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    After finding this site I have to tell a story my Great-Aunt passed down to my mother who not long ago told me.
    She told this story to her sister (my grandmother) who told it to her daughter (my mother) who told it to me.

    Back in the fifties my Great-Aunt was living in England. She was babysitting a boy about twelve or thirteen. He would have made "Jason" look like an angel.
    My Aunt would leave the house an stay away for days just to avoid this kid.

    My Aunt was a beautiful young girl with a pretty figure at the time. One day she was alone in the basement doing some kind of maintenance on a sink. She was wearing a thin sleeveless blouse and sandals at the time. The bracelet she was wearing on her left wrist became entangled on a part of the plumbing under the sink.

    Since they were the only two in the house she had no choice but to call to him for help. The boy stuck his in the basement door in response to my Aunt's cries.

    "I'm stuck. Can you help me?" The boy came closer to see what the problem was. He felt under the sink trying to untangle her. Then he suddenly walked back to the top of the stairs and closed the door. "Where are you going? Don't leave me." My Aunt Cried.

    He then walked back and kneeled down by my Aunt. "Are you stuck?" The boy asked. "Yes, I'm stuck." My Aunt replied. "Are you really stuck?" The boy asked again. "Yes, I'm really stuck." My Aunt replied, becoming a little exasperated.

    The boy with a devilish look, then began feeling around her arm. He then took his finger and began feeling her upper arm and under her armpit. "Ow! Ow!" cried my Aunt when she began to realize what was happening. "Stop it! Stop it!" But the boy ignored her cries and continued looking for her weak spots.

    My Aunt, who absolutely hated to be tickled because her boyfriend at the time (later her husband) used to tickle her until cried. The unbearable sensation under her arm increased until she could barely stand it. But because she was stuck she could do nothing.

    In desperation she began to beat the boy with her free hand and kick wildly.
    He simply avoided the blows and grabbed her hand. Now she was totally helpless. He started jiggling her ribs and under her arm and feeling around her neck. My Aunt was by this time in near hysterics. She screamed hysterically but with the windows closed no one could hear her cries.

    She began to beg for mercy but it seemed to do no good. She even tried to bribe him with money and candy but the tickling contiined without letup. Even trying to cry did no good because he would hit a certain spot and she would burst into giggles. She was totally embarassed because this kid had total control over her and she was helpless to resist.

    Finally after what seemed like an eternity he eased up. He then picked up some kind of wired bristle brush and eased down by her feet. My Aunt began to realize what was coming and began to holler for help.

    She tried to kick out at him but he locked both her legs in his arm. He pulled off her sandals and slid that brush up and down the top and bottom of her feet and between her toes. My Aunt said she never screamed so loud in her life. It was the worst sensation she had ever felt. He would trace the lines at the bottom of her feet and even pick under her toenails.

    This went on for over half an hour. He would go back and forth between her armpits and feet. She didn't know which was worse. My Aunt said when it was finally over, she was drenched in sweat, and heaving and sobbing. Finally she heard someone come into the house. The boy quickly untangled her and left the basement.

    She never told her mther why but she begged never to be left alone with that kid again. I shivered when my mom told me that story. I've been in tickle fights with my siblings and even my mom but I couldn't imagine being totally helpless at someone's mercy.
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    Then you don't want to be alone with me then!!!!!!

    Great story, i'd love to hear more if you have them,about your great aunt , if not then just about your tickle fights with your siblings and mom.

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    Good post!

    Quote Originally Posted by dok
    I've been in tickle fights with my siblings and even my mom but I couldn't imagine being totally helpless at someone's mercy.
    (*snicker*) I'd like a shot at helping you "imagine" what that feels like.

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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