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    Tickling the Teacher

    Here is the next instalement in the Tickling Tutor saga. I hope you like it.

    Tickling the Teacher

    Josh was now a student at McGill. His favorite class was history 304. Not because he liked the material but because he loved the teacher. Ms. Smith was 48, but she could pass for someone in their twenties. With shoulder length brown hair, double D breasts, and legs that go on forever, she was Joshua’s dream girl. Today, he decided he would fondle his dream to orgasm.

    - Good afternoon Ms. Smith.

    - Hello Joshua, is there anything I can do for you?

    Joshua quickly shut the door and locked it. he approached nervously. After all, this was his teacher he wanted to fuck.

    - There is one thing, but I’m afraid to ask you.

    - What is it? You know I’m always here for you.

    She got out of her seat and began to shut the windows in her office. Josh crept up to her from behind. With his hands positioned above her waist, he said:

    - I want you to orgasm.

    With that, he dug his ten fingers right into Ms. Smith’s crotch. She was wearing a green dress, and his fingers went straight through it to her sensitive mound. Within seconds, she was doubled over.


    - No you want. You’re going to cum, and you’re going to cum after every class from now on.

    His fingers dove devilishly into her pussy. Ms. Smith fell over laughing. Josh quickly took position between her legs and clawed his way into her underwear, Her crotch was so immensely ticklish that she could not even beg through her torrent of laughter.


    - You will be my tickle slave.

    With an evil grin on his face, Josh located her clit and tickled it with all ten fingers. He scratched her clit up and down, side to side, and occaisonaly just rested his fingers directly on it and tickled. For half an hour, Ms. Smith tried to repress the orgasm she was feeling. Finally she gave in, and surrendered to Josh’s clit tickling.


    For the next half hour, Ms. Smith came and came over and over again. After he had tickled her crotch for a full hour, Josh stopped to give her a breather.

    - What’s your name.

    -(wheeze)Martha(pant) Martha Smith.

    - Strip for me Martha. Strip naked for me.

    She obeyed without a moments protest. First she unbuttoned her white cotton shirt and slid it off. Next she slipped off her shoes and slid her dress under her feet. Finally, she removed her panties and bra.

    - Lay down straight. Do not move.

    She did. He stradled her legs and positioned his hands at her bare feet.

    -Kootchie kootchie ticklish Martha, tickle tickle my little Martha.


    He scraped his fingers rigoursly up both of her soles. Then he made circular motions on the balls of both feet. After twenty minutes, he dug his hands into her soles and motionlessly tickled her pink bare feet for another twenty minutes. Martha was drenched in sweat and shaking all over.


    After forty minutes of pleading, Josh finally granted her request. He then tickled up and down her legs, behind her knee caps, and across her thighs for ten full minutes. Meanwhile, Martha laughed and giggled like a school girl. And her crotch became wetter by the second.


    Then it was time for the finally. Josh dug his face into Martha’s moist crotch and tickled her nipples with his hands. For two hours, he licked, sucked and nibbled her clit. He inserted his tongue into her pussy and tickled her G-spot. And he licked and nibbled her “lips”. Rather than protest, Martha held his head in place.


    After two hours of the most intense and wonderful orgasms of her life, Martha was nearly exhausted. Josh ended his tickle session and let her breathe. After five minutes, he turned to her.

    - You will let me tickle you every day after class.

    - yes,

    - And you will strip naked for me.

    - Yes.

    - And you will let me tickle you to multiple orgasms.


    - Till tomorrow, sweet Martha.

    Thus did he tickle her each and every day for the rest of the year.

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    Sep 2005
    New jersey
    nice hope to here more stroies involving teachers

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    good story

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    Oct 2005
    Portsmouth, in England
    Interesting. I like the idea of the student attacking the teacher. In real life i doubt it has worked out so well for the student in the long run lol. But as fiction i liked it very much. More please =)
    Mark Diplock

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