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    Caroline's In Trouble Again! #2 -"Mean Streak" - Now Available

    "Mean Streak" picks up where CITA#1 left off, as Caroline's CRAZY night at the warehouse continues. Our heroine breaks free and exacts a measure of REVENGE on her captors...but how long before she finds her own ticklish body back in the hands of evildoers? (Hint: Not Very Long!!) Grunella and L.I.T.A. make their presence known to Caroline as only they can...viciously tickling her for information on the robbery. Will Caroline hold out under the intense interrogation and escape?!? Find out now @ http://www.images4sale.com/11124

    F/M, F/F & */F TICKLING, BONDAGE, SEXUAL CONTENT. 10 Pages + Cover.
    60 panels

    A few notes on this release...
    First off, thanks to everyone for being patient while I banged out this latest comic. It took a longer than expected by a month, and I hope it won't disappoint.

    As for the content of this one...I have included a first for me, or at least something I haven't done in a long time. That is a scene where Caroline gets to be a 'ler instead of a 'lee. I figured after 10 or so years of Caroline getting tickled by others, I'd throw here a bone. Actually the real reason was that I had recieved several requests to put a little F/M in my comics and Caroline got to be the lucky "F".

    Also, Grunella Slade, Caroline's arch-nemesis, makes her long-overdue return to the mix. This is her first appearance in any of my long-form comics since 2002. She is to Caroline what Catwoman is to Batgirl, what the Cheetah is to WonderWoman, what...well, you get the idea. L.I.T.A. makes her debut also to "assist" Grunella in tickling our heroine. So welcome these two with with open arms, I'm sure Caroline will!

    Finally, I am laying the ground work for the introduction of several other characters in my stable (you will see a cameo by Emma Ross at the end of this one). The next story "Poor Little Rich Girls" will move away from Caroline for a bit and focus on tickle-torturing some other lovely ladies.

    OK, I'm heading back to the dungeon with pencil and paper. The countdown clock to CITA #3 starts tickling...oops, "ticking"...NOW!!!
    Last edited by loupanther; 06-15-2007 at 08:24 PM.
    "Caroline's In Trouble Again...come see what they do to her next!"

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    May 2001
    London, UK

    Thumbs up Two thumbs all the way up

    Hey bud, you have done a great job with CITA 2. The hits just keep on coming - lol. I am psyched to see Emma will be back in CITA 3. Will Larry be her tormentor again?

    Thanks for producing this comic. Anyone who loved CITA 1 will love this and new fans should give it a go too.

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    May 2001
    New Zealand/Canada
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    You've out done yourself this time! In ten pages I was treated to Carrie finally getting the chance to unleash some of her pent up frustration (and boy does she have a lot!) and some of the most erotic tickling around.

    LITA is one cruel ticklebot but it sure was a grand treat to see Grunella torture Carrie, and that foot tickling?! I was left gasping for more. The orgasm denial was beautiful, poor Carrie was really suffering there.

    Can't wait to see where you'll go next. Will Carrie ever escape? Nice to see some of the old classic characters making a return (Emma!) I'm with Suikoden, seeing Emma and Larry meet up again would be speacial indeed.

    Definetly looking foward to part 3...but for now I think I'll go give part two another read...

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    Mar 2005
    France / China
    Amazing job, once again. The wait was long, but Lou's seriously back to business here. The story's entertaining, original, sadistic and hotter than ever. I agree with Mantis, although the orgasm tickling is a terrific scene, what is the big turn on here is definitely the "no restraints" torture by Grunella. Those two form a perfect pair. And the close-up of the foot is just excellent !

    Keep it up, man, we will hardly be able to wait for the #3 for as long as we did for this one.

    Last edited by Tenebrae; 06-15-2007 at 05:23 PM.

    Cats are known to see within the dark. Yet, if you had sight like a cat, even for one day, would you really want to see what's in the dark ?

  5. #5

    A million thanks guys...

    Hope I can keep hitting the right nerve with C.I.T.A. It's a TALL task, but I'm up to it ! Thanks again for the positive response to #2. Keep the good story ideas coming my way also...I love to hear them.
    Last edited by loupanther; 06-15-2007 at 08:25 PM.
    "Caroline's In Trouble Again...come see what they do to her next!"

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