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    My Life as a Tickle Slave (f/m)

    My Life as a Tickle Slave
    By Feather Flip

    Part 1: The interview

    I had no idea how radically my life was going to change when I walked into the student union to get the daily paper. The semester was almost over and I was looking for a summer job and a place to stay. My eyes were immediately drawn to a very unusual title. “Wanted, live-in tickle slaves.” I read on.

    “Very beautiful and dominant lesbian couple seeks live in tickle slaves for the summer. Prefer good looking, athletic college boys. Must be extremely ticklish and willing to voluntarily submit to intense bondage and tickle torture sessions. Compensation: $2,000.00 per month plus room and board.”

    Wow. Two thousand dollars a month was a small fortune to someone like me. And free rent. I reread the ad. I certainly fit the bill. At 21 I was considered attractive. I ran track and had a slender, athletic figure. But what was all this about tickling? I had not been tickled in a long time but knew from various tickle fights with my siblings that I was ticklish. My curiosity was peaked. I went back to my dorm room and dialed the number.

    A very seductive voice answered the phone.

    “Hi, I’m calling about your ad.”

    A brief pause then “So you want to be a tickle slave? Think you have what it takes?”

    “Well, I’d like more information.” I told her my name was Brian and briefly described myself and my struggle as a poor college student. I told her that I was looking for a place to stay this summer and that the ad was appealing. “Can you explain what being a tickle slave means?”

    “Well Brian, my name is Shannon. I live with my girlfriend Staci in a large mansion over on the west side. Both of us are very beautiful and dominant.” Shannon went on to explain that while both she and Staci were attracted to men, both had very disastrous marriages that ended in bitter divorces when they discovered that their husbands had cheated on them. “Staci and I met a couple of years ago. It was amazing how much we had in common, especially on how we view the male species. We both knew that we wanted men in our lives, but in a very controlled way. So we decided that this summer we were each going to get a young hot guy and use him as a tickle slave. You see Brian; there is no better way to control the male than through intense tickle torture. Both Staci and are fiendish masters in the art of tickling. We have a large room in our house that has been turned into a tickle chamber, with a variety of bondage devices. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. Nothing gives us more pleasure or gets us hotter than having a tied up, extremely ticklish guy going crazy under our fingers!”

    I was blown away by what I was hearing. It sounded utterly fantastic. I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. “So what exactly will the job of tickle slave entail?” I nervously asked.

    “It’s really simple.” Shannon said. You will come and live in our house for the summer and get 2 grand a month. You will be free to do as you please except on tickle days. There will be at least two a week. On those days you must be willing to submit to us completely. You will assume the role of slave and have to endure all of our tickling whims. You will be cared for and sexually rewarded, but the tickle torture you will endure will be.. shall we say, very intense.”

    “Have you had many takers on this offer yet?” I jokingly inquired.

    There was a pause. “Well Staci has already found her slave. I thought I had mine but he chickened out during the interview.”


    “Yes, if you are interested in this I will need to meet with you. I need to make sure I am attracted to you, to see how submissive you can be, and finally I will have to determine if you are ticklish enough to meet my needs.”

    My heart was racing. For some insane reason I found this proposal intensely exciting. I also naively felt that tickling couldn’t be that bad. And if I was going to get two grand a month plus free room in board, in a large house then I could put up with a little tickling.

    I told Shannon I was interested. We set an appointment for the next day. She told me it would last about three hours.

    Shannon’s house was enormous. Two stories and at least thirty rooms. What an incredible place to spend the summer, I thought as I parked my car and walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell.

    Shannon opened the door. She was about 5’ 8”, very athletic, about 40 and dressed in a black bikini and high heels. She was unbelievably beautiful and for several seconds all I could do was stare at her in awe. She smiled. “Welcome Brian,” she said as she shook my hand. I couldn’t help notice how long and stiff her fingernails were, painted bright red and curiously menacing.

    But her friendly demeanor helped calmed my rising nervousness and I gaped at the house as she led me into a large living room. In the center of the room was a small table with two boxes lying on it. “Ok, this is the moment of truth.” Shannon looked into my eyes. “I’m going to leave the room for a few minutes. You have a choice. You can either walk out of here right now and never come back, or you can remove all your clothes and put on the outfit that is in these two boxes. If, when I return, you are properly dressed and standing in the middle of the room I will assume that you have decided to be my tickle slave for the afternoon. You must obey me in all things and give yourself willingly to my every desire.”

    Shannon continued to look me in the eyes for a good few seconds. Then she smiled and turned to leave. “I’ll be back shortly.” she said as she left the room. I watched her leave, staring at the backs of her beautiful legs and perfect ass.

