Cystal is 18 years old, she is the youngest in the family, she has four older siblings, Tony (20), Matt (22), Tara (24) and Megan (26). They would always tickle torture Crystal, Crystals extemely ticklish stops were her armpits and feet, her siblings would mostly tickle those areas as it drove Crystal insane when those areas were tickled. They would pin her down on her bed and tickle her armpits and feet for half an hour with a little break in between. Anyway heres the story.

It was 8am in the morning on a Sunday, Crystal starts to wake up then suddenly realises her arms and legs are tied to the bed and she has fear in her eyes knowing her siblings are going to tickle her. Crystal is wearing a singlet top and shorts. Her siblings come into her room, she sees them holding feathers in their hands and is dreading having to feel the feathers on her soft sentative skin, the feathers drive her crazy but even her siblings fingers also drive her crazy. Her siblings come over to her bed with evil grins on their faces and getting ready to tickle torture their sister.

Cystals brothers, Tony and Matt sat by her upperbody area and her sisters Tara and Megan sat by her feet. Her brother Tony said, "well i think its time for some tickle fun" as her brothers took their feathers closer to her upper body Crstal started pleading for them to not tickle her "Please guys dont tickle me HAHAHAHA" Cystal is laughing hysterically as her brothers tickle her armpits, sides, stomach and bellybutton and her sisters are tickling her soles moving their feathers up and down her soles and under her toes and in between each toe and along the tips of her toes. Her brothers are tickling her sides by going up and down with really quick strokes and then into her armpits doing circles and then her brother Matt would tickle her stomach and bellybutton while her other brother continued to tickle her armpits. Cystal is jumping up in down and moving side to side trying to get away from the feathers and is laughing hysterically, tears are coming her face and she screams as her super ticklish spots are being attached by her siblings.

This goes on for 15 minutes and after the 15 minute tickling they stop and let Cystal have a break and give her a glass of water. Her oldest sister says "you will have a 10 minute break then we will start tickling you again but this time just using our fingers" Cystal panting away after the 15 minute tickling and dreads the next 15 minutes of her tickle torture and hopes the time will go fast.

I will either post PART 3 today or next week. Would you like me to continue writing stories like these?