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    Aug 2006
    In a non-tickle world

    Opened my boyfriend to the world of tickling.

    For anyone who is a member of TT, knows that my last boyfriend and I, were active ticklers at least for awhile, I got him into it. Well, since then we've split and I got myself a new guy.

    So, one day we're sitting on his couch talking and he ask me what turns me on. I decide to be honest (we've known each other three days at that time). I told him I got turned on by tickling and he laughed, he said "he'd never heard that one before".

    So, since then, he's been a little intrigued by tickling me. At first he tickling me "Amused" him. Now he says he actually gets turned on by it.

    So... one night, we're at his house, we're messing around and we decide at random that we're going to roleplay. Just so we could have something to do. Well, they day before, he asked me out. I decided to think over the decision. I really liked him but I was afraid of getting my heartbroken again.

    So anyway, he sits me down in a chair and handcuffs my wrist to the chair. He leans the chair back with my feet in the air. He slips my shoes off my feet and starts lightly stroking up and down my left foot. I twitch my foot and immediately start laughing, struggling hard to get the handcuffs to release. So he starts interrogating me, asking me what my answer to his question is. He decides to kneel in front of my feet and use both hands to tickle up and down my soles. I really couldn't resist but to give in and tell him "Yes" in between my laughter. He continued torturing me until I was literally screaming for him to stop.

    I was never more turned on in my life.

    This lasted all of ten mins.


    So, the next day I'm back over at his house. He grabs me by the hand and leads me into the backyard. He has his kitchen table outside and on each leg there's a restraint attach to it. He lifts me up on the table and grabs my shirt, trying to lift it up over my head, I tightly grab my shirt to keep it on, he takes his free hand and starts tickling my stomach, he quickly yanks off my shirt, lays me down on the table and restrains my wrist. He pulls off my skirt and restrains my ankles. So... he starts tickling my feet, making sure to focus on my heels, then working his way up. I'm so ticklish, I couldn't even pretend to try and hold it in. I was immediately laughing, struggling so hard to move from him. He bends down and yanks a piece of grass, running it up my sides and stopping in my underarms, stroking me with it. This was just as bad as my feet, so here I am, trying to turn away from the tickling but all I can do is laugh.

    He decides that nothing's better than his fingers, so he drops the grass and dives into my waist, tickling me like crazy. This is by far my most ticklish spot, so here I am, screaming, laughing, begging him to stop, I'm slightly embarassed because he's teasing me about the neighbors watching and add on the fact that I was extremely turned on, this was the best/worst torture I've ever had in my life. He kept going, tickling my waist, my sides, my underarms before giving me a break for five mins.

    He starts kissing my stomach, which is making me jerk like crazy. He continues to kiss my stomach, running his fingers up and down my sides. I'm breathing heavy, tears are running down my eyes, I'm at the point where I can't take the tickling anymore. So, I gave him and gave him what I wanted, which was me saying "Back inside".

    After that, he released me and carried me back into the house.

    That was about twenty mins, I believe.


    So, everytime I go over his house, I go prepared. I bring my toothbrush, some extra clothes, etc...etc.. in case I end up staying the night (which I usually do). Sometimes I bring my handcuffs, sometimes I bring feathers, toothbrushes and sometimes I bring nothing at all just to see if he's purchased any items. It's interesting to see how things work.

    So there's been a ton of tickling situations between us and they all deal with me being restrained until last night, when I won a game (we were playing Smackdown vs. Raw 07, I won) and I get whatever I want. So, I take him to his bedroom and shove him face down on the bed. I look around his room room and find my handcuffs, restraining him to the headboard. I then made sure the restraints were set up properly and then I restrained his ankles.

    He thought I was going to do, odd sexual things to him... oh no, payback's a bitch.

    I ran into his bathroom and grabbed a hair brush, placing it against his right foot before brushing his foot as fast as I could. Honestly, I had never seen a ticklish wrestler before, so his reaction was gold. He was laughing hysterically, burying his face in his pillow and the more I tickled his foot, the more he aggressively tried to get free. It was such a major turn on. So, finally I give him a break and let him catch his breath. He begs for me to let him go and then uses the one line no girl ler wants to hear "Is this how you treat the man you love?"... so I felt guilty and I started to let him go... then I remembered how he kept torturing me and decide he needed more. So I put the brush back to his foot and went crazy again, sending him into hysterical laughter again, I couldn't help but laugh at his reactions, it was so funny. So... I drop the brush and start tickling both his feet, wow, his reactions was amazing, I honestly have never seen such a ticklish guy before. So, I decide to give him another break and I leave the room.

    That was a good ten mins or so

    I come back with some Whip cream and spray it on his left foot. Once I started licking up his foot, He was right back into hysteria, but I realized something too, he was moaning as well. So I took advantage of the situation and continued to lick up the Whip cream, getting turned on by his mixture of laughing and moaning. He finally stops laughing and starts moaning louder, so I decide to start nibbling on his foot and that sent him right back into laughter, which was what I wanted. He tells me he's getting turned on and being face down is starting to hurt him, so we agree that I would release him just to turn him on his back. So, I release him completely, flip him on his back and I restrain him again. I got up and left the room again. I come back with two electric toothbrushes. I climb onto the bed, turn one on and I stick it into his belly button, wow does he go crazy. He's squirming all over the bed, he's laughing his ass off and he's back to begging again. I tell him, I'm loving this too much and starts to tickle his exposed underarm with my free hand, while still using the toothbrush in his belly button. I swear if you could hear him scream with laughter. I stop tickling him and stare at his body, wondering what to do... I grab the second toothbrush and turn it on. I place one back in his belly button and place the other on his foot.

    Best. Reaction. Ever.

    I swear, i was never more turned on for him, then I was right then. So, I tell him that the only way I'll stop is if he says I'm the queen and he's my tickle slave. He refuses to say it, so I pull the one toothbrush out of his belly button and I climbed onto his legs, placing one brush on each foot... this sent him into over load, he said "I give. You're the queen and I'm your tickle slave".... I stopped tickling him and let him catch his breath.... he was sweating so bad and he was so... hard... that we ended up having a great night.

    I say that lasted about ten or so... it might be more, I suck at stuff like that. lol

    Let's just say.... my baby is really into tickling now, oh he loves it now. He made me pay today and in a horrible, horrible way. lol

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising

    Thumbs up

    Terrific post! Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    He's a very lucky man, thanks for sharing your experiences.
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    Aug 2002
    Fresno, CA
    Blog Entries

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    Feb 2006
    Crystal Coast

    Thumbs up Thanks for relating your story!

    Thank you,TickleGoddess,for sharing your story with us! What a lucky man you have! It`s wonderful that you both can enjoy tickling together,whether dishing it out or being on the receiving end!

    I wish we all could be fortunate enough to be in a similar situation!

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