    My sense of excitement went through the roof when I opened the first box. It contained a very small, bright red, satin thong. I quickly removed my clothes and pulled the thong on. It was tight but comfortable. I grinned. This was crazy. What was I doing here? Standing nearly naked in the house of a woman I had only just met, about to give her complete control, become her tickle slave, whatever that really meant. I opened the other box. It contained a heavy leather collar. Silently I put it around my neck and stood there, waiting.

    Shannon returned shortly and looked me over. She had me raise my arms and turn around a couple of times. “Very nice,” she said approvingly. “You are really a hot young thing. I think I am going to have a great time with you.” She came up to me and placed a small lock on the collar and then attached a thick leash.

    “As long as you wear this collar you will address me as Mistress Shannon. I shall regard you as Slave, my property.”

    “Yes Mistress Shannon.” I said softly.

    Suddenly she jerked on the leash and I fell to my knees. Even though my hands and legs were free it was clear that she could control me with the heavy leash and collar.

    “Come. I am impatient to test your ticklishness.” She tugged on the leash and I followed her as we headed for the wide staircase.

    My nervousness began to increase as we climbed the stairs. I felt increasingly vulnerable and could sense the dominant power of the sexy woman holding the leash. What ever she had planned she was very serious about it. That was for sure.

    We reached the top of the stairs and turned down a hallway. Mistress Shannon was tugging on the leash, guiding me to a certain door. Even from a distance I could tell that it was different from the rest of the house. The door was made out of heavy wood and had the appearance of a medieval dungeon. We stopped at the door and I looked at the lettering that had been inscribed on it. “The Tickle Torture Chamber.” I freaked. “Oh no!” I cried as I tried to back away. Mistress Shannon held the leash firm. Reality sunk in. I had naively assumed that tickling was some sort of weird foreplay to this woman. Now I realized it was much more elaborate and I shouldn’t have been so eager to go willingly.

    “Slave BE STILL!” Mistress Shannon ordered, jerking hard on the leash. “Act like a man!” She produced a heavy metal key and unlocked the door. She entered forcibly, dragging me in and then closed the door swiftly, immediately locking it.

    I was in a confused panic. The room was dark, save for one dim light that was illuminating a horizontal X frame table. Mistress Shannon pulled the leash so I had no choice but to stumble after her. I was unprepared for her physical strength and speed. She quickly pushed me on to the X frame. I fell on the table on my back and she lashed the leash to an eyehook, effectively pinning my neck to the table.

    “Extend your limbs Slave!” She ordered. I obeyed. Mistress Shannon worked quickly, first securing my feet and then my arms with leather straps. She then produced more straps and secured my thighs and forearms. In the blink of an eye I was helpless. Stretched out on my back with my legs spread apart and my arms stretched way over my head. I was pinned. I couldn’t move much at all. Mistress Shannon untied the leash so I was no longer in danger of choking myself. I could even lift my head and look around this strange room.

    The light got brighter. I could see a number of fiendish bondage devices, each designed to restrain a person in a specific position. On one of the walls hung an impressive assortment of feathers and brushes. Tickling tools I figured. I looked at the ceiling. It was covered with a large mirror. I stared at the reflection of my near naked body, helplessly bound and spread eagled. True fear came to me. I knew I was in way over my head but I was powerless to escape whatever fate awaited me. Mistress Shannon approached me, smiling almost gleefully.

    “I’ve got you now, my little tickle slave.. and you are going to laugh for me!” She placed a single finger on my abdomen and using her nail, slowly scratched the length of my chest. Goosebumps came instantly, the sensation was electric and I tried to jump away, but of course I couldn’t do that.

    “Ok,” Mistress Shannon began. “Here are the rules. The tickle torture chamber has been sound proofed, so you can get as loud as you need to be. You are free to scream your head off with laughter, and to beg for mercy. But your pleas will go unanswered. I will not stop tickling you until I am ready to. That is how all the tickling sessions will go. But I encourage you to beg. I love hearing desperate pleas for mercy from my hysterical tickle slaves!”

    I was given no time to digest these words because Mistress Shannon , using both of her hands began to tickle my stomach and sides, her long nails scratching against my unprotected flesh. I exploded in hysteria and tried desperately to free myself but it was useless. My whole body shook in a frenzy and the most hysterical laughter I had ever heard erupted from my mouth. Mistress Shannon tickled continuously, with both hands, ten fingers, very methodically, going up and down my sides, lingering in my armpits, across my chest, tickling my nipples then back to my sides.

    I laughed and screamed and bucked. I had no idea that tickling could be such intense torture. I had no idea a person could be as ticklish as I apparently was. I was going crazy! I couldn’t stand it!


    “I’m afraid that time has come and gone, my little tickle slave!” Mistress Shannon said happily as she spider tickled up my sides and in to my armpits. “You had many opportunities to escape this and now you’re just going to have to lie here and take it!”

