in a small, 7-unit apartment house. Within a few years I tickled three female neighbors.

    I have already written about two of the neighbors I tickled on the TMF.

    First, here is the story of Maria, a downstairs neighbor:


    And while she was not the topic of the post, a neighbor across the hall named Gurlie felt my tickling fingers one night. To read about her, you will have to scroll down to one of the replies I wrote in this post:


    And the third female neighbor I tickled was named Magdelena, whose place was next to Gurlie's, but they didn't live in the building at the same time. Funny enough, it was Maria who fixed us up. Magdelena and I joined Maria and her boyfriend for drinks one evening. As Magdelena came on to me strong throughout the cocktails, when we were alone later that night we got romantic. Feeling so encouraged, I tickled her and Magdelena was wildly ticklish, flailing as I tickled her midsection and feet, telling me to stop. Sad to say, Magdelena was not submissive, certainly not as anxious to please me as I hoped as she refused to put up with me tickling her. It frustrated me, having a girl who liked me a lot and was very ticklish but who would not let me tickle her long. That was the only date we had. At least Maria's boyfriend paid for all the drinks!

    FYI, Magdelena was very pretty and probably ten years younger than I was (early 30s) at the time. She had classic Italian girl wavy, brunette hair to her shoulders. She was around 5'2" and chubby. Not textbook attractive but sexy enough to make me want her.

    I wondered if, later, Maria and Magdelena swapped notes on me, as this was after Maria and I had sneaked away to the park.

    Magdelena moved out not long after our date. I don't think she lived in the building even three months.

    What are the odds of finding three female neighbors to tickle in an apartment house with only seven units? I don't know, but grab it if it comes your way!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    It was very lucky of you, I would say. Thanks for sharing the experience.
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    Jan 2002

    Except my love seat was even dustier!

    M317, the bouncy-love seat smilie reminds me of Gurlie when I tickled her, except my furniture was even dustier!

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising

    Thumbs up

    Great post, EM. I enjoy reading your stuff. Also, thanks for the link to your related past posts. Saved me having to hunt them down.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Jan 2002

    Been too long

    Sole Seeker, thanks. You seem to read and respond to almost every true story I post here. And even though this was the first true story I contributed in more than six months, there you are again! Nice to know someone's out there!

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