    Her fingers lingered in my armpits, tickling furiously as I screamed and laughed and begged her to stop.

    “PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP!!!! HAHAHAHAHA HEEEE OHHH I CAN’T TAKE THIS! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!” I shrieked as the armpit tickling drove me out of my mind. Mistress Shannon merely giggled and continued. After another couple of minutes of laughing and begging, my garbled mind tried a new strategy. “AT LEAST HAHAHAHA AT LEAST TICKLE ME SOMEWHERE ELSE! AHAHAHHHAAA!”

    “I can do that” Mistress Shannon said and the tickling shifted away from my pits and slowly down my upper body. “I do need to test your feet!”

    “NOT MY FEET!” I screamed. Now my tummy was being tickled and I laughed and giggled and squirmed as her fingers made their way down my thighs and legs. Jesus. I was ticklish everywhere!

    Mistress Shannon moved to the end of the table and began raking her long nails over the soles of my feet and I exploded in a new wave of hysteria. God it tickled so much. I was going crazy!

    “You sure are a ticklish boy! Yes you are!” Mistress Shannon said playfully. Her enjoyment was obvious. As for me, I was a wreck. I was quivering and shaking, gasping for air in between long fits of laughter.

    “HA HA HA HA! THIS IS TORTURE! HAHAHEEE!” I screamed in desperation.

    “Yes it is. I can see how much you are suffering. But you know what, your ticklish suffering really pleases me!” her fingernails were sliding in and out of my toes, across the arches and then back to the souls, which caused me to squeal and scream.

    After about five more minutes of merciless foot tickling I vaguely heard a ringing phone. It was a miracle that I could hear anything over my frantic shrieking, but suddenly the tickling stopped. Mistress Shannon walked over to a table and answered the phone. I gasped in relief and began sucking in huge gulps of air.

    “That’s Mistress Staci. Unfortunately she is out of town today but she wanted to know how we were getting along.” Mistress Shannon pushed a button and activated the speaker phone.

    “Hi sweetheart” she said.

    “Hi there, how are things going?” the phone asked.

    “Well, I have a very sexy guy tied in the tickle torture chamber and I’ve been having a lot of fun with him.”

    “Is he ticklish?”

    “Oh he’s DESPERATELY ticklish!” Mistress Shannon beamed. “He keeps telling me he can’t stand it. And his laughter is just beautiful!”

    Mistress Shannon walked back over to me and began rubbing lightly on my chest and nipples. It didn’t tickle, but my whole body went rigid, my heart pounding, waiting for the inevitable.

    “Hi there tickle boy!” Staci taunted through the phone. Her voice was sweet and playful. “I want to hear your ticklish laughter. Shannon, do you think you can make him laugh for me?”

    “Well I was just about to give him a thorough rib tickling.” Shannon said deviously.

    “Oh god!” I whimpered.

    “OOOOH! He sounds really scared!” Staci teased. “What’s the matter tickle boy, afraid to have your ribs tickled? That’s my specialty and I’ve taught Shannon a few tricks.”

    “Oh please,” I pleaded. “I’m too ticklish for this!”

    Both girls said in unison “Too ticklish! Oh that’s too bad!”

    Mistress Shannon teased. “He hasn’t seemed to have figured out how much his begging for mercy turns me on.” She turned to me and put her face directly over mine. “I’m going to tickle your ribs now, and you are going to laugh like you never have before!” she giggled.

    My eyes went wide and I began desperately bucking against the straps as Mistress Shannon started lightly pinching the flesh on my sides with her fingernails. Up and down, up and down up and down. It tickled far worse than anything before it and I was immediately screaming hysterically. I couldn’t get enough air to speak. All I could do laugh. It tickled like crazy!

    “Ooh, I love his laugh.” Staci said seductively. “I can imagine just how crazy he must be going!”

    “Let me take things up a notch” I heard Mistress Shannon say.

    “NO!! PLEASE HAHAHAHA OH GOD!” Mistress Shannon quickened her speed as she tickle pinched up and down my sides, causing the intensity and pitch of my laughter to increase. Suddenly she found a spot on my lower ribs that got a strong reaction from me so she started to squeeze that one spot. Again and again and again. I was a wild man! Shrieking and laughing and desperately trying to get away. This was unbearable! I couldn’t take a second more of it, yet it continued.


    “There’s nothing in this world like a good Rib Tickling!” Staci cooed. “To make sure he realizes this I suggest you don’t stop for a long time!”

    “I wish you were here to help me. You do the ribs better than I do.”

    “Oh sounds like you are doing a great job. Is he going nuts?”

    That was an understatement. I was totally wrecked and out of my mind. As exhausted as I was I kept thrashing and bucking about, desperate to escape her torturous touch. I would have done anything to get the tickling to stop.

    For five long minutes Mistress Shannon worked that spot. For 5 long minutes I howled and cried and begged for mercy. Finally she stopped.

    “You know the sad thing is I think he’s going to chicken out when I let him go.” Mistress Shannon said. “This might be my only chance to torture him and so far he’s proving to be my best tickle victim yet.”

    “In that case I suggest you don’t let him go. Tickle him all day and when I get home tonight I’ll join in.”

    I lost it. Totally. I just freaked out at the prospect of more hours of this merciless torture.


    “I wish I could believe you” Mistress Shannon said as her fingernails started tickling my nipples, moving outward in slow circles.


    The tickling nails jumped to my stomach and I laughed much louder!


    “You are just telling me what I want to hear.” But her tickling was slowing down and her fingers headed directly to my crotch and my rock hard cock. Suddenly the tickling was pleasurable. I began giggling in a very sexy way.

    “Oh, I know where you are tickling him now!” I heard Staci say.

    Suddenly Mistress Shannon began rubbing on my cock. I moaned with pleasure. Then she walked away from me and took the phone off speaker phone and was talking privately with Staci. I began to calm down, getting my breath back. When Mistress Shannon hung the phone back I seemed to have recovered from the insane tickling. Mistress Shannon approached me with a bottle of baby oil. She pulled my thong down and poured a generous amount of oil on my cock, which she began to stroke.

    “OH GOD! It feels so gooood!” was all I could manage,

    “I told you there would be rewards for a good tickle slave!” She said lovingly.

    I closed my eyes and began breathing heavily as I moaned. My orgasm came fast and it was mind-blowing.

    Later, I was back down in the living room, dressed, the collar and thong returned to their boxes.

    Shannon came and sat down on the couch next to me. She began massaging my shoulders.

    “The job is yours if you want it.” She said simply.

    “A whole summer of tickle torture?”

    “You’ll get to love it. I know the first time is hell, and I was really tickling you hard. I just needed to know what your limits were and how deep your ticklishness was.”

    “It was torture!”

    “Is that all it was?’

    I thought hard to myself. “It was the scariest rollercoaster ride of my life.”

    “But how do you feel now?” Shannon asked, still rubbing on my body.

    “I feel like I had an intense work out… but I feel tingly, and relaxed. And good.”

    Shannon smiled. “See, there’s much more to tickling than just the torture. You have much to learn, slave. And I would be honored to be your teacher.”

    You know, she may just be right. “So Staci has already found her tickle slave?”

    Shannon reached for a remote control and activated a TV built into the wall. “This is Jessie.” Shannon said. She started a DVD and instantly appeared the image of a young guy, similar in build to myself. He was apparently tied to the same table I had been, and if I had not just had the same experience I would have thought he was insane. Mistress Staci was tickling his ribs with wild abandon. She was aggressive, much more sadistic than Shannon, and all the poor guy could do was laugh incoherently and shriek out garbled pleas. As bad as my torture had been, I could see that this was ten times worse.

    And then I remembered the cryptic words that Staci had said.

    Shannon read my mind. “While you will be my tickle slave and I will be responsible for your hysteria, there will be times when Staci and I will switch, or both gang up on you. So I’d say the odds were 100% that you will at some point experience her great skill as a tickler.”

    Shannon turned and looked at me. “Now that I know about that secret spot on your lower ribcage, supposing I attacked that while Staci worked your upper ribs”

    “Oh god!” I shivered. “That would definitely be torture!”

    We stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. My mind was racing with insane possibilities. I saw a whole world open up before me, one where physical laws didn’t apply and anything was possible. And Shannon was so beautiful.

    I made my decision. “How soon do you want me to move in?”

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    great story thanks

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    A whole summer as a tickle-slave for hot women? Now THAT's the kind of job I'd love to have! Damn that dude's lucky (sounds like the pay isn't bad, either lol)
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    Excellent story and helluva first post

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    Welcome to the TMF, Feather Flip, and congratultions on your first post. This is a wonderful place, have fun here.

    Fine story, I really liked it.
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    Thumbs up Welcome!

    Welcome aboard,Feather_Flip! The TMF is wonderful place.I`m certain you will enjoy it here!

    Congratulations on such a wonderful story for your first post! What a great position to be in!I think most of us `lees would do anything to trade places with Brian!Fantastic job!

    I do hope you will share some more stories with us!

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    This is a very exciting story...it has to be continued...
    Thank you!

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    Yes Welcome to the TMF look word to reading you future posts.

    Great story by the way.
    Please read in the posted stories my two story reposts. The first is M/F And The second is F/M
    Also Coming soon: "One in a Million" A brand new F/M story

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    WOW! Usually im not a fan of f/m but this is incredible. I was picturing myself in his place and it was driving me crazy. Cant wait till part 3 comes out.

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    wow, how I wish that would happen to me

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